Yeah Part 2! More random facts! Ok so for Naruko Ninja, the spider fact is true, as much to my ultimate dismay. Anyway, so here is more of L and Light and the insane book.

The Next Day.

Finally Light got rid of the horrendous taste of onion out of his mouth. Never again will he look at another onion without this memory coming to mind… L read more theories, and now he had a hold of ping pong balls. So dragging Light into a bathroom and armed with ping pong balls, they stand in front of a toilet.

"Ryuzaki, Why are we in the bathroom and why do you have ping pong balls?" Light asked him as Ryuzaki opened the package and started to drop them into the toilet bowl.

"I am experimenting about ping pong balls and toilets. The book had something interesting. I suggest that you get plenty of towels." Ryuzaki said as he started to lay out the towels Light had found. The bathroom they are experimenting in is Misa's. Light stared in horror as he saw millions of himself on the wall…it was like a horror film, about the stalker that ends up killing the person of their affection when the person rejects them. Shaking the horror out of his memory, Ryuzaki and Light now stand in front of the porcelain throne.

"Ready Light?" Ryuzaki asked Light as he set his hand onto the lever.

"Do you know what you are doing? Can you at least tell me what this theory is?" Light asked

"Well I wonder if it is true that it is impossible to flush a ping pong ball. So here we are." L smirked and continued preperations.

"That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Who has the time to think that up?" Light retorted. L rested his hand on the lever.

"Ready Light? I suggest being barefoot and rolling your pants up. We would hate to have to explain what we were doing that you got soaked." L said and started to laugh as Light did what he told him to do. So anyway L flushed the toilet, having about 10 ping pong balls and the toilet began overflow. Light jumped into the tub and stared in horror. He has never seen Misa pissed but with Rem with her. Rem has no problem killing him either. L stared in amusement.

"My goodness, it was right as well. Mogi has meeting set up for Misa all day, so therefore we can have this clean before she gets back. I would hate to have her be mad at you and raped you. That would be messy business." L said to Light, watching the color fade out of Light's face.

About a couple of hours later, L looks like he lost something.

"Ryuzaki, what are you looking for?" Light asked acting completely innocent.

"My book is gone. I will find it. Light where did you hide it?" L asked him. Light smirked.

"It made a wonderful fire in the fireplace." Light said.

"We don't have a fireplace." L said, now scowling at Light.

"We do now." Light snickered.

A/N Poor L, lost his amazing book! I lost mine somewhere in my house. So when I find it, L finds his too.