Jutsu: Ninja da art: Run like a lil b1tch no jutsu!

Normal speech: "Naruto was a fast kid when you gave him chocolate."

Demon/Summon or Fusion speech: "I know right, I mean Anbu wouldn't catch him!"

Human Thinking: 'Damn.'

Demon or Inner beings thoughts: 'Ohh you have no idea mortal of the power of ADHD!'

Flashback: I wonder if I gave Naruto-kun chocolate now if I could seduce him!

Author: "Only one way to find out!"

Note: I Have no Beta so ccut a bit of slack mates

Recap of power lvl 1!

"Did you bring me the required items Kabuto?"

"Yes my lord Orochimaru"

"Excellent, with this I will resurrect the fourth Hokage and with his power, stomp the leaf and take Naruto-kun as my very own!"

Secret jutsu: Otherworldly Resurrection!

As the body morphed in the sarcophaguses the man laughed manically.

I chose my strongest disciple, Kimimaru as the body for this creation, there is no way I will lose!"

The transformation finished and the coffin opened; however unfortunately for Orochimaru, Kabuto had made a slight error…

For looking back at the Hebi sennin… was a pair of Byakugan.

"… Naruto" the new body said in anger and pure evil "I will destroy you!"

"Damn it Kabuto!" he slapped the boy out of his way with a sigh. "I have resurrected you and wish to ally with you in the destruction of the leaf village, if you help me and my new allies in our plans… Naruto will cease to exist and… you can do what you want to your old clan."

"…I will accept then… Orochimaru… Hiashi Hyuga the strongest Hyuga will be your ally… as long as they die!" the man said as the snake sennin let out a bloodthirsty laugh.

Konoha would fall

The Hyuga clan would fall

And Naruto would become the new body of the snake sennin

The cause was perfect, now all they needed was time, and more power…

(OMG SCARY AS F ^%$#! What will happen!?)

Chapter 10: Naruto: The Motion Picture

A month had passed since Naruto had last been seen; he had been true to his word and had somehow lost the fangirls (and boys) and had last been seen heading into the deepest areas of the 44th battle training zone, going so far as to enter the "X zone" which was a fancy way of saying even Anko doesn't want to go in. During this month things had quieted down slightly; there was still an active "Naru-chan" hunt and "Naru-chan" merchandise being created, but hey even fans have to eat and take a piss break right?

As for the rest of Narutos' friends:

Ino had returned to her duties at the Yamanaka florist shop her family owned, she continued to train along with her team; but as usual her mind wandered to princess and gossip.

Shikamaru had actually raised his voice against his mother and father the night Naruto had left and had yet to reconcile with them fully (much to Yoshimos' motherly dismay) since then he and Choji seemed to spend more time watching clouds than usual.

Choji had not been happy when he found out Naruto had been forbidden to eat in any of their diners as a child; even with the full admission and promise to repay his friend in some way that his family had promised the chubby boy found he wasn't very hungry these days…

Asuma sighed when he met with his team; it took him the whole month just to get their attention back on training; he finally succeeded by telling them they might be able to help Naruto their friend by rising up the ranks like he most likely would.

Neji found that his anger was gone and that left him considerable time in the week; so he redoubled his efforts with team 10 and decided to keep up with his blond… "friend."

Lee healed nicely and had begun to quadruple his training in order to challenge his newest and most powerful rival.

Tentens' focus went through the roof as the thought of Naruto and his talent despite the face he had as a child been pretty much sabotaged all the way through and still managed to become a powerhouse even her own sensei admitted might be stronger than himself.

Speaking of Gai, he had increased the weights of Lee slowly as to not allow him to inflict permanent damage to himself because of his recovering body; when Neji and Tenten both asked for weights as well he was ecstatic as a sensei and had them doing difficult (yet not impossible like Lee) feats, such as running up high walls and walking on ones hands. (Neji was terrible at this for some reason)

Sakura that night had been taken aside by her mother for some reason; no one knows what they talked about; but an evil pink skull floated over their house for at least six hours; after which she returned to what was left of team seven strangely determined to become stronger. (to Kakashi's happy surprise and Sasuke's immediate discomfort/distrust/worry)

Sasuke had brooded for a time before going through his family scrolls in an attempt to somehow gain strength at a similar rate as his blond teammate; he needed the secrets of his sharingan and had Kakashi aid in its unlocked potential. 'I have to get my three tomoe in each eye!' he thought as he slaved away, no longer resorting to just being a genius; as it was apparent his rival was one himself.

