Sharper or Halex ?

Stevie and Alex both want Harper. They want her to be there girlfriend. But who will win the Red Heads heart. All of this is Set after Third Wheel. You have to vote on who gets Harper, your vote matter's. Will it be Halex or Sharper ?


HALEX PART ONE ( Harper + Alex = HALEX + Booyha )

( With Alex)

" What the fucking hell, who dose she think she is. Sleeping with My Harper oh no that bitch is going down. HARPER IS MINE" said Alex as she paced around her room. She just flashed back from Stevie's where she saw Harper and Stevie sleeping together and from what she saw she knew they had sex.

" Oh, Harper , Harper , Harper you been bad and now your going to get it. Your going to see a side of me that you never have seen and when I'm done you will be mine" said Alex as she smirked. Alex looked at her self in the mirror , she frowned she needs to get ready for Harper she needs to get hotter for Harper.

" Hmm, let's see what I can where for Harper when she gets home." said Alex as she walked to her closet.

( At Stevie's)

" I need to get home Stevie , The Russo's will wonder where I am. It's not like me to be late or not come home" said Harper as she looked at Stevie. Stevie was still naked so was Harper.

" Harper, stay just call Mrs. Russo and say that your sleeping over and we can have more fun" said Stevie as she wined she didn't want Harper to go she wanted her to stay and make love again.

" I can't that's I don't want to , but I can't I didn't asked permission before I left and it's not proper for me to just stay here. Stevie I need time to think,........ this is new to me..... I never did this with another girl and.... well. I just don't know" said Harper as she frowned she got up.

" OK, but tomorrow you will be staying right" said Stevie as she got her wand and waved it so her and Harper where dressed.

" Hehehe , I need more time then that....... but I wouldn't mind if we hung out a little just hanging no sex" said Harper as she blushed and looked at her feet. Stevie smiled and cupped Harper's face with her hand's. She tilted Harper face to hers and kissed Harper.

" I like you and I mean I like like you. I'll wait but you have to give me a little petting here Okay and we will have a dinner tomorrow" said Stevie as she kissed Harper on the lips. Harper kissed her back and smiled into the kiss.

" Bye, Stevie and please do your homework." said Harper as she walked out of the room. Harper waled home as fast as she could. All she was thinking was how to avoid Alex and just go to bed. But what Harper didn't know was Alex was planing on something else and it wasn't staying away from her.

( Harper's room)

" Hmm, Harper's in the shower good, I don't want Stevie's stink on you Harper your mine and you will remember that" said Alex as she sat down on Harper's bed and waited for the red head to finish her shower. Alex waited for a ten minuets and Harper walked out in just her towel wrapped around her body. Harper stopped dead in her track's when see saw Alex. Alex was wearing a small white T- Shirt with short sleeves and black basketball shorts with red strip's on the sides.

" Alex , .... umm what are you doing down here it's kinda late I figured you be in bed now , you know how much you love to sleep" said Harper as she slowly walked to her closet. Harper turned her back to Alex as she looked for clothes to wear to bed. Alex smirked this was a perfect time to show Harper how much Harper was hers.

" Well, I thought we could talk you know since you didn't come home after school , where were you anyway" said Alex as she got up and walked to Harper. Harper didn't notice she was paying attention to picking her clothes and thinking of a lie.

" Oh, me well, ..... I ..... running yha running. You know I think I should lose a little weight," said Harper as she smiled at her lie , she hated to lie to Alex but she couldn't blurt out she just had sex with Stevie. She didn't know what to say or what to think.

" Oh, running huh and were where you running hmm...... it wouldn't be in Stevie's room right" said Alex as she was behind Harper she was breathing on her neck and gripping her waist very tight. Harper winced in pain from Alex's nail's digging into her waist.

" Ouch, Alex that hurts and what are you talking about" said Harper as she turned to Alex and looked at Alex.

