Chapter 1: Prelude: A New Dobe! (Revised)

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Technique/Jutsu: Kage bushin no jutsu

Normal speech: "I hate paperwork. I bet Minato died just to escape this Hellhole."

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: "Finally, I am free. Fuck off Minato!"

Human Thinking: 'Oh, Shit.'

Demon or Inner beings thoughts: 'Oh, Shit is right! You are royally screwed bitches!'

Flashback: Time to crap myself again, just like last time!


Naruto Uzumaki was what you would call a low ranking shinobi (genin) of Konohagakure (The Village hidden amongst the leaves). This village is located in the land of fire. There are five great villages within the elemental nations. The land of Lightning is represented by Kumogakure (village hidden amongst clouds). The land of Water is represented by Kirigakure (village hidden amongst mist). The land of Wind, represented by Sunagakure (Village hidden amongst the sand). The land of Earth has Iwagakure (Village hidden amongst stones). And finally, the land of fire has Konohagakure.

Naruto was not what you would call a normal child. He was the human container of the greatest of the nine tailed demons that once roamed the land destroying all that stood in their way. The famous fourth Hokage (Fire shadow, elite shinobi leader of Konoha) fought the nine tailed demon in mortal combat to protect the village. Unable to kill such a beast he sealed half of its being within himself, and half into the body of child only hours old. That Child was in fact Naruto, who hadn't had his chakra system develop yet, combined with the blood of an Uzumaki, was able to contain the beast. The sealing of the demon cost the Hokage his life and his death was mourned throughout the village. As for the boy well… he was seen as the demon reborn in the hearts of many ignorant villagers and the hearts of many shinobi. Against the fourth Hokage's wishes, he was subject to the abuse of many around him in various ways. Normally it was just being ignored, however more than one threat on his life had been made before. The boy had been through it all at this point in his life, yet he keeps an idiotic smile on his face.

…You know what? Fuck it, everyone knows the basic story, just know it's a bit worse for him here. Let's just move on… where is my beer?

(Prelude: A New "Dobe")

We find ourselves starting off in the 44th battle training ground. The "Forest of Death." Three young shinobi can be seen slowly moving to the tower located in the center of the forest. The first individual, a 12 year old male, wearing a pair of orange pants that are way too bright to be legal. His shirt is gone, his headband drooped, barely still on his head. He was covered from head to toe in cuts, gashes, and dried blood. As he walked, it can be seen that he is the sole reason the trio is moving, as the other two are unconscious.

'This is just not my day is it?' Naruto Uzumaki, the ninja in orange pants moaned to himself as he slowly dragged his two unconscious teammates; Haruno Sakura (age 12) and Uchiha Sasuke (age 13) closer and closer to the tower, praying to kami above that no one else would arrive to attack them. As he slowly made his way closer, his vision began to get blurry and a great pain ran through the muscles in his neck, causing him to nearly collapse more than once along the way. As he slowly lugged himself and his teammates along, he began to think back on what happened just a few hours ago. He grimaced as he muse over his own misfortune.


During the Chunin exams (being the exams taken in an attempt to elevate one's rank) Naruto and his squad made an attempt to collect a scroll from another team as was the rules and get to the tower located in the center of the forest. They managed to get a scroll and were on their way to the tower when things went to hell.

"Man it's so hot" Sakura whined as they passed through the trees.

"Hmmph" Sasuke grunted as he tried to tune out the pinkette, while keeping a vigilant if arrogant eye out for dangerous traps and shinobi. "Hey Dobe, try to keep up if you don't want me to leave you out here" Sasuke then made a salty grin while imaging being anywhere else but near his cheerleader in training.

"Heh, even if I got lost, I could just follow Sakura's voice all the way to the tower" Naruto stated carelessly, resulting in Sakura smashing his head with her own hard enough to leave a small crater where his head hit earth.

"Naruto you Baka!" she screeched in a very loud voice, triggering Sasuke to hold his ears in protection from the screech. "Kill Naruto later Sakura we all have to be at the tower or we all fail" Sasuke said jumping back into the tree 'He is right though' he mused as Naruto joined them back in the trees nursing his head which now sported a rather large goose egg. The three shinobi continued towards the tower with relative ease.

They were only a couple miles to go, when a great burst of wind came and shot at the three ninja. Naruto quickly pushed the other two out of the way and took the full blast head on, which on shot him far in the other direction losing sight of his teammates. As he began to get up, he was attacked by an enormous snake.