Kakashi was proud; his two remaining students were making great effort to become stronger, like their third teammate was; he himself was beyond shocked at who Naruto really was, and felt ashamed at his own behavior involving his treatment; he hoped to get the blonds forgiveness and wanted to share with him what his father the Fourth had shared when he himself was still a student.

Kiba had nearly choked to death on his steak when his mother Tsume told Hana to try and shag the blond when he was next seen; I mean who wouldn't if your older sister was asked to "beat uglies" with a kid you grew up with, the worst part was his sister didn't say one way or the other if she would….

Shino and his parents had a looooooong discussion involving Naruto and the differences between a scroll and a kunai; after which (at least for an Aburame) demanded to learn the clans' next level of abilities; he would help Naruto as he had been one of few to not treat him like an outcast.

Hinata, aside from her now rigorous training schedule she had gotten Gai to make and Neji to tweak in order to get strong enough to protect Naruto; her sister had tried to get her to go one night to get some "Naru-chan" merchandise with her, but Hinata (using nearly all of her willpower) explained that was what fangirls did and that they would be no different than them if they did. Needless to say Hanabi didn't ask again, however she did have her sister tell her more stories about him and they both became closer as sisters due to the intensive planning on the part of collecting their blond now that the work was out from Jiraiya.

Kurenai was happy that her team was taking their training seriously; she took a few days off while they trained in their clan jutsu and she and Anko managed to get Yūgao Uzuki their old friend together and the trio had fun for a night or two as the "Ice goddesses" of Konohagakure.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi (after they got out of the hospital) returned to their normal work schedule; being a peeping tom and… well a peeping tom with a crystal globe.

Tsunade became the leader of the medical corps; weeding out the idiots and putting together a stronger foundation for those that remained.

Now; back to our story

Hinata, just coming in from her difficult training nearly runs over her younger sister in the hallway as the younger of the two comes flying out of her room.

"Gomen sister" Hanabi said as Hinata smiles lightly

"Why the hurry Imouto?" she asked as Hanabi smiles back with a slight blush at the sound her stomach makes.

"I need food" she said with a pout as Hinata pondered about lunch.

"…We could go for ramen?" she thought out loud as Hanabi thinks to her sisters stories.

"You said Naruto-kun likes a place called Ichiraku right? Let's go there!" she said in an un-Hyuuga like enthusiastic way.

"Hai" Hinata said as her younger sister smiled devilishly.

'I bet they have more secrets I can learn about Naruto-kun; that and I can eat the noodles Naruto-kun likes!'

"Yatta!" she cries out happily as the two run back to their rooms (well Hinata walks with grace) to get their stuff and the duo head out while their mother watches from a window feeling hungry herself.

"I think a trip to Ichiraku would be nice right about now" she said as she finished the last of her papers for the day.

"I would be honored to go collect some Hitomi-sama" Natsumi, ever the faithful shadow said as she collected the papers from the desk.

"Just because I'm a clan leader does not mean I cannot go get food" Hitomi pouts lightly before standing up. "Why don't we both go there for a quick bite to eat after we finish today's cleanup."

"Hai Hitomi-sama" Natsumi said as her mind started wondering off 'I shall try the ramen Naruto likes today.'

Not knowing Hitomi was thinking the same thing.

XXXX(Ichiraku Ramen)XXXX

Business for Ichiraku had picked up due to being "The food of the prince!" every fangirl (and boy) now knew of the establishment and wanted to eat the food "Prince Naruto" liked so much.

Thankfully for the Hyuuga duo the place was currently empty as it was a little past one.

"Welcome, what can I get for you?" Teuchi said hearing the two girls come in before turning around.

"Ohh, Hinata; welcome" His daughter Ayame said as she finished cleaning the last of the dishes from the lunch rush a few minutes ago.

"How do they know you Onee-chan" Hanabi asked pulling on her shirt sleeve a bit.

"She's been a regular for the past couple of years" Ichiraku said as he looked down to the smaller girl.

"You must be Hinata's sister then" Ayame said happily "You look a lot alike"

'They all look alike' Teuchi sighed to himself as the two girls introduced themselves to each other.

"So what'll it be ms. Hyuuga?" Teuchi asked the smaller of the two girls.