" You know what I'm talking about Harper ............... you and Stevie had sex and I know ." whispered Alex in a very menacing voice into Harpers ear. Harper shivered , she never heard Alex sound like that. It sent chill's down her spine.

" What, how" asked Harper as she looked at Alex. Harper was scared and Alex loved it.

" Hehehe, Harper , Harper your such a silly girl and bad too. You see your mine not Stevie's and you slept with her and that's wrong. I think I have to teach you right from Wrong again Harper I thought you knew , but I guess I was wrong" said Alex as she touched Harper's face and kissed Harper on the neck.

" Alex, stop please I.... I can't do this please" begged Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex slapped Harper across her face leaving a red mark on her cheek.

" No, why because you fucking got fucked by Stevie no Harper your mine you don't get a fucking choice." said Alex as she licked her hand. Harper looked at Alec she was shocked Alex never ever hit her before.

" Alex. Go to your room please I forgive you for hitting me but you need to leave now." said Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex smiled and grabbed Harper's towel. She ripped it off of Harper, there stood Harper naked.

" Mmm, so yummy and it's all mine. Stevie had a tasted but your my desert Harper all mine and you know I don't like to share" said Alex as she licked her lip's and looked at Harper's body.

" Alex, no FUCKING STOP THIS NOW" yelled Harper she hope it would scare Alex if the Russo's came down and saw what's happening.

"Hehehe, silly girl Harper I place a silencing spell and a sleeping spell on My family, you see the sleeping spell put them all to bed earl and the silencing spell well your going to be screaming very load and I don't want the neighbors to hear you only I get that pleasure" said Alex as she sneered at Harper.

" I thought you said I was your sister , sister's don't do this Alex" said Harper as she ran for her bed to wrap herself in her blanket's.

" Silly Silly , Harp's my Harps you see I lied , I wasn't ready to tell you how I felt about you, I needed time but now that Stevie stole you I want you to be by my side and stay there forever" said Alex as she dropped the towel on the ground and walked to Harper. Harper backed up until she felt the bed behind her. Alex rushed forward and pushed Harper on the bed.

" Your mine Harper and you will learn that. You will never forget it, I will make you remember even if I have to burn it on to your skin. Your perfect pale white skin." said Alex in a low tone. Alex flipped Harper over so she was on her stomach. Alex grabbed the blanket's as Harper fought to keep them in the end the blanket's where on the floor. Alex raised her hand up high and brought it down fast on Harper's Ass.

" AHH," yelled Harper as she screamed from Alex sudden spank. Alex repeatedly did this over and over till Harper's Ass was red as a boiled crab. Alex kept on hitting her and she kept on screaming , Alex never stop even when Harper begged her too.

" Please, ...Stop please it hurts" cried Harper , her face was red from crying her voice raw from all the yelling and crying. She was so tired and yet she knew there was more to come. Alex looked at Harper she was red in her face and on her ass, time for step two in her plan.

" Aww, is Harper not having fun I am" said Alex in a baby voice . Alex slowly trace circle's on Harper right ass cheek. Harper winced in pain but didn't make a noise.

" Look what I see I see that Harper is having fun" said Alex as she let her pointer finger on her right hand slid down Harper Va-jay- jay lip's. Alex pulled her finger away and brought it to her lip's.

" You see Harper you soooo wet and it's all because of me . You like that I hit you You like that I punished you. Now if your a good girl and do what I say then I won't have to be so mean but if your bad well, you know what will happen." said Alex as she sucked on her finger. Alex closed her eye's and smiled she love what she tasted.

" Mmm, so yummy and good just like chocolate good till the last bit and you always want more" said Alex as she flipped Harper over again so she was on her back.

" Alex, that hurt please leave me alone please" said Harper in a low voice she was afraid to speak to Alex her best friend , now her she doesn't know what she was to her anymore. Alex shook her head no and frowned at Harper.

