Title: Death Becomes Him

Word Count: 100

Characters: Rupert Giles

Rating: K

Summary: Drabble. Giles ponders his death. Prompt: Death.

Disclaimer - Not mine, not making any money.

He had not seen it coming. Not this way. Not once he had been assigned to the Slayer. Most Watchers outlived their Slayers, but he had never followed the Council's thinking on the disposability of Slayers and the indispensability of Watchers; that Watchers were more than mere men (and women). They had forgotten that they existed to serve the Slayer; to help her protect Mankind. Rupert Giles had vowed, long ago, that if necessary he would sacrifice his life to protect his Slayer. To die in old age, surrounded by his young(er) friends was a blessing he had never expected.