"Whatever Naruto-ku-san favorite is" Hanabi said attempting to act proper (like a good little Hyuuga)

"I get that a lot lately" Teuchi smirked as he started his noodle batch "Your regular as well Hyuuga-san?"

"Yes, please" Hinata said quietly as she knew they both ordered the same thing.

"So… lots of people ask for Naruto-ku-san favorite?" Hanabi wanted to know what she was up against.

"All those fangirls of his ask for it; thankfully you came after them" the old ramen chef chuckled as he started up an egg.

"Can you tell me how many and how often?" Hanabi asked as she pulled out her notepad and a pencil.

"Err… a lot" Teuchi said as Hanabi deadpanned "Sorry, but there are a lot of them, I'd say hundreds" making Hinata and Hanabi a bit worried at these numbers.

As the two girls sat there eating and deep in thought a girl walked in with brown hair in pig tails.

"Old man, need the regular please!" she said as Teuchi reached out of nowhere and pulled out a double to go box.

"Appreciate it!" she said as she pulled out a money slip and handed it to him.

She then turned around and smiled.

"Hi Hinata-chan" she said and then saw the smaller girl "Ahh Hanabi-san, good day to you as well; love to talk but ramen gets cold quick!" she then ran off.

"She seemed familiar but I don't think I've ever met her" Hanabi said confused.

"…Naruto-kun!?" Hinata said shocked as Teuchi nodded.

"Poor kid is still hiding in that one forest place, but he sends his camouflaged clones here every so often for a bite to eat" he chuckled as Hanabi was blushing.

She knew she had seen those eyes before.

"How can you tell it's Naruto-ku-san?" Hanabi asked as Teuchi laughed.

"Only one brat calls me old man and asks for the regular, anyone else who called me that wouldn't get served again."

'I missed a chance to talk to Naruto-kun' Hanabi pouted.

'At least your safe Naruto-kun' Hinata thought as they finished their meal and left.

"That was really good" Hanabi said in her "Hyuuga mode" as the two didn't even notice her mother and shadow pass them headed for the same location they left from.

"Yes it was" Hinata said as the two returned to the Hyuuga complex.


"A medium beef ramen with egg please" Hitomi asked as she sat herself on the far left stool.

"The same please" Natsumi said sitting next to her while her eyes floated around the establishment.

"Coming right up ms…!" Teuchi nearly dropped his pan when he saw who came through.

"…Hyuuga-sama! I apologize, let me get started right away!" he said as he began quickly with a sweatdrop going down Ayame's face until she saw who had come. Quickly she went into the back to make sure she looked her best before coming out to help her father.

As they sat there for a moment Hitomi noticed a particular photo on the wall of a small boy in orange.

"Pardon me… is that a picture of Naruto-ku-san?" Hitomi barely covered herself there.

"Yes, it is a picture I took, probably eight years ago" Teuchi said with pride as he sliced a strip of miso; "I'm honored he has been my best customer ever since."

"Hyuuga-sama, you look a lot like a pair of young Hyuuga that came through a few minutes ago, would you be related?" Ayame said as Teuchi's eyes rolled.

'I need to get her out more, they all look the same and their all related!' he thought with a sigh.

"Would their names be Hinata and Hanabi?" she asked as Ayame nodded and Teuchi was surprised she knew.

"Those two are my daughters" she said happily as Ayame gawked and Teuchi nearly fell over (it's not every day you find out you were serving a clan leaders daughter)

As they ate Hitomi asked some simple questions; mostly trying to get information about Naruto without seeming too desperate.

But it's just a repeat of some common info we already know so we'll just skip back to the younger pair in a moment.


"So who have you selected for the rank of Chunin?" Sarutobi asked the representative of the promotion committee. (Note the committee only gives their opinion as the Hokage is the top cock here)

"These are the ones we believe deserve promotion" she said as she handed him the file.


Nara Shikamaru: for intelligence and tact far and beyond that of a standard Chunin.

Aburame Shino: for his ability to keep calm under dangerous conditions.

"I do not see Namikaze's name" Sarutobi said surprised (and wondering if their committee was against him still)

"I was to discuss that with you personally Hokage-sama" the woman said as she cleared her throat. "We believe that based on his skill both during his matches and during the battle that he is of a minimum of Jonin rank and thus out of our committees' ability to judge."

This threw the old Hokage off a bit but he completely agreed with their choice.

