If you have nothing nice to say, then just keep reading your manga.

*Lucky Channel's song plays in the background*

Akira: LUUUUUCKY CHANNEEEEL! OHA-LUCKYYYY! Lucy Channel is back with another fantabulous episode! I'm your navigator, Akira… Kogami!

Minoru: Hello folks! I hope you're ready to another great round of truths and dares!

Konata: Bring it on!

Kagami: You sound awfully excited.

Konata: Yeah! I've been thinking Kagamin, and I realized that after that dare where I had to throw my manga in the fire, there's nothing more that I can't do. So I'm all pumped up!

Nanako: Hold on kid, people have been really mean lately. I mean, did you see the state your cousin got out of the Confessionary room? She seemed pretty beaten up. I'm guessing these viewers asked some real bad stuff.

Yutaka: *blushes* O-oh, no! The viewers weren't mean at all! It's just that I think I started to get a little sick from being inside a closed room for so long…!

Yui: Good thing Minami-chan was right in front of the door to grab you when you fainted after getting out of the room, huh?

Minami: T-that's…

Yutaka: Yes, I'm glad too! Sorry about that Minami-chan… *blinks* By the way… How come you were on the exact spot to grab me?

Minami: *blushes and sweatdrops* I-I…

Hiyori: *leans on Patty and whispers* Should we tell her that Minami-chan was with her ear pressed against the door trying to listen for the entire time?

Patty: *whispers back* Naah, where's the fun in that?

Akira: *punches the table* ANYWAY!

All: *jump on their seat*

Akira: Let's start this thing. *grabs the ToD bag and takes off the first letter* The first lucky viewer is… 'OverlordMao':

Hi there I like this fic it's hilarious!

Now then, I have some dares for the characters, especially Tsukasa


Anyone - Unleash Tsukasa's dark side!

Konata - Challenge the Anime Tenchou to a battle!(Could be a video game/anime battle or a hand-to-hand street fight)

The insane Tsukasa(do this dare if you managed to unleash her dark side): Fight the Ki**in, As*ra from S**l Ea*er with the only weapon of my choice.(an aluminum baseball bat)

Ayano: I have brought a certain someone to meet you...It's Kaede!(Don't say how did I convince her, I'm the kind of guy who persuade by force)Now unleash your fury on her, no holding back!(don't worry I won't let your parents know your fight, you have my solemn oath)

Kagami: You have heard of Dis**ea right? I dare you to play it for at least 2 hrs, trust me, it's really addicting to play that even Konata can't stop playing it.

That's all. I'd appreciate it if my dares are chosen.

Kou: Unleashing Tsukasa's dark side is going to be easy.

Hiyori: *jumps* S-sempai? When did you get here?

Kou: That does not matter. *looks over at Tsukasa and smirks* Now…

Kagami: Hold it right there! What did I tell you guys about doing that with my sister?

Tsukasa: *cocks her head to the side* D-doing what, Onee-chan? What are you talking about?

Nanako: Wow, the girl really doesn't remember anything.

Misao: Don't worry, Little Sister! She won't even notice, so what's the big deal, Hiiragi?

Kagami: What's the big deal? You saw what happens when that psycho alternate-personality shows up! I don't want Tsukasa's body hurting itself!

Konata: Then you might want to say that to Kou-sempai over there.

Kagami: Huh? *turns around and sees Kou putting headphones on Tsukasa's ears* Hey!

Kou: *slaps her fingers* Hiyori, don't let anyone interrupt the process.

Hiyori: Eh? O-okay!

Kagami runs over to Tsukasa, but is stopped by Hiyori, who tackles her on the ground.

Kagami: What the…? G-get off me!

Hiyori: S-sorry, Sempai! But Kou-sempai is my boss, s-so…

Kagami: That's not an excuse! GET OFF!

Kou: *presses play* This will be over in 13 seconds, hold on.

Tsukasa: W-what are you doing with me? I-is it something scary? Why are you—


Tsukasa's head falls as her eyes shut. She seems to have fallen unconscious.

Kagami: No!

Hiyori: *gets off her* I'm really sorry!

Kagami: *rushes over to Tsukasa* Tsukasa! Are you okay? Come on, wake up!

Patty: *picks up the headphones from the ground and puts them on* Ahhh. I see. That was a smart choice.