"What in the fu-!" Naruto was quickly muffled as he was devoured whole. Quickly using his only real move, Naruto a hand sign "Kage: Bushin no jutsu" he shouted out, filling the snake with clones of himself to the point it exploded, scattering clones and snake everywhere.

"Thought I was a goner there, what the hell do they feed those things?" he said to himself before remembering he had teammates in trouble. "Ohh crap, we are in trouble aren't we?" he stated with his shoulders shrugged, before he ran off, following the trail his body had from before as he hurried back to the others.

Sasuke was not having much luck. Right after Naruto was forcefully ejected, they were attacked by a grass shinobi who not only could predict every move he made, but he also had Sakura shouting in his ear that "He was the best" and "You can kill him Sasuke" really it was most annoying. For once Sasuke wished Naruto was there. Sasuke would never admit it outloud, but he trusted Naruto to an extent and recognized him as a rival. Naruto was so unpredictable in his combat that perhaps he might be able to help him with the current fight… at least more than his cheerleader was anyways.

The grass ninja, choosing to torture his victims, focused a strong amount of killing intent directly at them both with his left eye, resulting in showing them their own deaths. This resulted in Sakura being knocked out for the count so to speak. Sasuke realizing he wasn't in anyway a match for this shinobi offered his scroll in return for his team to be let go. The grass ninja laughed at this act, "The prey seems smart, but I don't want that prize" he said as his neck stretched out a few feet in order to bite Sasuke. Right before he was able to bite down, a pair of unexpected kunai flew at the man and one grazed the man on his neck. "Ahh who would disturb me and my prey" the ninja said in a deep hollow voice as all eyes were on the treetop.

"I did yah freaky pedo" Naruto said as he jumped down.

"Ohh, how did you escape my little pet?" The ninja asked causing Naruto to pull out another kunai.

"Because it was lame as fuck" he grinned as he chucked the kunai at the snakes' neck again making it recoil back into his head.

"Fine boy I'll deal with you first boy!" the man sneered as he passed through hand signs at a speed the others couldn't even see. "Sen'ei Tajashu" he said as he launched a large group of snakes at the boy which hit him dead on. "Heh too easy" the ninja said before the "Naruto" disappeared and a log with paper bombs replaced it.


The snake-like man was barely able to create a clone to take the damage before the explosion. "Little brat" he thought as his fist came out and punched the real Naruto in the gut so hard that his body seemed to distort space for a second before being launched through a tree and striking the boulder behind it knocking him out instantly. "Now where were we?" the man said as he turned to a now very disturbed Sasuke and lunged forth.

"ake… Awake" a voice was heard inside Naruto's head as he laid there. "Huh…who are you?" Naruto asked the voice. "The one who has been with you your whole life" the voice said, causing Naruto to get angry "What kind of crap is that! Nobody has been with me my entire life! So don't start that crap and don't you dare make riddles because fuck them" Naruto continued to vent and rant until the voice was heard again. "I am... that which makes you special" upon hearing this Naruto grimaced. "Wait so you are the stupid fox! Come out here so I can put my size 5 shoe up your narrow ass!" the voice then emitted a light laughed "No… the Kyubbi has been dead since you were around five years old" Naruto's eyes grew wide before shouting at the unseen owner of the voice. "wait, what!" "The fox was stripped of its body and put inside you. The seal killed it when you were five giving all its power and abilities to you." it said making Naruto lower his head. "So I am the fox now… they were right then…" the voice then bellowed "NO! You are you, they were wrong… as you were to think I was the fox." Naruto looked forward and said "I don't see you" the voice then said chuckled "Of course not… I am the wind… I am you… I am unprediction… I am… your sealed power… I am… your Kekegenkai. Now… call forth your power, absorb me as you were meant to. Let us return as one, and break the seals those stupid villagers and shinobi put on you to limit your power. Call me forth…"

"Sorantagon" was heard, and a great wind was felt circling around everyone. All eyes went towards the sound of the voice. Naruto was no longer by the rock. He was now standing up and his features had changed significantly.

Instead of his short blond hair, he possessed long flowing blond hair. His body seemed to have grown as well because his orange jump suit had become skin tight. His body impression could be seen now and he possessed a well-defined body for a boy his age. His face had changed as well, the baby fat was now just a bit here and there with his whisker mark scars becoming fine and thin. His eyes no longer blue with black pupils but where pure ocean blue with a very light blue almost glass or ice like set of pupils. He was also extremely pissed off.