"I agree, his dedication and skills are such that a Chunin ranking would be an insult; fine then, I will make these three Chunin and grant him a field promotion under war (with sound and sand) as Jonin." He stated as he stood up and placed them on his table.

As the representative bowed and left he pulled out his old pipe and took a drag from its soothing flavor; 'Of course I have to find him first' he thought.

Xxxxxxx(Week later)xxxxxxx

"Where is Namikaze?" a council member asked as the monthly general meeting was coming to a close "He has been missing for over a month now."

"Troublesome, I would have run myself if I was in his shoes" Shikaku Nara said as he yawned.

"I agree, they had oil, Scented oil!" Inoichi Yamanaka said as shivers went up all the males' necks.

"What's so bad about a few fanboys?" an older female council member asked getting some of the weirdest faces back.

"Saying fanboys aren't scary is like saying blue-balls doesn't suck!" an old council member said as she looked up at him.

"They can't be that bad" she replied which then caused a ten minute argument about why the horrors of male hood.

"The big picture here is Namikaze, not the bane of man's existence" Danzo said as he fought back the fears of his teenage life.

"It took me several days, but I got him to agree to return" Jiraiya said as he scratched his head.

"When will he arrive?" Sakurai Haruno asked with a glint in her eye.

"Well its 11:59 so… now I think" Jiraiya said as a small gust formed next to the Hokage and Naruto formed.

"…Are they gone?" Naruto asked as everyone either deadpanned or wished him good luck from the horror.

"Well, their spread out enough you can escape again should the need arise" Choza Akimichi said as he pitied the boy's luck.

"I guess that is all I can ask for" Naruto said as he stretched a second before Danzo looked at him weirdly.

"How did you get in? There are anti-jutsu seals placed around the room to prevent intrusion." Danzo asked as Naruto shrugged.

"They don't work if you forget to activate them" he said as they all sweat dropped yet again and an embarrassed pair of ANBU activated the seals before returning to their place at the door.

'Someone is getting their pay docked' Sarutobi sighed before facing his grandson in all but blood. "It's good you have returned Naruto-kun, we were getting worried."

"We?" Naruto asked as a fat civilian member stood up.

"Yes Namikaze-sama, we were worried you might be in trouble or injured" he said as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Last time I was in here you guys couldn't care if I was road kill in the street" he said as an older woman stood up.

"We are ashamed of previous actions Namikaze-sama, and we ask you to let us old coots off not too harsh." She said as all the civilian council members either pretended to be old or stupid (lol pretend?)

'…I can't believe they think that will work' Sarutobi, Naruto, and the shinobi council all sweat dropped.

"…Anyway, is there something I can do for you all or may I be excused?" Naruto asked in a semi-polite way.

"We were curious who you would like to pick as your wives" the fat man asked in a way that screamed fat pedo pervert.

"…I'm not quite thirteen yet" Naruto said with an eye raised "I believe I have until I'm either sixteen or I'm a Jonin before I have to choose."

'Did Jiraiya get him to agree?!' everyone thought.

"Umm… you see Naruto" Sarutobi said as a sweatdrop ran down his head as Tsunade watched his every move "You have been promoted to the rank of Jonin…"

"…I have to take an exam for that" Naruto said as Jiraiya smirked.

"They call it, a field promotion kid; since you showed you were beyond Chunin in power during a wartime battle, you were promoted to Jonin."

Naruto didn't know if he should celebrate in happiness or invent a jutsu to destroy them all.

"My daughter is available!" a man said as he stood up.

"Mine is beautiful!" another said standing up.

"Mine is quite skilled as you may know" Inoichi said "I'm sure she would agree"

"Mine is both talented as well as beautiful!" Sakurai said as she was sure his old crush on her would get her his attention.

As others continued to offer their daughters; Hitomi was too quiet to be heard over the others, so she was unable to voice herself to Naruto, which made her sad.

After another minute or two Naruto had enough; he turned to Tsunade for help and she was all too willing to shut up these fools.

"ENOUGH!" she roared which silenced the group and Naruto thanked her.

"We only wish for the Namikaze clan to be rebuilt and succeed!" a man said as the other nodded vigorously.

"I have enough issues right now without the work of starting a clan" Naruto said as he sighed and looked to Jiraiya and mouthed "tell them."

The full council was confused until Jiraiya stood up; "There is a group called the Akatsuki that is after the jinchuuriki."