" Harper , Harper when will you learn , I am your princess call me Princess Alex and then I will talk to you but if you don't I'll punished you some more or maybe thats what you want me to do . DO you want me to keep on spanking you Harper I will all you have to say is Yes Princess Spanked me I deserved to be Spanked. " said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper tried to get off the bed but Alex slammed her back down.

" Bad girl , I guess you didn't learn that I am the ruler here and you are my little love pet." said Alex as she ran her hand threw Harper's hair. Harper Looked at Alex in the eye's and saw that she really meant this , it scared her but it also turned her on this power that she had over her.

" I'm..... I'm sorry princess .........please punish me as you wish" said Harper as she looked down. She knew she shouldn't do this she just slept with Stevie but this was just something she couldn't say no to. Alex smiled at Harper and straddle her on her waist.

" Booyha, my little pet wants me to play with her , Hmm how shall I punish you , you been very bad you broke a law Harper . What shall I do with you" said Alex as she licked Harper's chine.

" I'll do anything you want princess , Allow me to regain your trust I am your to command." said Harper as she blushed she hoped this would help her get back on Alex's good side a little role play sounded kinda fun and kinky.

" Anything I want you say , good and yes I will allow you to regain your trust from me but you have to earn it. Pet my little Harp's you have to earn it and you know how you will earn it" asked Alex as she took off her top and showed Harper her breast. Harper went to touched them but Alex slapped her hand away. Alex grabbed Harper's hand and bit it.

" Aww, ouch I'm sorry I thought you wanted me to" said Harper ass she sucked on her hand that Alex bit.

" Did I say to , no I don't think I did bed girl Harper bad. But if you want to suck on some thing lay down and don't move your hand's. Got it" said Alex as she looked at Harper, Harper nodded and did what she was told. As Harper lied down Alex stood up. She took off her shorts she wasn't wearing any panties. Harper looked at Alex she was standing there naked as the day she was born and so much beauty and power came from her. Harper felt like she was in front of a princess , her princess.

" I'm going to sit down on your face and you will lick and suck on my holiest of holies" said Alex as she sat down on Harper's face, Harper took one sniff of Alex and attacked her best friend's womanhood. ( P.S I got this awesome book , it's called The little red book of dirty word's, it rock's cuz i can use so many names for thing's that will make me happy. Cheers back to reading my fic)

Harper licked as much as she could she used her tongue like it was a pen she wrote in cursive in Alex writing down her feeling's for the wizard on her. She wrote in different languages and even number's.

" Ohh, god Harper your , ahhh yes your so good don't stop please .......... ahh ohh yes more more" moaned Alex as she rocked her hip's on Harper face. Alex grabbed Harper's hand and placed them on her chest so she could touch her breast like she wanted before. Harper felt her friend's soft and warm Ta tas and started to play with them, Rubbing them and pinching and squeezing them. Alex moaned and rocked her hip closer to Harper's face, Harper could barely breath but she didn't care all she wasted was to tasted Alex. Alex hit her first orgasm her juice's spilling all over Harper's face, Harper lapped up as much as she could drinking her friend's yummy warm juice. Alex got off of Harper and Smiled Harper's face was covered even her noise she looked like a little kid that got into the cake batter all cover and grinning at the yummy treat.

"What now princess , what do you want from me now what can I do to please you" said Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex grinned Harper was doing exactly what she wanted and she was a princess.

" Oh, well since you pleasured me I think I should returned the favor , don't you" said Alex as she leaned forward to lick Harper's face. She tasted her delicious self on Harper's face she knew she would tasted amazing , why wouldn't she she was Alex Russo Harper's princess.

" But I want to please you princess" said Harper as she frowned. She really wanted to make Alex scream again.

" Oh and you will by screaming my name" said Alex as she grabbed her wand and mumbled something and pointed it to her womanhood. In a flash of light's there was a 8 and a half inch penis where attached to Alex's womanhood.

" Umm, Alex what are you going to do with that" said Harper as she looked nerves.

