Sharper or Halex ?

Stevie and Alex both want Harper. They want her to be there girlfriend. But who will win the Red Heads heart. All of this is Set after Third Wheel. You have to vote on who gets Harper, your vote matter's. Will it be Halex or Sharper ?


( Harper + Stevie = Sharper)

( Sharper part 1,)

" Hey, Harper can we talk" asked Stevie as she walked up to Harper Finkle. Harper turned around and smiled at Stevie. Harper was wearing a tight dark green crop top with tight black shorts. Her hair was in a pony tail.

" Sure what about" asked Harper as she looked at her new wizard friend. Stevie was wearing a black hoodie with tight blue jean's and tall black boots.

" Not here at my place let's flash there I don't feel like walking" said Stevie as she held out her hand for Harper to take.

" Hmm, ok but I have to go to cheer practice , why don't you tell me where you live and I'll go there right after practice" said Harper as she smiled.

" I don't mind waiting , I'll watch you do your cheer thing" said Stevie as she grinned. Harper cocked her right eyebrow and looked at Stevie.

" What," said Stevie as she looked confused at why Harper was looking at her weird.

" Umm, well usally Alex would go home and then we talk, I figured you want to do the same not watch me jump up and down with other girl's" said Harper as she narrowed her eye's at Stevie.

" Well, I'm not Alex am and it's not like I have anything better to do" said Stevie as she shrugged her shoulder. Harper shrugged her shoulder and open the gym door's .

" Well, then Stevie welcome to Cheer practice hope you have fun watching me" said Harper as she walked in.

" Oh , I will" said Stevie to herself as she smirked. Stevie followed Harper and looked at who was on the squad the only person she knew beside Harper was Justin's dorkier friend Zeke.

" Take a seat and relax we'll be doing out warm up's and finishing our routine for the big game on Friday" said Harper as she smiled at Stevie. Stevie nodded and sat down on the bleacher's. Harper went in to her book bag and took out a green apple and a water bottle.

" Here, so you don't starve" said Harper as she handed them to Stevie. Stevie smirk's and looks at Harper.

" Aww, you don't want me to starve how sweet Harp's you do care about me" said Stevie as she took the apple and bit into it.

" Yha, your my friend, why wouldn't I care" asked Harper as she titled her head to the right looking confused. Stevie looked at Harper and thought how cute she looked , Harper reminded her of a baby fox. Yha a Fox thats what Harper was a fox , her fox.

" I don't know but I like that you care thanks" said Stevie as she smiled at Harper. Harper smiled back and turned around to her team mates.

" All right team let's get this down and make our school proud. Let's take it from where we left it" said Harper as she smiled at her team. The all nodded and stretched . They all did there routine . Stevie watched Harper jump, do cartwheel's and back flips she was amazed at how flexible the red head was. After two hour's of doing the same routine repeatedly. Harper told them to go home and that they did a great job and she was so proud of them for there hard work.

" Ok, let's go talk" said Harper as she smiled at Stevie. Stevie looked at Harper she was red from working hard and out of breath.

" Hehehe, good thing were Flashing you look like you could pass out" said Stevie as she got up and walked to Harper.

"Hahaha , Nha I love feeling like this . It's like get zap by one of those zapping thing's you know. The feeling on feeling everything and nothing at the same time" said Harper as she smiled at Stevie. Stevie handed her the water bottle which Harper drank greedily.

" Well, let's get you to my place and we could chill for a bit till you get off your high." said Stevie as she pulled out her wand and flashed them to her room. Harper looked around Stevie's room was dark and purple very purple.

"So I guess you like purple huh" said Harper as she put her stuff down on the floor.

" Yha it's my favorite color , what's your's" said Stevie as she looked at Harper. Harper grinned and pointed to her tank top.

" I love Kelly green and forest green" said Harper as she smiled. Harper walked to Stevie's bed and sat down.

" So , what do you want to talk about" asked Harper as she looked at Stevie.

" Well, about you spilling my secret" said Stevie as she smirked at Harper giving Harper a evil look.

" Hehehe, yha sorry but I figured since Alex was wizard too it would be ok . I didn't tell any other mortals I know the rules" said Harper as she frowned.

" Yha, I know you know the rules but you should of talked to me first" said Stevie as she walked to Harper. She was right on Harper.

" You see it was my secret not yours and now you need to be punished" said Stevie as she straddled Harper and pushed her more onto the bed.

" Punished" squeaked Harper as she looked scared.

" Yha, I'm going to punish you and in the end you WILL be screaming my name" said Stevie in a very low voice in Harper's right ear.

" Stevie what are you talking about and please get off me" said Harper as she looked at the dark haired beauty on top off her. Harper was blushing very hard she could feel Stevie's hot breath on her and her scent , she smelled like Spice some thing soft yet hot as well.

" No, now be a good girl and take your punishment. We could do this two way's harper my way or the hard way. Your pick but in the end you will learn not to tell other peoples secret" said Stevie as she pulled out her wand and pointed it to Harper.

" Your way" squeaked Harper as she paled.

" Good, girl" said Stevie as she licked her lip's. Stevie stood up and cast a spell. Before Harper knew it she was naked and tied downed to Stevie's full size bed.