Konata: Let me guess. Wh*t's *p Pe*ple?

Kou: Yep.

Konata: *gives of her cat-like smirk* Yeah, that would've been my choice too.

Kagami: You all are sick!

Akira: This might take a while. In the meantime… *slaps her fingers* Bring on Anizawa!

The studio's door slams open and Meito Anizawa walks in.

Meito: *tears roll down his face* NANAKOOOOO!

Nanako: Oh, great…

Yui: Hey, that's right, you two dated for an entire week! How was it?

Nanako: I… Don't wanna talk about it.


Nanako: Get away from me, you creep!

Yui: *sweatdrops* You really didn't give him a chance at all…? And I here thinking you could finally find someone for you…

Nanako: Think again, miss happily-married-couple! This guy couldn't stop talking about that little brat FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK! *points at Konata*

Konata: Eh?

Nanako: That's right! If he wasn't a total lunatic, I'd say he has a thing for you.

Konata: Who?

Meito: AH! *widens his eyes* Legendary Girl… A! WE MET AGAIN!

Konata: Ahhh, this guy.

Minoru: Izumi-san, you and Anizawa-san must duel in some type of fight. It could be games, hand-in-hand or even an anime knowledge fight. You decide!

Meito: *shocked* A duel… With Legendary Girl A… *turns pale and tears form on his eyes* This is… The opportunity… OF A LIFE TIMEEEEEEEEEE! *thunders appear behind him*

Nanako: Have fun, freak.

Yui: I guess there really is no help for you…

Nanako: *puts her hands behind her head* After dating this guy, I don't wanna know about men for a reaaaaally long time.

Yui: *sighs*

Konata: A battle huh? I see… *smirks* Alright! Here's the deal, guy! If you win, I will buy anything from your store. But, if you lose… You'll be prohibited to participate on the next Comiket.

Patty and Hiyori: S-Sempai!

Meito: *thinking* Winning means Legendary Girl A will finally buy something from my store…? This is… This is… A DREAM COMING TRUE! *speaks* IT IS A DEAL!

Hiyori: Why does it feel he didn't even think about the 'losing' part…?

Konata: I knew you wouldn't refuse…

Minoru: Great! Now, name your game, Izumi-san!

Konata: Simple. We're playing a Dating Sim.

Hiyori: *sweatdrops* A Dating Sim, Sempai?

Konata: Yep. But there are rules to it. There is a certain objective you must reach. We both are going to play, and the one who finishes first, reaching the Ending proposed, wins.

Meito: I… I accept your conditions!

Nanako: *sweatdrops and frowns, annoyed* I bet he didn't even think about it.

Patty: Which one are you going to play?

Konata: Sch**l D*ys.

All: *silence*

Patty: K-Konata… Are you serious…?

Kou: This is too much, even for me…

Konata: I'll tell you more details inside. Shall we start?

Meito: I-Immediately!

Minoru: Ok! You already know where the Gaming Room is, then suit yourself!

Konata and Meito leave to the Gaming Room and close the door.

Minoru: Ok, let's see what the other dares were…

Misao: H-hey, I think the Little Sister is waking up!

All: *turn their heads towards Tsukasa*

Tsukasa: The storm… Is getting near… PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR THE STORM!

Tsukasa jumps on her feet, and looks around quickly, laughing like a maniac in the process.

Kagami: Dammit you guys! Not again!

Kou: Don't let her escape!

Akira: Stephen!

Stephen: Y-yes, Akira-sama! *runs to Tsukasa and tackles her to the ground, accompanied by Staff Members' #1 and #2*

Akira: Quickly, what was her dare?

Minoru: A-ah, yes! She must fight with Kish*n As*ra with only a baseball bat!

Akira: Bring the insane guy!

The studio's door opens once more and a dense red fog invades the place. Suddenly everyone's agitated mood seems to calm down. The entire studio falls into a calm and silent state, and everyone's eyes flutter, almost shutting down.

Misao: I-I… I don't feel so good…

Ayano: It's like… My body got tired all of a sudden…

Miyuki: This is probably… Due to this strange fog…

Akira: *frowns* Hey, what the hell…? Why am I… Feeling so exhausted all of… sudden…

Kagami: Tsu…kasa…

A shadow comes in, accompanied by various eye-like creatures that crawl on the walls in a crazy pattern.