"The hell is a jinchuuriki?" a council member asked as the shinobi sighed 'idiots.'

"A jinchuuriki is one who holds one of the tailed beasts, in our case… Naruto" Jiraiya said as a few people gasped.

"So what, he's in the leaf village, the strongest there is; we can just boost security around his complex" a council member said as others agreed.

"Besides, Namikaze-sama is strong enough to go toe to toe with Orochimaru, there is no way they can get him like that" another said as even the shinobi council agreed with them.

"…What is the problem Jiraiya" Shikaku asked as the sennin sighed.

"There are at least eight of them, and their all as strong, if not stronger than Orochimaru" he said as they all freaked.

Imagine eight Orochimaru's

"w-what can we do against them?" a council member asked as even the Hokage was unsure.

"I'm going to keep missions" Naruto said as they all thought he was on crack.

"Namigaze-sama, it's too dangerous for you to leave the village!" a council member said as others agreed.

"You plan to keep moving around in order to limit the number of them you encounter yes?" Shikaku said as Naruto nodded.

"There are at least eight of them; if I keep moving around then at most I'll meet with only one team; which according to Jiraiya-sensei is two members, this is much better than having eight attack me at once, and it keeps the villagers out of danger."

Some were impressed by his choices, he was putting them before himself, however there were still a few…

"It is still a danger Namikaze-sama, at least allow for a personal guard for your personage" a council member said as another stood up.

"Will you not continue the Namikaze-clan then!?" he asked alarmed.

"There hasn't been a clan for a good hundred years, we haven't been missed" Naruto sighed "I'm not marrying a bunch of girls like that"

"Why not, it's every guys dream!" the entire civilian council plus half the shinobi council, Jiraiya, and Sarutobi all yelled at once.

"…Not this shinobi's dream" Naruto said quietly enough they had to keep quiet to hear. "I wanted to become Hokage one day when I became strong enough; to protect my village even though most of you hated me (many flinches) and to maybe when I proved myself to the village… find a woman who cared for me enough to stay with me…"

Everyone (mostly everyone) felt a bit sorry for the young shinobi; despite the way he grew up, his abilities, powers, and the shinobi way…

…He was still a child and wanted to find one who accepted him.

Jiraiya put his hand and the boys shoulder as a means of comfort. "But the world doesn't always work that way Naruto, as a shinobi you must understand what I speak of" he said as Naruto nodded slowly. "What would you like to do about your clan?"

"…I don't know… how long do I have before I must make my choice"

"…Three months Naruto" Sarutobi said as he took another puff of his pipe "we can grant you three months"

"…Ok, I will have my answer by then" Naruto said as the few who looked at his eyes could see a bit of sadness and pain before he closed his eyes for what seemed like several minutes.

He then opened his eyes with new conviction and determination. Those that knew him wondered if they really knew him at all.

"…I've returned and am ready for duty Hokage-sama" he said in a way that seemed to give off an aura of strength to it that put the minds of those there, even Danzo's to ease.

Naruto was loyal to Konohagakure, and unquestionably loyal to the Sandaime.

The leaf village would remain strong.


The news that Naruto had returned spread pretty quickly; although there was still many fangirls and boys floating around; they kept a bit more to the shadows (what better way to catch a ninja right?)

Naruto, being a Jonin now, no longer belonged on squad seven though he did meet up with them;

"Hey, Kakashi-sensei" Naruto said as he waved a bit to the trio as he passed by their old training ground.

"Well, if it isn't Naruto, congrats on your promotion" Kakashi said as Naruto came over and they shook hands "I have to admit you had me shocked when I found out your father was my sensei."

"Yeah, it surprised me as well" he said with a light chuckle.

"…Naruto I'm sorry I didn't train you very well while you were on team 7" Kakashi said sadly "I wasn't very fair and should have taught you a lot more than what I did."

"…Don't worry about it; you helped me get my goals and the values I'll keep as a shinobi; that is enough for me."

"Naruto I…"

"We'll have to meet up to spar every once in a while …Kakashi"

"…Yeah…I still have some things you might be interested in learning"

"Sounds good Kakashi"

Kakashi then closed his book, "It's a bit weird not hearing sensei anymore"

They then share a light chuckle before Sasuke and Sakura walked over.

"Got ahead of me didn't you" Sasuke said with his regular stoic voice "don't get too comfy, I'll overtake you the moment you let your guard down… dobe."