" Stevie what are you going to do , look I'm sorry please forgive me" begged Harper as she looked worried. Stevie cast another spell and her clothes were gone as well.

" Oh, you can beg as much as you want and scream but no one will hear you Harper . I place a silencing spell and you are mine" said Stevie as she smiled. She looked at Harper on her bed she was tied down in a X shape. Oh , how she dreamed of the lovely red heads body, so pale and white like milk and perfectly curves on her body blessed by god himself. Harper was a angel fallen from heaven and on to the bed of a devil.

" Please don't do what I think your going to do, we're friends Stevie we could never go back to normal after this please let me go , I want to go home please" cried Harper as she started to cry. Stevie walked to her bed and straddle Harper again she place her pussy on top of Harper .

" No , I don't think I will and who said I want thing's to go back to normal. I'm a wizard Harper nothing is normal for me . The same go's for you your out of this world Harper my little Celtic princess." said Stevie as she leaned downed and licked Harper's tears.

" Stop , I don't want this , your going to rape me Stevie RAPE that's really Bad" said Harper as she cried.

" Harper Babe it's not rape if the other person is willing and in the end you will be begging me for more" said Stevie as she kissed Harper on the lip's. Harper turned her head away so Stevie only kissed her for a second.

" Grrr, bad Harper bad girl very bad Harper" growled Stevie as she glared at Harper.

" Let me go, NOW" demanded Harper as she glared at Stevie. Stevie slapped Harper across her face.

" Don't , don't you ever talk to me like that again Harper. Now I will kiss you and you will like it don't make me use more magic on you Harper or you will regret it" said Steve as she grabbed Harper's face and kissed her hard on the lip's. Harper glared at Stevie with tear's in her eye's as she kissed her. Stevie glared back and bit Harper's lower lip. As Harper felt the pain on her lip's she open her mouth, Stevie's tongue darted in there as fast as it could.

" Mmm," moaned Stevie as she felt Harper's sweet tongue on hers. Harper moaned as well, Stevie grinned at this.

" So, you like that good, let's see if your a scream I think you are" said Stevie as licked Harper's red bottom lip.

" Mmm, stop we could go back we did do anything please" whimpered Harper as she looked at Stevie.

" Tsk, tsk, Harper and here I thought you started to like this I guess I have to try harder to make you want this as much as I want it." said Stevie as she smirked at Harper. Harper looked confused and worried at the same time what did she mean by wanting it as much as she did?

" What are you talking about, what do you mean you want this" asked Harper as she looked at Stevie.

" Your such a silly girl Harper, a very silly girl you can't see how many people like you more then just friend's. I'm one of those people who want you Harper and now I'm going to have you." said Stevie as she ran her hand down Harper's body. Harper shivered from the touch.

" What people , no one at school likes me they think I'm weird" said Harper as she thrashed her body trying to get Stevie off her.

" Hmm, silly girl such a silly girl. You don't see it but I do" said Stevie as she held on to Harper tighter so she won't move.

" I'm not silly NOW GET THE FUCK OFF ME" yelled Harper as she moved her body.

" Mmm, please Harper we have to wait before sex." said Stevie as she grinned at Harper's little out bursts of rage. Stevie kissed Harper's neck and left a trail of kisses down to her breast. As she took one of Harper's nipples into her mouth and sucked on it , she ran her right hand down Harper's body down to her snatch. She ran her index finger on the lips and open the slit to be inside Harper.

" Oh, your so wet Harper." said Stevie as she swirled her finger inside Harper.

" Oh Mmm, " moaned Harper as her eye's rolled back from pleasure. Stevie pulled out her finger and put it in her mouth.

" Mmm, so yummy Harper so sweet I knew you would taste sweet like candy." said Stevie as she liked her finger. Stevie put her wet finger back and slowly pulled it out and in. She watch as Harper try not to moan.

" Moan Harper I want to hear you moan" said Stevie as she fingered Harper faster. Harper shook her head not, to afraid to open her mouth. She didn't want to give Stevie what see wanted.

" Aww, but Harper I want to hear you" said Stevie in a sweet innocent voice. Harper shook her head no again and glared at Stevie.

" Hehehe, Ok if you want to play hard ball fine with me. You will be screaming" said Stevie as she lowered her head to Harper's womanhood. Stevie smirked as she looked at Harper as her eye's widen in fear.

" This will be fun" said Stevie. Stevie sniffed Harper's sweetness and licked her lip's , Oh this was going to be fun very fun indeed. Stevie started to lick Harper, suck on her clit.

" Mmm, oh my" said Harper as she open her mouth. Harper was breathing hard and her face was red from trying not to make a noise. When Stevie saw that Harper open her mouth she licked and Sucked on Harper harder and faster.

" Please , Please ....don't" moaned Harper as she started to rock her hip's closer to Stevie's face. Stevie grabbed Harper's hip's hold her closely to her face.

" Stevie oh my please don't stop" moaned Harper as she looked at Stevie. Stevie stopped and Harper pouted.

" Mmm, what did you say did you just begged me not to stop" said Stevie as she smirked. Harper nodded and blushed.