As*ra: Hmm… For an unknown reason I seem to be alive. *looks at his hands* I might need to figure this out eventually.

Stephen and the others passed out on top of Tsukasa, who managed to release their grip.

Tsukasa: *gets up slowly, smiling* The insanity… That's what made everyone sleepy and cleared my mind, isn't it?

As*ra: *looks over at her, still holding his hands up* If you are feeling comfortable, then you might be like me. Or maybe, you are even worse.

Tsukasa: I don't know who I am. *smiles widely* Then it doesn't matter.

As*ra: I see. I have an advantage, then *walks step by step towards her* I know exactly who I am. I can't be afraid of myself. Being afraid of yourself is the first step to get lost on the insanity and never come back.

Minoru: *fighting to be awake* Tsukasa-san… Take this… bat…

Tsukasa: *looks over at him and takes the bat from his hand* They gave me a weapon. This will be fun.

As*ra: It will be pointless. Just like—

Suddenly, Tsukasa, throws the bat at him, only missing because of As*ra's tentacle-like bandages that rise from behind his body. The bandages grab the bat and let it fall on the floor.

As*ra: *looks behind him* Lost your weapon so soon.

Tsukasa: Shut up! Shut up, shut up! You talk too much, too much! *runs towards him with a smile on her face*

As*ra easily evades Tsukasa, grabbing her by the shirt's collar and tossing her to the other side of the room. Tsukasa's backs hit the wall, making a huge crack on it.

Tsukasa: *coughs*

As*ra: Your insanity stops you from thinking properly. It also stops you from recognizing your surroundings and your own mind-state. If you don't know all the details, you always miss something.

Tsukasa falls on the floor, coughing. As*ra looks around. Everyone except two or three people had passed out.

As*ra: This place is not completely propitious to have a fight.

Tsukasa: Haha… Hahahahaha… *slowly gets on her feet, cleaning the blood from her chin* HAHAHAHAHA! This is fun! This doesn't hurt at all! Come on… *charges towards As*ra again* HURT ME MORE!

As*ra: *blinks* Your mind is even more corrupted than I've thought.

He opens his mouth and a weapon comes out of it. The laser charges and shoots, destroying half of the studio when it hits Tsukasa. A large explosion send two of the walls flying through the streets and the rest of the place gets covered in dust. The dense fog dissipates and goes to the outside, allowing everyone to soon wake up.

Akira: What did I miss…? *looks at the studio and opens her mouth widely* What the f… WHAT HAPPENED?

Minoru: *yawns* Shut up, you annoying person… *rubs his eyes* Hey, it's breezy.

Kagami: *opens her eyes* Tsukasa… Tsukasa! Where is she? *looks around the studio with her eyes wide open* TSUKASA! *stares at As*ra* YOU! What have you done to my sister?

As*ra: *raises an eyebrow* She's your sister?

Kagami: Answer me, dammit! *tears form on the corners of her eyes*

Kou: *coughs* Calm down, Hiiragi. This guy won't answer you.

Hiyori: Kou-sempai, are you okay?

Kou: Just fine. *gets up and cleans the dust from her clothes* I guess Tsukasa lost the battle.

Kagami: How can you guys be so calm in a situation like this? Tsukasa is missing and there's a huge friggin' whole on the wall! AND IT'S ALL THIS GUY'S FAULT!



As*ra: Such a tense mood. *rises of the floor* If you'll excuse me, I need to figure some things out.

Minoru: Stephen, will you show our guest the door?

Stephen: *jumps on his feet* Y-yes, Minoru-sama! As*ra-sama, right this way, please.

Tsukasa: W-wait…

Everyone's eyes turn to the street. Tsukasa is standing on the edge of the hole on the wall, holding a baseball bat. There is blood on her clothes, and a never-ending smile on her face. The bangs cover her eyes.

As*ra: So you are alive.

Tsukasa: I never said… anything about being dead.

As*ra: *looks at her hands* You are trembling. Even the most insane of people can be afraid, I presume then. Fear is in all of us, after all.

Patty: *blinks and slowly opens a smile* You… You're making the same mistake again.

As*ra: *turns his head slightly towards Patty* Excuse me?

Tsukasa: *slowly walks towards As*ra* You said so yourself… If you don't know all the details, you… always miss… something…

As*ra: *blinks* What—

Without a warning Tsukasa dashes towards the Kish*n yelling.

