I am terribly and utterly sorry about the late update. The past two to three weeks were busy, I had to prepare for a book festival, ball and tests. But at least I did update, haha, right? But hopefully I can get the last chapter up before final exams in late June, but don't expect too much, alright?

Anyways, this story has the rape scene in it (which I will admit is not very good, sorry again) butif you want to skip over it there's nothingthat important being said, I even added where it starts and ends. So, here you go!

Naruto sighed happily, turning over onto his side, trying to fall asleep. A few minutes later, he thrashed in happiness with a squeal. He sat up in bed, a grin on his face.

'He likes me, he really likes me!' He thought happily to himself. He then started to scold himself for sounding like a lovestruck girl. He then fell to his pillow, closed his eyes and tried to force his body to sleep.

A slam of a door woke him up. He glared at the ceiling then sat up, looked at the door and screamed in fright.

Sai was standing at the foot of his bed, a stern glare set on his face. "What's got you so fucking excited?"

"What the hell are you doing here?" Naruto screeched. He shuffled towards the headboard, trying to keep away from Sai.

"I can't visit my boyfriend?" Sai asked sweetly. The kind voice contradicted the glare that was plastered to his face.

"I-I'm not you're boyfr5iend," Naruto said, voice shaky.

"What." Sai's glare quickly left his face and was replaced with a blank stare.

Naruto swallowed audibly and sat up taller, fear slowing leaving and being repalced by courage. "I said, I'm not you're boyfriend." He surprised himself by how strong his voice came out.

Sai let out a chuckle. "No way." He started to pace, running a hand through his hair. "No fucking way!" He walked over to the bed post and kicked it. He turned to face Naruto, his eyes filled with rage. "I told you to stay away from that stupid Uchiha!"

Naruto cowered closer to the headboard as Sai came closer. "Y-you can't tell me what to do! He's my friend I can see him whenever I want to!"

Sai climbed onto the bed. "All you talk about is Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke! You moan his fucking name in your sleep! I look exactly like him, yet you can't even acknowledge that!"

"That doesn't give you the right to hurt me!" Tears started to run down his face.

Sai gave him a smirk. "It does if your my boyfriend at the time." He started to trace the whisker marks on Naruto's cheeks.

Naruto turned away from Sai's touch. "Go away!"

Sai grabbed Naruto's chin and made him look at him. "You're mine, and that stupid Uchiha can do nothing about it!" He dug his nails into Naruto's jaw and he opened his mouth in a silent scream. Sai took that moment to forcefully press they're lips together and shoved his tongue into his mouth.

XxXRape SceneXxX

Sai pulled away and pushed Naruto on the bed and started to remove his shirt.

Naruto leaned on his elbows, glared at Sai then wiped his mouth with his hand. "What the hell, you fucking bastard?"

Sai didn't respond and started trying to take Naruto's shirt off.

Naruto squirmed in Sai's grip. "Get off of me!"

"Silly Naruto." After successfully getting Naruto's shirt off, Sai started taking his pants off.

Naruto tried to reach for his shirt on the floor, but Sai stopped him by grasping his hips and pulling him towards him. "Come on Naruto, take your pants off."

Naruto glared at him from over his shoulder. "No! I'm not having sex with you! We're over get over it!" He turned back towards getting closer to the edge of the bed to grab his shirt.

With one swift movement, Sai got Naruto's pants and boxers halfway off. With a second tug, they were on the floor next to his shirt. He wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and brought him onto his lap. "I don't care, you'll give me yourself whether you want to or not."

Naruto squirmed in Sai's lap. "That's rape! You can't do this!"

Sai flipped Narito onto his back and hovered over him, a stern look on his face. "I can do whatever the hell I want to do." He then started to grind his hips onto Naruto's.

Naruto stared up at him in horror as he felt Sai start to become hard and a look of pleasure was on his face.

"Mm, now its time for the best part," he gave Naruto a smirk. He positioned himself as Naruto's entrance. "Having your virginity for myself."

Naruto screamed in pain as he felt Sai slam himself into Naruto's tight hole. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to hold back tears as he felt Sai start to move inside him and feeling like he was being ripped in two.

"Uhn, Naruto, you're so tight," Sai groaned. "You feel wonderful around me." His thrusts started to become faster.

Naruto let out small wimpers, trying to think of anything but the pain that he was feeling.

Sai's movements became faster and faster, his breathing heavy and short. "Ah, almost there!" He gave a few more thrusts before he came inside him.

As Sai pulled out, Naruto felt the hot liquid inside him and he let the tears fall as the realization finally hit him, he was raped by his ex-boyfriend.

XxXEnd Rape SceneXxX

Naruto laid there, in pain, watching as Sai started to put his clothes on.

"I'll be seeing you, Na-ru-to." Sai said over his shoulder. He left the room and then the apartment, leaving Naruto alone and crying.

Well I hope you liked it! If there are any mistakes, I'm apologizing now, I had to rewrite this chapter about 2 or 3 times so I got sick of reading it and so this chapter is poorly poofread.