"Heh… I don't plan on it… teme."

There was a twisted/weird/unnatural/ unspoken agreement there that made no sense but pretty much stated this.

Nice job couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

Thanks and good luck on your next exam.

…You just had to squint to see it… and be drunk.

"Ummm… Naruto?"

Naruto then turned to see Sakura who seemed more… well not Sakura-like.

"Hey Sakura, is something up?" he asked with a light smile causing her to look away slightly and her cheeks to go pinkish.

"I was wondering… if you wanted to get ramen sometime." She asked as Kakashi raised an eyebrow and Sasuke narrowed his.

…something was off

Naruto however either didn't notice or didn't care as he continued his smile "Of course" he said which made her smile grow a bit "I'd love to eat with my old team sometime."

Before Sakura could correct him on what she meant an ANBU arrived behind Naruto.

"Naruto-san, a message from Jiraiya-sama" he said handing him a scroll, which he took and read before sighing.

"Fraid I'll have to cut it short, later guys" he then took off as did the ANBU leaving the rest of team 7 there.

'I'll get him next time' Sakura thought as Sasuke studied her facial expression.

'What are you planning Haruno?'

XXXXX (Couple days later) XXXXX

"Ok class settle down" Iruka Umino said as he quieted his class of 27 students.

It was the first Friday of the month, which meant a shinobi would come talk about their life and what they did.

"Who do you think Iruka-sensei got today?" Konohamaru asked his friends Moegi and Udon.

"Who knows, I hope it's a Kunoichi though" Moegi said exited.

"I hope it's a cool ninja and not like that one time those two dummies came" Udon said as Uzumo and Kotetsu (those two random dudes at the gate) sneezed.

"Ok class, I pulled a lot of strings and favors for today's speaker so you better all pay attention and behave!" Iruka said as they all looked interested 'Heh, a bowl of ramen goes a long way.'

Hanabi wasn't paying attention; she was working on her master plan, but put it away so Iruka wouldn't catch her again.

"Everyone, please welcome; Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto" Iruka said as a tornado formed at the front of the classroom and said ninja appeared.

"Hey guys" he said with a bit of confidence that blew their minds; it wasn't every day that a powerful ninja like Naruto came to your class.

"Ohh My gosh it's Naruto!"


"This is awesome!"

The class was in an uproar while Hanabi watched his every slight move.

Naruto looked around the class room before rubbing the back of his head "This place brings back memories Iruka-sensei" he said as he faced the class.

"Why do you call him sensei?" a boy in the middle row asked "Aren't you a higher rank than him?"

"Rank doesn't always mean everything" Naruto said with a smirk "Iruka here was my teacher back when I was here."


"Iruka taught Naruto!"

"Too cool"

'Finally some gratification!' Iruka though as he watched his students ogle their hero.

"So… who wants to know what?" Naruto asked as he had no idea what they wanted from him.

"You were the rookie of the year right?" a kid asked as he smirked; the rookie of the year so him so he was guaranteed to be amazing himself.

"Actually, I barely passed" Naruto said with a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head; everyone gawked at him, the "prince" himself barely passed?

"Sometimes it's not about what you know and how much you know and more about how to apply it" Naruto said calmly "I won't lie, some of Iruka-sensei's lecture were pretty boring;" which caused the teacher to sigh "but I found that many of the little things you never thought about here come in handy later in life; for instance I found that the leaf exercise and the simulation strategy lessons were invaluable." Every student was glued to him save one kid in the back. "All in all, there are things you will take with you here as you leave, they will differ from person to person based on what you're interested in." The one kid in the back stood up; "This class is boring, I'm super awesome, how is any of this needed to be a ninja? I bet I can beat up any ninja right now without this!"

"Ohh?" Naruto asked 'great, a dumber version of me is in here.' "Ok then… I won't move from this spot, come take me" Naruto said as the kid grinned. "Ok I'll kick your ass!" he ran at Naruto with his full speed and threw a punch straight at the blonds gut.


"Is that it?" Naruto asked as the kid looked shocked that not only did Naruto not flinch from his punch, but that his own fist was hurting.

"Ha-how?" he asked as Naruto grinned.

"Easy, you need more practice" he joked as the rest of the class laughed and the boy turned red at being made fun of.