Kagami: TSUKASA!

As*ra: *widens his eyes* The insanity…

Tsukasa: IS GONE!

The bat hits As*ra on the stomach, making his body fly all the way to the door. He hits the floor with a loud thump and a cracking sound.

Kou: Wow. How strong is this chick?

Tsukasa: *pants* Ha…Haa…

Minoru: This was so epic it even made me open my eyes.

Akira: Good for you, Br*ck. Is this over? Can we please go on with the show, we have a time limit here.

Minoru: Of course! Stephen, please show Kagami-san and her sister the Nurse Room.

Nanako: How many rooms does this place even have?

Stephen: *stretches his sore backs* Ahh… Right now, Minoru-sama! Please ladies, this way.

Kagami and Tsukasa leave the room to take care of Tsukasa's wounds.

Minoru: Alright! Well, let's try to continue the show in this almost-completely destroyed set. The next dare was… Ah! Another special guest!

Akira: If whoever it is destroys my studio even more, somebody's gonna die here today.

Minoru: *sweatdrops* It's Kaede-san!

Ayano: *jumps on her feet* No…

Misao: W-what now?

Kaede walks into the studio trying not to step on the broken door.

Kaede: I knew this show was a mess, but not in that level.

Akira: I don't like her.

Minoru: I don't like you either, but look where I am.

Akira: *punches his chin* Ok! *smiles cheerfully * Ayano-san, you must now unleash your true strength on Kaede! No holding back! Which means another fight, but hell, the entire place is already in pieces anyway. GO!

Kaede: Long time no see, Aya.

Ayano: Don't call me that.

Kaede: I see Mi-chan is still with you after all that.

Ayano: Don't call her that.

Misao: Actually I kinda liked it! Mi-chan. It's cute! Hey, Ayano, maybe you should start calling me—

Ayano and Kaede: Quiet.

Misao: Kay.

Kaede: Do we really have to go through this again?

Ayano: *frowns* Only if you want to. You know, actually a simple 'I'm sorry' would be enough, Kaede.

Kaede: *giggles* Right, like that would even happen.

Ayano: Then a fight it is.

Akira: What is up with the unnecessary dialogue? Just hit her already!

Kaede: My pleasure.

Kaede runs towards Ayano and jumps. Ayano is already prepared, though, and jumps to the side, grabbing Kaede by her waist after the girl lands. They both go to the ground.

Kaede: Argh!

Ayano: The same moves?

Kaede: The same attitude?

Ayano: No.

Lifting Kaede up again, Ayano spins and then throws the girl across the room. She ends up on the hosts' table, forcing Akira to duck.

Akira: OI.

Ayano: I am sorry, Kogami-san!

Kaede lifts herself up, breathing heavily.

Kaede: *smirks* What happened… With daddy's behaved little girl…?

Ayano clenches her teeth and darts against Kaede again, but this time Kaede is prepared. She puts a leg behind the table, waiting for the impact so then she can strike back with a kick. But instead of jumping, Ayano rolls on the floor and grabs Kaede's hidden leg.

Kaede: Wha—

Ayano tackles her down and pulls her hair.


Yui: They are students!

Nanako: What? They're not my students.

Minami: *covering Yutaka's eyes*

Yutaka: *pouts* Minami-chan, I'm not a little kid anymore!

Minami: I'm sorry, but…

Ayano: Last words…?

Kaede: Take good care of Mi-chan.

Ayano snaps and punches Kaede on her left cheek. The girl passes out.

Minoru: *wakes up after the punch on his chin* Is it over?

Akira: WE HAVE A WINNER! Yay, yadda, yadda, just take her out.

Staff Member #1 grabs Kaede's unconscious body and leaves the studio.

Hiyori: Is it just me, or is this show really violent recently?

Miyuki: Oh dear, it is…

Kagami and Tsukasa come back from the Nurse Room and take their usual places.

Miyuki: Tsukasa-san! Are you alright? How are your wounds?

Tsukasa: *giggles* Oh, they are going to be okay…! Thank you for worrying.

Kagami: Worrying? I almost had a heart attack! You are prohibited from doing these types of dares, got that? I'm dead serious Tsukasa.

Tsukasa: Ok, b-but… It's not like it was my fault, Onee-chan…

Kou: *nods* True, true. Don't blame the poor girl, Hiiragi.