"SO the boy wakes up does he?" the snake asks right before Naruto disappears from view. "What the…" unable to finish as a fist hit his true face firing him through the air into the tree behind him. "That was for that punch earlier" Naruto said.

Sasuke was at a loss, barely conscious from the attack the snake had last hit him with he watched with amazement as Naruto charged the man. 'His voice even changed, it's less annoying than it was…'

Kage: Hibi Rendon the snake shouted firing a huge barrage of snakes at the blond haired boy, only for the boy to simply hold out his hand. Hyouton: wave of the north Naruto calmly stated while releasing a wave of extremely cold wind freezing the snakes in midair. The snake man quickly moved from his location, lest he be frozen as well. 'Hyouton? Such strange jutsu, I wonder what else he has' the snake didn't get a chance to think anymore as Naruto was suddenly next to him striking the snake in the face again, making him spin off into another tree.

'Damn, I will have to end this now, I used too much chakra earlier and this boy is powerful' the snake thought 'I'll give him my mark instead of the Uchiha. Sasukes' eyes aren't ready, I don't want him yet, but the boy, with his nine tail power I bet I won't need to switch for a long while. Yes, I bet his body would be perfect, he can be my…play thing Heh Heh Heh" he then held his hand out Fuin: Five pronged seal he said striking Naruto in the chest, expecting the boy to pass out, only to get shot through another tree.

"I won't lose so easily" Naruto said as he charged again. 'Damn, I thought that would work. Wait, so that is his chakra, and not that of the Kyuubi! Ku Ku Ku Ku Ku, then he will be perfect. I don't have much power left, I toyed with the Uchiha too long and this boy has tired me out greatly. I will have to try this…' Forbidden jutsu: triple bite formation he shouted creating two clones and all three tried to get close. 'only one can bite him, the chance he'll live will only be 10% anyways so I got to get one in' he thought as he watched one of his clones go after Sakura and Sasuke.

Naruto bravely stopped one clone by destroying it from the head to his torso with a paper bomb, but was bitten on both sides of his neck. "Ahh…" Naruto cried hitting both the other clone and the original firing them both off and charging again.

'Impossible, he should not be able to move after I bit him.' The snake pondered before noticing that two marks were appearing on the boys' neck. "You idiot, only one of us could bite him" he said to his clone before he dispelled it. "Well Naruto I must say your strength is phenomenal. I really enjoyed our fun today but I must be going. Do your best to stay alive, although I am sad to say I seriously doubt you will." the snake said as he left "I'll tell you my name though since you did so well today, I am Orochimaru" he then disappeared into the ground like a snake entering a hole…

Since then even through the pain, Naruto dragged his teammates the rest of the way to the tower. After waking them both up, they opened both scrolls to summon a proctor, and then all three passed out. Naruto noticed his vision fading into the darkness…

Jutsu Library

Kage Bushin: Mid B lvl kinjutsu used to make solid clones that can both fight and learn things, (Note all things learned return to the original Warning! normal people cannot use this technique as it takes so much chakra and the info learned can overflow a normal persons mind easily. also this jutsu can help learn but the original must do the physical training as this cannot be transferred over, but fatigue can so a warning)

Sen'ei Tajashu is a B ranked ninjutsu used mostly as a way of injuring and transfer of paraysis. it can also be used to entangle its victim (note only select few now this foul art and most of them use common grass snakes instead of the original cobras)

*Kage Hibi Rendon (shadow snake barrage) Mid B lvl assassination jutsu. Unlike its predecessor, the shadow snake jutsu, this was made for killing it's opponent.

Fuin Five pronged seal: A ranked sealing jutsu used to cover another seal to make whatever it was malfunction. (Note by itself it is pretty useless)

Hyouton: wave of the north: ? Ranked jutsu using the water in the air to freeze its target by taking the wind itself and channeling it around the humidity causing it to become fifty degrees below centigrade.

Forbidden jutsu: triple bite formation: ? ranked jutsu that is forbidden in its use (Note forbidden because its purpose is to place a foul curse on its target)

Soranatagon "distant sky" Ocular dojutsu. Little is known other than this as it is a long lost bloodline but historians agree that according to data found, it has more than one lvl of power, we'll keep you posted on new info as we uncover more from the ancient tomes.

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