"Iruka-sensei, can you give it a go?" Naruto asked as Iruka nodded knowing he couldn't really hurt the blond with his strength anyway, threw a kick straight at the blonds gut which emitted and echoing sound from the force of the kick; and still Naruto did not flinch.

"How did you do that, that's awesome!" the kid asked as other were curious as well.

"Easy, the leaf exercise" Naruto said like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"Huh, that dumb exercise?" the kid asked as Naruto nodded.

"It's step one, then you can use it to put a leaf anywhere on your body, then you learn how to apply that to your feet and run up walls without hands" the kids were glued, hook line and sinker "then you can use it to block an attack like a punch when you get high enough" Naruto said as Iruka let it sink in.

Even he didn't know how to do that.

"So you blocked me with your super chakra move?" the kid asked hopefully as Naruto shook his head.

"Nope, that punch just sucked, you need to practice more" he said as other again laughed.

"Figure out why you want to become a ninja, you need a purpose, a goal" Naruto said seriously as the class paid attention "If you think clan abilities, some talent, and a loud mouth will get you there then you're wrong" he then pulled up his shirt a bit (major blushing from most of the girls and Hanabi nearly fainted) to show them a horrible scar. "This was given to me despite immense training and an advantage against an enemy, without the thoughts of my friends and my dream I would have died that day." He said as they gasped "Your friends and your dream is all you really have in this world, you have to protect them with both arms; that is how you become a true leaf shinobi!"

As the students cheered and small flames began to form in the eyes of the children Iruka couldn't have been prouder of his former student, who it seemed like overnight had become a staple in the village.

"Thank you Naruto, for your inspiring discussion" Iruka said to an embarrassed blond who rubbed the back of his head. "I bet you'll be ready for your own squad by the time these ones graduate."

"He's my sensei!"

"No he'll be mine!"

The class was roaring and shouting at levels Naruto thought would break his eardrums.

"NO ONE GETS HIM IF YOU DON'T SHUTUP AND ACT LIKE SHINOBI!" Iruka shouted with his Big head no jutsu as the class became silenced.

"…That jutsu still kills" Naruto said as Iruka chuckled.

'Still got it, and that's why I'm the top cock here!'


"Mommy, Mommy!" Hanabi called out as she left her shoes by the door.

"We're in here Hanabi-chan" Hitomi called back as Hanabi entered the room "Ohh, sorry sister I didn't know you guys were talking" she said sheepishly and Hitomi smiled "Hinata and I were just discussing a training exercise, is something up?" she asked as Hanabi's eyes lit up "Naruto-kun came to talk at school!" she said as she then went into the details of his trip.

"I guess you like Naruto-ku-san" Hitomi smiled as Hanabi grinned "Yep! Me and Hinata are going to marry him, right Hinata?" Hanabi said as Hitomi's eyes bulged and Hinata turned redder than ever before.

"D-don't t-tell the p-plan Hanabi!" Hinata almost shouted stopping the smaller girl from spilling the beans so to say.

"Ohh yeah… ummm, just ignore me!" Hanabi said as she grabbed Hinata's hand and they took off leaving a blushing matriarch and her shadow (also blushing) to themselves.

"I…didn't know they liked him that much" Hitomi said quietly as Natsumi smiled lightly "What isn't to like?" she asked herself loud enough that Hitomi heard and span around shocked.

"N-Natsumi!?" she squeaked as the blushing bodyguard returned to reality.

"N-Nothing Hitomi-sama, please forget what I said!" Natsumi started sweating as she knew she was caught.

"I…I didn't know you had any interest in Naruto-ku-san" Hitomi said slowly and quietly while her friend/bodyguard sighed as she knew this was it.

"…There are few of the branch clan that do not like Naruto-san" Natsumi said as Hitomi gaped at her as she had no idea.

"I…see" the matriarch said as she found the ground interesting.

"There is a rumor that Naruto-san must marry soon" Natsumi said as Hitomi, shocked that such info was now public slowly nodded.

"…Yes, he must marry soon" she said sadly as Natsumi walked over and sat down next to her.

"Would you like to discuss this?" she asked as Hitomi smiled lightly despite still being sad.

"Hai, but only if you listen as a friend; and not my shadow" she said as Natsumi nodded.

"Now tell me… what you think of Naruto-kun."

XXXXXX(Another couple days later)XXXXXXX

"Naruto, I require your services for this mission" Sarutobi said as he played with his beard slightly annoyed.