Kou: *sweatdrops* I-I'm sorry…

Kagami: *sighs*

Minoru: There is only one dare left, and it's for you, Kagami-san. You must play this game, Dis**ea for two hours.

Kagami: A game? After all that? Oh, brother…

Minoru: The Gaming Room is over there, have fun!

Kagami: Fine… *turns to Miyuki* Can you take care of Tsukasa while I'm gone? Please?

Miyuki: Oh, most certainly. I'll do my best!

Kagami: Thank you. *leaves to the Gaming Room*

Minoru: Well, that's it! Let's go to the next letter!

All: There are more letters?

Minoru: Yeah, we only read one until now. Well, this one comes from 'Pancakes-chan':

Yutaka was too cute!

Now let's see..

Sebastian needs more love, if you know what I mean. Torturous love. Dress up like Waka from Okami (Look it up) and talk like that for the rest of the episode. Enjoy gibberish!

Kagami- Wear the Miku costume. AGAIN. Then try to speak English.

Tsuakasa- Watch a movie about fluffy bunnies to cure your craziness.

Now for some T!

Minami- On scale of one to ten, do you think of Konata as a good friend. Yes, Konata.

That's it! Not too much torture for you!

Miyuki: Thank goodness, these ones don't seem so bad…

Akira: Alright, while Shiraishi here goes play dress-up, Tsukasa will have to watch this movie about fluffy bunnies. Stephen, take her to the TV Room.

Stephen: I-immediately, Akira-sama! Please Tsukasa-san, right this way.

Tsukasa: Fluffy bunnies? Oh, this will certainly make the crazy-me disappear! Thank you so much Pancakes-chan!

Patty: So you know about your other personality?

Tsukasa: Yeah, well… While I was fighting that As*ra person, I managed to experience some of the insanity myself. It was r-really scary…

Yutaka: It sure was! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

Stephen and Tsukasa leave for the TV Room. Right after that, Minoru comes out the Dressing Room wearing a pink kimono, a pair of purple pants and a hawk-shaped head dress.

Akira: *snorts* Pfff… Hahahahahaha!

Minoru: Oh, shut up.

Patty: Uh-uh! You have to talk like W*ka for the rest of the episode!

Minoru: How does he speak, anyway?

Patty: It's something like… Hmph hmph hmm hum hm pmph hm. You get it.

Minoru: …Hmph.

Akira: You are so damn ridiculous. It's hilarious. Anyways, somebody go drag Hiiragi from the Gaming Room so she can put on that M*ku cosplay again.

Misao: I'll do it! *runs to the Gaming Room* Oi, Hiiragi! Come here for a sec!

Kagami: *walks off the place* What is it? I'm in the middle of the game!

Misao: Oh, nothing, it's just—


Misao: Oh yeah, Chibi and the weirdo are in there too, huh?

Kagami: Argh, tell me about it. They won't shut up!

Misao: Anyways! You need to dress up! It was on a dare just now.

Kagami: But I… Ah, fine! *closes the door and runs to the Dressing Room*

Hiyori: It's the M*ku cosplay again, Sempai!

Akira: Ok, now for the truths! Minami! In a scale of one to ten, what would you say about Konata? Is she a good friend?

Minami: Izumi-sempai… She… She is a funny friend I suppose… I don't know, I'd say… Nine.

Hiyori: *mumbles* Now ask her if she's a good example to Yu-chan and you might get a very different number…

Kou and Patty: *nod*

Akira: Great! This is over! Want to add something, Shiraishi?

Minoru: …Hmph hum.

Akira: Thought so. Last letter! *shuffles the letters on the ToD bag* Ok, this one comes from the viewer 'IanK24':

Aw, I feel bad, I think I hurt Yutaka's feelings. Sorry Yutaka! I'll just give a dare or two, maybe a question, I feel like keeping it simple.

Konata, have you seen the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? If you haven't, watch the first 8 episodes right now and feel ashamed that you haven't seen it.'

Kagami, I dare you to sing Sorairo Days by Shoko Nakagawa. If you do good, you get a...um...slice of apple pie?

Kuroi-sensei, if I remember right, you're there with everyone. If you weren't, the whole concept wouldn't be as awesome. Anyway, I dare you to take one of the tests that you've given Konata and grade yourself honestly.