" Hmm, hehehe I told you we will be having fun, now beg , tell me what you want and make it good Harper" said Stevie ass he looked at Harper.

" Please Stevie please, I want you to pleasure me I want you to make me scream your name" said Harper as she gave Stevie her puppy dog pout .

" Aww , your so cute and I will make you scream" said Stevie as she smiled at Harper. Harper grinned back.

" But first I want you too kiss me and kiss me like you mean it" said Stevie as she moved her face closer to Harper's, Harper blushed and closed her eye's.

" What is it, whats wrong" asked Stevie as she frowned.

" I, uh never kissed anybody before you stole my first kiss" said Harper as she turned her head away from Stevie to hide her shame. When Stevie heard This she smiled a huge smile.

" Perfect" Purred Stevie as she grabbed Harper's face and turned it to her. Stevie kissed Harper softer then she did before. Harper opened her mouth to let Stevie in. As there tongues danced Harper was in heaven from her first real kiss. Stevie pulled away and looked at Harper.

" So what do you think," said Stevie as she grinned.

" Wow, and can we do it one more time please" said Harper as she smiled .

" Oh, yha we can do it as much as you want" said Stevie as she kissed Harper again Harper kissed her back with passion.

" Your a natural honey" said Stevie as she smiled at Harper, Harper blushed and gave Stevie a small smile.

" Thank you, that's really nice of you to say" said Harper as she looked at Stevie.

" So do you still want to go home or can I untie you and we can get are thang on" said Stevie as she wiggled her eyebrows.

" No I don't want to go home, I want to stay so we could... get our thang on" said Harper as she grinned.

" Good girl," said Stevie as she untied Harper. Harper rubbed her wrist and looked up at Stevie.

" So what now" asked Harper as she gave Stevie a nerves smile.

" Well, let's get back to kissing" said Stevie as she jumped on Harper and kissed her feverishly. Harper kissed her back and grabbed Stevie's ass so Stevie was on top of her. Both girl's kissing and grabbing each other. Moan's escaped both girl's and both whispering each other's name.

" Stevie , I want you now" said Harper as she pinned Stevie to the bed. Stevie was shocked who knew Harper could be so forceful.

"Mmm, as much as I want you to be on top, it's my punishment to give" said Stevie as she flipped Harper over so she was on the bottom. Harper smiled she like this a lot.

" Do what ever you want then , I been a bad girl and I need to be punished" said Harper in a very sexy voice.

" And you will" said Stevie as she started to grind her pussy on Harper's. Harper moved her hip's in rhythm with Stevie. As both girl's locked eye's and kissing each other. As both girl's where getting to the climax , Harper flipped Stevie over and started to suck on Stevie's neck. Stevie pushed Harper's head a little down hinting at what she wants Harper to have her mouth on. Harper grinned her Harper grin and went strait to Stevie cunt. Harper licked it like it was candy because to her it tasted like sweet yummyness.

" Yummy , your so tasty and sweet" Harper as she licked her lips.

" And you tasted spicy and hot" said Stevie as she ran her hand down Harper's leg and ran her finger on Harper's woman lip's. She lathered her finger with Harper's juiciness and put her finger in Harper's mouth.

" Hmm, I do taste good but I like you better" said Harper as she licked Stevie's finger. Stevie leaned up and kissed Harper on the lip's. Harper pushed her down and started to rock her hip's again. Stevie ran her hands all over Harper feeling her, mesmerizing her body.

" Oh , I'm ..... I'm so close" said Stevie as she looked down at Stevie.

" Ahh, ....... Me to " said Stevie as she flipped them over again she wanted to be on top and she will. Stevie picked up the pace going faster and faster.

" I,M CUMING" yelled Harper as she gripped Stevie harder around the waist.

"ME TOO, OH HARPER I LOVE YOU" yelled Stevie as both teenage girl's came together. Both were panting Hard and grinning like they won the lottery. Harper cuddled to Stevie and closed her eye's still grinning like the fox she was.

" I think I'll be bad more often if your going to punish me like that" said Harper as she fell asleep.

" Hehehe, ok my little fox what ever you want be as bad as you want" said Stevie as she wrapped her arm's around Harper and joined the red head in sleep.

" Hey Stevie have you............" said Alex as she flashed into Stevie's room. Alex saw Harper and Stevie's bed. All she was seeing was red . How dare she , that fucking bitch is trying to steal my Harper from me! Well two can play at this game. You will be mine Harper, I'll let this slid but when you get home oh you are in so much trouble. Thought Alex as she flashed back home to make her plan on how to seduce her loving red head friend.


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( Hint for one of the chapter's if I get vote's )

" Oh, god ....... YES YES THIS is fucking oh oh ahh yes oh so yummy chocolate" yelled Harper she took a bit of the candy bar in her hand, she was in a group of student's. She was supposed to be selling chocolate but one of her wizard lover's are making her cum and at school in front of the student's.

" I'll buy a box" yelled One of the girl's as they watch Harper take a bit of the candy bar and go into a orgasmic bliss.

" I'll buy three, don't hog it Harper share it" yelled Gigi as she waved the money in her hand.


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