You see he all but ordered Tsunade to take his position but was refused at least until the medical corps was complete. This meant they needed to paint a racing stripe on the side of the building and give it a name.

That'll take a few months, or years.

"How can I be of assistance Hokage-sama?" Naruto asked as the Sandaime stood up and looked to the window.

"Squads seven and eight were sent on a mission to escort a movie star back to the land of snow; however we have lost contact with them both; your mission is to find them and complete the mission."

"…Movie star?"

"Ehh close enough, here is the mission papers" the old Hokage said as he handed the boy a folder.

"I see…" Naruto said as he read the report.

"Good luck Naruto-kun" he said as Naruto bowed slightly and took off.

'I'll see how else I can get you lai- I mean help you while you're gone" Sarutobi said with a chuckle as he took out his pipe.

Ahh the simple pleasures

'Hmmm, so I'm off to help a disguised princess named Koyuki Kazahana hmm?' Naruto thought as he gathered his things. "Well, a movie star awaits!"

Ninja Info cards: 1 of XX

Name: Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto

Age: 12

Height: 165cm (about 5'5)

Weight: 46.6 kg (about 103 pounds)

Rank: Jonin (Field promoted by lord Sandiame) (Estimated skill Kage)

Dob: 10/10/yod (year of dragon)

Skill ranking (1 to 10)

Kenjutsu: ? (estimated 7 high jonin)

Kinjutsu: (N/a)

Ninjutsu: 9 (On par with sennin or ANBU leader)

Taijutsu: 6 (Mid Jonin)

Genjutsu: 3 (low Chunin)

Senjutsu: (n/a)

Fuinjutsu: ? (Estimated 8, not enough information, elite Jonin or ANBU)

Stamina: XXX) (Black book encoded) (Over powered)

Specialization: mid distance and close range

Elements (known) Wind, Water, Ice (sub element)

Special skills: The Sorantagan: a powerful Kekegenkai blood limit with unknown potential; seems to have levels of power and has strong ties with the wind, more knowledge will become available asap.

Known mortal enemies: Orochimaru, Fangirls, Fanboys, XXXXXXXX (black book Encoded)

(Omake for previous chapter)

Traffic trouble

"Save me ohh WHYYYYYY!" Naruto screamed as the fangirls and boys ran at him with no restraint.

Just then they came to a four way in the street and the light went red, Sasuke pulled up in the other lane with his own crowd of fangirls.

"Dope" Sasuke said with a tip of his hat (hair whatever)

"Teme" Naruto said in recognition as Sasuke's light went green and the young boy ran as his fangirls swarmed to catch up with the emo.

"Sigh, Kami hates me" Naruto stretched as the light went green and he took off yet again, hounded to the very gates of hell.

(Omake part 1 of three)

Orochimaru's wish: D&D edition

"Finally, I will become immortal" Orochimaru roared as he and Kabuto laughed triumphantly.

"I have become a level 19 Mage! Finally I can now cast wish!" he then laughed yet again maniacally as he gathered his components for the spell.

"Here we go Kabuto"

"Yes Orochimaru-sama!"

"I wish to become Immortal!" he shouted as the dungeon master smirked, this asshole had killed off the other players and wanted the spell wish to work without a hitch after spitting in his drink?!

Fuck no!

"Your wish is granted!" the all-powerful DM said as the duo suddenly began to glow.

"Yes!" Orochimaru laughed with glee before realizing that both he and his "partner" had become cartoon characters.

"You are now both immortal in this world!" the DM said as the two looked at each other.

Orochimaru was now bald and short with a single hair in the front

Kabuto was now standing there sucking his thumb with a blanket.

"You are forever stuck as a sixty year old pre-pubesant bald kid!" the DM roared as Orochimaru was kicked like a football.

"I'm free!" the original said as his soul left for heaven

"GOOOOOOD GGGRIIEFFFF!" Orochimaru screamed as he hit a wall before landing next to a dog and a bird.

The dog only raised an eye before climbing on top of his doghouse and slapping on a pair of goggles… took off to fight his most hated enemy.

Don don don!

What will happen next? There is a snake planning evil deeds, a pair of pink haired demonesses planning something with our blond Hero; and the secret is out for the Hyuuga Natsumi, what will be the plan of our youngest Heroine, and what is Tsunade making for diner!

Tune in next time, and...REVIEW!

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