Croissant's, Coffee and Snail's Please

Theresa and Jerry are having problem's with there marriage, so they send there kid's away so they don't have to see them fighting. Justin and Max go to live with Kelbo and Alex and Harper go to live with Megan. How will life be when there not in the Big Apple. HALEX duh hehehe


( The Russo Home)

" Mom , Dad , why are we doing this ? Why are you sending us away" cried Alex as she looked at her parent's. Her mother and Father have been fighting and it seems it never stop. Both agreed to send the kid's away so they can deal with there problem's.

" It's for the best Alex we still love you , it's just we need time apart from each other to deal with our problem's. Look you'll have fun in Paris with you Aunt Megan and Harper's going with you" said Theresa as she held on to a crying Alex.

" And you brother's are going to your Uncle Kelbo, it's only for a little bit in the end everything will be back to normal. Think of it as a vacation" said Jerry as he looked at his little girl. Alex pushed her self away from her mother.

" WE'RE FUCKING FAMILY WE'RE SUPPOSED TO HELP EACH OTHER NOT RUN AWAY" Yelled Alex as she glared at her parent's. Justin and Max flashed in and saw there sister crying.

" Shh, Shh Alex it's going to be ok" said Justin as he hugged her. Max Hugged her to and patted Justin on the back.

" No it's not I can tell , nothing is going to be ok nothing will be normal not now not ever" said Alex as she ran to the basement to her best friend. Harper was on her cell phone sitting on her bed when she saw Alex running down and tackling her.

" Oww, Mom I got to go I'll talk to you later bye" said Harper as she hung up the phone .

" What happen Alex" said Harper as she hugged Alex tight.

" Nothing is going to be ok, it's not ok" said Alex as she wiped her nose on Harper's shirt. Harper wrinkled her nosed and looked at Alex.

" Look, I know this is hard and I can tell you it's going to be harder but I think your parent's are doing you and your brother a favor by sending you away. You don't have to see the fighting or the yelling" said Harper as she frowned.

" I know you went threw this, I know your parent's divorced and all. But I don't want my parent's to split up, to split up our family." said Alex as she looked up and looked at Harper. Harper's parent fought when Harper was young and she been threw what Alex is going threw now. Alex was happy that Harper was here she was making everything better and she was the peace maker. But Harper can't solve everything.

" Why," asked Alex as she hugged Harper tighter.

" Why what , why are they fighting or why do I think being sent away is better" asked Harper as she tilled her head to the right.

" Both" said Alex as she wiped her tears away on Harper's shirt.

" Hmm, well let's see you never ever forget how your parent's yell at each other, your always think is it your fault, did I do this whats wrong , how can I help. I don't know why your parent's are fighting Alex I really don't know but I want you to know you have me and I'll never leave you I promise" said Harper as she crossed her heart and stuck out her pinkie. Alex smiled and locked pinkies with Harper, Harper always knew what to say to make her happy when she was really down in the blue.

" Is that what you thought when your parent's fought" asked Alex as she looked at the red head.

" Yha, all the time I cried every night and prayed to God begging him to make thing's better to make my Ma and Da love each other and make thing's like they were. But I learned that it's better to have them apart and happy , then together and fighting." said Harper as she frowned she didn't like talking about this it was hard for her but maybe it'll help Alex a little bit.

" Do you still, wished that , that they would get together" asked Alex as she pace her head on Harper's shoulder.

" Hmm, I don't know I think no because my Ma doesn't want anything to do with me , she says I look to much like my Da and my Da he's happy with Bonnie I never seen him smile like that and his eye twinkle not when he looks at my Ma but with me and Bonnie he dose." said Harper as she smiled a little.

" I know this is going to sound mean and I hope your not pissed off when I say this but your mom is a fucking blind bitch not to see how cool you are and shes missing out on how much fun you are" said Alex as she hugged Harper.

" Thanks, that means a lot it really dose" said Harper as she hugged Alex back.

" Any time Lass," said Alex in a very bad Irish accent.

" Hahaha, Alex don't ever do that again you suck at it" said Harper as she laughed.

" Hehehe, yha well I'll leave the Irish stuff to you" said Alex as she rolled her eye's at Harper laughing at her.