" Well, my pet since Stevie had you first but I guessing she didn't pop your cherry. I am I'm going to fuck you hard and your going to love it" said Alex as she open Harper's leg's.

" Alex, I ..... I don't know" said Harper as she frowned. Alex licked her lip's and leaned forward and licked Harper's cunt. Harper gasped as she felt Alex's tongue on her.

" Mmm, so yummy but that's not what I want right now. Time for the princess to conquer her world." said Alex as she centered her hard dick with Harper's entrance. Alex looked up at Harper and smiled as she leaned forward and kiss Harper on the lip's. Harper kissed her back with passion.

" Mmm, Harper your a great kisser" said Alex as she smiled at Harper, Harper smiled back at her. Alex smirked and rammed her self in to Harper.

" AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXX" screamed Harper as she felt so much pain. Harper was crying again it hurt so much and Alex was just smirking at her. Alex kept on pumping hard and hard into Harper she loved the feeling that she was getting form Harper's tight pussy.

" ALLEXXX ," screamed Harper as she wrapped her leg's around Alex. Harper started to feel pleasure from this pain, her pain was turning it to pleasure and she loved it and she knew Alex loved hearing her scream.

" Mmm, oh Harper your so tight , so tight for your princess scream my name scream what you want Harper tell your princess what you want" said Alex as she pumped hard with every word into Harper.

" I ....I want you PRINCESS MAKE ME YOUR'S" yelled Harper as she could feel her orgasm coming close.

"Good" grunted Alex as she flipped them over so Harper was on top. Alex grabbed her wand and pointed it to Harper's still throbbing red ass. A needle appeared and it attacked Harper's ass.

" AHHH, WHAT THE FUCK" screamed Harper as she looked at her ass. The needle was writing something in ink. It wrote Property of Princess Alex Russo.

"My name on my pet" said Alex as she shout her load into Harper. Harper felt Alex shoot cum into her and it sent her to have another orgasm.

" Mmm, oh Alex " moaned Harper as she felt her body rock form her orgasm.

" Hehehe, see I told you you will be screaming and I did pop your cherry" said Alex as she pointed to the blood in between Harper's leg's. Harper blushed and looked away.

" Don't be shy babe I love that I got to pop your cherry and maybe next time I'll let you pop mine" said Alex as she kissed Harper. Harper kissed her back. Harper yawned she was tired. She cuddled into Alex and wrapped her arm's around her. Alex wrapped her arm's around Harper and rubbed her back. Harper fell asleep on Alex.

" Mmm, that was awesome and I can't wait for more. Next time I'll tasted you more." said Alex in a low voice so she didn't wake Harper up. Alex closed her eye's and smiled she would be dreaming of more stuff to do with Harper.

( Next morning with Stevie)

" Hmm, I'm going to wake Harper up in a fun way" said Stevie as she grabbed her wand and flashed to Harper's room. Stevie flashed in and saw Alex and Harper sleeping together.

" Hi , Stevie look who slept with me" said Alex as she sneered at Stevie. Stevie glared at Alex.

" What the fuck me and her had sex too" said Stevie as she smirked maybe that would get Alex pissed off.

"Oh, I know but you need to know Harper's mine and I won't stop till she's all mine . You might have had slept with her first , but I popped her cherry. I made my mark on her." said Alex as she moved the blanket off of Harper's naked body to show Stevie the tattoo on Harper's ass.

" You fucking bitch I won't throw the towel in , in the end Harper will chose me. It's on Russo" said Stevie as she glared at Alex and pointed her wand at Alex. Alex smirked and pointed her wand at Stevie.

" It's on like Donkey Kong. Phillip's " said Alex as she put her wand down and looked at Harper.

" You better go, I'm going to wake Harper up in a very fun way bye bye now" said Alex as she rolled Harper over and kissed her. Stevie watched and all she saw was green, she was jealous. She flashed home oh she was so getting Harper.


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