Akira: Ok, so first one is to Konata— She's still playing the game, isn't she.

Yutaka: Y-yes, the competition isn't over yet!

Akira: I see… Ah, screw this! *grabs a huge button from under the table*

Minoru: HMPH! HMMM HUM HM! *lifts his arms up and down*

Patty: What is this thing?

Akira: Just something really convenient. What were the words, again? Ah yes. From the powers invested in me, please don't let anyone see. I command you, Fourth Wall, please break right now!

Akira pressed the button and the entire scene starts picking up speed. Kagami leaves the Dressing Room and runs in an absurd speed to the Gaming Room. Everyone shifts on their seat like there is something making them itch. It's like the world was in fast-forward. After a while. Akira releases the button.

Konata: *slams the Gaming Room door* I WON!

Patty: Congratulations, Sempai!

Meito: I… I couldn't do it… My honor… Is shattered… nothing makes sense… the store will forever be empty and unpopular… Legendary Girl A… Legendary Girl A… WILL MEVER RECOGNIZE MY PRODUCTS! *runs off the studio crying* I WON'T GIVE UP!

Nanako: …He's such a crybaby.

Kou: *blinks* Ouch, my head… What just happened?

Akira: *hides the button under the table again* Nothing important.

Kagami: *walks out the Gaming Room* The two hours are finally over… *sits down on the couch* Wait… W-where is Tsukasa?

Tsukasa: Right here, Onee-chan.

Kagami: *looks behind her* Ah! There you are! Don't scare me like that, I thought something awful had happened again…

Miyuki: Don't worry Kagami-san! Tsukasa-san just watched a cute little movie about fluffy bunnies. I am sure she is feeling much better.

Tsukasa: Yes! It was so cute!

Minoru: *stares at Akira* Hmm, hum hpmh hm, hum mm?

Akira: Yes, you do look ridiculous with this outfit. Moving on! Konata, this question is for you.

Konata: *reads the letter* Oh yeah, of course I've already watched it. It surpasses the barrier of epicness!

Akira: Good, now Kagami. You must sing a song. Stephen, bring on the mic!

Stephen: Right away, Akira-sama! *grabs the microphone* Here, Kagami-sama, enjoy!

Kagami: *blushes* I don't think I'm mentally ready to sing, but I'll try anyway…

Konata: Don't worry, you have a beautiful voice, Kagamin!

Kagami: *blushes even more* Sh-shut up! You're only making things worse!

The song starts playing. Kagami stutters at the beginning but manages to finish it perfectly.

All: *applause*

Yui: Great job, Hiiragi-san!

Misao: Way to go, Hiiragi! *turns to Ayano* See, I told you she could do it.

Ayano: But you didn't say anything, Misa-chan…

Misao: I'm saying it now! Whoot, great job!

Kagami: *sits down* T…Thanks…

Akira: Now, Kuroi-sensei. You must take one of your own tests and grade yourself. Wait, what? *reads the letter again* What a shitty dare.

Minoru: *facepalm*

Nanako: Ha! Piece of cake!

Konata: *smirks* This will be fun.

Nanako: *sits down and starts scribbling on one of her tests that randomly appeared in front of her*

Akira: Good, good.

*Lucky Channel's exit theme starts playing*

Akira: Oh no! Is it this time already? Oh, what a shame! Well, I guess we'll see you next time! Please keep on sending truths and dares!

Minoru: Hmph! Hmm hum hm!


*Lucky Channel, Extra Episodes' cardboard falls on the screen*

Akira: Ahh, great work today, folks.

Minoru: HOW DARE YOU USE THE BUTTON? That button was for emergencies ONLY! Are you nuts? You know damn well what this can do to our reality if—

Akira: Oh suck it up. I liked it better when you were mumbling gibberish. *gets up to leave* Well, see ya next week.


Little by little... The manager and I got to finish another chapter! (lol what a shitty hiatus I'm in)

Well, hope you enjoyed the epic battles. I am sorry for picking just a few dares, but most of them are really long. Don't worry, we are making everything we can to pick all of the dares you sent us!

Next chapter we'll have another Truth or Dare session, so keep sending your ToD's! Thank you so much for the reviews too! It's great to keep on track.

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Nanako: ... Twenty-four. M-maybe I should go easier on the tests.