" Yha , you better Have me wee bonny lass, or ye be wishing on a shamrock for protection from me wrath" said Harper in a perfect accent.

" Hahaha, ok that's enough I'm happy now" said Alex as she smiled at Harper.

" Just doing my job" said Harper as she grinned back. Harper lied down and closed her eye's.

" Hmm, tired" asked Alex as she crawled closer to Harper.

" Well, no it's just we have to be there early so we could unpack and get to know the place" said Harper as she open one eye to look at Alex.

" Yha, I better go finish packing,..... Harp's can I come down here when I'm done" asked Alex as she jumped off the bed and looked at Harper.

" Sure, but I can't promise I'll be up" said Harper as she closed her eye.

"Hehehe, ok I'll try to not wake you up" said Alex as she walked up to her room. As she walked up she saw her parent's fighting again maybe Harper was right it's better to have them happy ,then angry . As Alex entered her room she saw Max and Justin finishing her packing. They where using there magic to do it.

" Hey" said Alex as she looked at them.

" Hey" said Max as he hugged Alex. Alex hugged him back and smiled.

" So you guys did my packing huh" said Alex as she gave them a small smile. Both brother's nodded. As Alex looked at her room all that was left was her fuzzy wall paper. There where lot's of box's they would be flashed by Kelbo to Megan's place. Hers and Harper's stuff three artistes living under one roof, that just spelled danger.

" So are you guy's ready to live with Uncle Kelbo" asked Alex as she sat down on her bed. Justin sat down by her and place his arm around her shoulder.

" No , but it's what we have to do, it'll help mom and dad get back together" said Justin .

" Do you believe that , that they'll get back together" asked Alex as she looked at Justin.

" Yha, don't you" asked Justin as he looked at Alex.

" I hope they do, but if they don't I think we'll still be a good family." said Max as he smiled at His siblings.

" I know that's true we're still family but I want both of them happy and if being apart makes them happy well then it's what's going to happen" said Alex as she frowned.

" And when did you get so smart about people" asked Justin as he grinned.

" I have a really smart red head who went threw the same problem and she told me the juicy piece of info" said Alex as she grinned back..

" Yha, Harper has been threw this, and she's been helping so much with our family. I mean cooking cleaning and trying to break down the fight. Shes a great person and I'm happy to know that shes our friend" said Justin as he smiled.

" Yha, Harper rocks and that shes going to France with you to man , I'm so jealous some time's that you have Harper, she could move to Ireland back with her father but she's sticking to you. I hope one day I find a friend like that" said Max as he looked at Alex.

" Yha, I know I'm lucky I thank what ever power's that brought me and Harper together" said Alex as she smiled at her brothers.

" We better go to bed , we'll be using a lot of magic tomorrow. I made copies of all the magic book's and I place them in a box for you Alex . Keep your studys up and don't get into to much trouble" said Justin as he stood up . Alex stood up to mad the three sibling's looked at each other and hugged.

" I love you guy's and don't forget it" said Alex as she kissed her brother's on the cheek.

" I love you too" said Max as he kissed her back .

" Ditto" said Justin as he ruffled Max's wavy hair..

" Night" said Alex as she started to walk out of her room.

" Where are you going we're in your room" asked Max as he looked confused.

" Harper's room" said Alex as she waved good bye to them. Max and Justin looked at each other and rolled there eye's.

( Harper's room)

As Alex walked in she hear a load snoring sound , Harper was past out. The sound of Harper's snoring brought a smile to her face it's what brought them together the awesome power's of there loud snoring. Alex was told she sounded like a drunk sailor and Harper she sounded like a sleeping bear . Alex walked up to Harper's bed slowly to make sure she doesn't wake her up. As Alex climbed into the bed she notice that Harper took of the shirt and now she was just sleeping in her undies.

" Hehehe, what am I going to do with you, you crazy Irish red head, sleeping like this all the time is not good." said Alex to herself. She knew Harper would be like that , she like the feeling of nothing on her but the blanket's.

" Good night Harp's" said Alex as she closed her eye's.


So this is chapter 1 , chapter 2 is when they move away and start living with Megan. This is a Halex fic so it's really just going to just Alex and Harper's new life in Paris. And I'm making a OC Megan's girlfriend. Do you think she should be A) a Teacher B) a Chef C) a Bartender your pick.