Croissant's, Coffee and Snail's Please

Theresa and Jerry are having problem's with there marriage, so they send there kid's away so they don't have to see them fighting. Justin and Max go to live with Kelbo and Alex and Harper go to live with Megan. How will life be when there not in the Big Apple. HALEX duh

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" Ha, I would have had run of the whole house but yeah three guy's and two girl's it wouldn't be nice. Hey Aunt Megan what's your girl's name any way?" asked Alex as she looked at her aunt.

" Her name is Paige Creed, she's the principal at you new school" said Megan as she smiled thinking of her girlfriend.

" Oh, wow so when I get into trouble at school I'll get in trouble at home to" said Alex as she frowned. Harper smirked and patted Alex on the back.

" Then be good" said Harper as she looked at Alex with a huge smirk on her face.

" Wipe that smirk off your face Harper" said Alex as she glared at Harper.

" It's wiped off" said Harper as she had a big smile on her face. Alex smiled and rolled her eye's.

" And you two have a school uniform." said Megan as she closed her eye's and covered her ear's.

" WHAT HELL NO, LIKE HELL F-ING NO" yelled Harper and Alex at the same time. Both girl's glared at Megan.

" I will NOT wear a stupid uniform" said Harper as she glared at the floor.

" Look it's a rule and if you don't wear it then you can't go to school." said Megan as she frowned. She was hoping this wouldn't cause any trouble, but it look's like it will.

" Well, the school hasn't met me yet and I'm going to fight this to the end." said Alex as she looked at Megan.

" Ah no you won't if you give my girl some problem's at her job it's your ass that's in trouble here by me" said Megan as she glared at Alex.

" When will Miss. Creed be home" asked Harper as she smiled. Alex looked at Harper she knew that smile, it was " I have a plan smile".

" In ten minuet's and call her Paige " said Megan as she looked at Harper. She looked at Alex who was smirking at Harper's smile she had a bad feeling in her gut. Alex was to much like her and with that smirk she knew trouble was coming. Alex dragged Harper to there room.

( Halex Room)

" Harper I know that smile. What's your idea." asked Alex as she looked at Harper.

" I'm going to read the rule book and find a loophole" said Harper as she shrugged.

" That's it your going to read. Okay maybe you need to work on your evil idea smile." said Alex as she jumped on the bed.

" Loophole" said Harper as she jumped on Alex.

" Oy, Harper loopholes." said Alex as she grinned at Harper. Harper smirked back at her.

" GIRL'S SHES HERE" yelled Megan from the other room. Harper and Alex jumped up and ran to meet Megan's Girlfriend. When they reached the living room they saw a her. See had long wavy blond hair, bright blue eye's, pale skin. She was dressed in a blue woman business suit with black heel's. Her height was the same as Megan's.

" Hi, I'm Paige nice to meet you" said Paige as she smiled. She didn't have a french accent it sounded like a Chicago Accent. Both girl's shrugged there shoulder's at that.

" I want the school rule book" said Harper as she smiled.

" I'm Alex this is Harper now give Harper the rule book now" said Alex as she smiled.

" Girl's don't be rude" said Megan as she glared at both Alex and Harper.

" No it's okay why do you want it" said Paige as she smiled.

" We don't do uniform's." said Both Alex and Harper.

" Ahh, I see well here you go. If you find anything do tell me I'm trying to break the damn rule to" said Paige as she smiled and handed Harper the book. Harper looked at Alex and grinned. Harper walked to her room.

" So, your Alex from what Megan told me your a lot like her and trouble seems to follow you" said Paige as she smiled looking at Alex who started to watch TV.

" It's in French" said Alex as she flipped threw the channel's.

" Well , duh we are in Paris France" said Megan as she looked at Alex.

" ALEX I FOUND SOMETHING" yelled Harper as she yelled from her room.

" WHAT , WHAT DID YOU FIND" yelled Alex as she stayed watching TV.

" WE COULD CHANGE THE WAY THE UNIFORM LOOK'S BUT STILL KEEP THE UNIFORM.." yelled Harper as she stayed in the room.


" Okay" said Harper as she walked in and sat down with Alex. Paige and Megan watch both girl's watch TV.

" Okay this is going to be fun and both of them like art like you. I'll never have a clean house will I" asked Paige as she kissed Megan. Megan kissed her back and smiled.

" Nha , I don't think so Three Artiest in one roof will spell danger, messy and oh lot's and lot's of stain's. But I love you so so so much" said Megan as she smiled at her girlfriend.

" Get a room your old and your adult's it's just gross" said Alex as she threw a pillow at Megan and Paige.

" Alex just behave will you" said Harper as she smacked Alex on the arm.

Wizard's of Waverly Place W.O.W.P Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P Wizard's of Waverly Place W.O.W.P Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P WIZARD'S OF WAVERLY PLACE

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