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Matsuda stare at me blankly. "It's obvious isn't it? Light takes L place."

It was my turn to stare at Matsuda, no emotions showing. Light... Take L's place? Does that mean... In my heart too? I thought, my mind counteracting everything I thought was real. I mean... Light? He's insane... Right? But he's also sweet, and he's always been there for me to talk to... I just... Don't know! My chair scraped against the floor as I nodded a goodbye to Matsu-chan before stalking off to my room.

Back in the dining room/kitchen, Light apologized for my unusual behavior. He led Matsuda-chan to the door, politely asking him to leave, still apologizing for my off mood. Light told the oblivious agent that I'd been acting like this ever since L died, that it was normal behavior for this kind of situation.

"I just hope she'll be fine for the case. L wouldn't want emotions running amuk, now would he?" Matsu laughed softly, turning to leave, waving slightly to the pissed off Light waiting to yell at me for what I'd done and how rude I'd been.

When my door squeaked open, I wasn't shocked to find Light staring at me, red in the face from anger. His golden eyes stare deeply into my green ones, searching for something, something I couldn't give him. I sat in my spinning chair next to my desk, staring back at my best friend, the only one I had left in this cruel world.

Light sauntered closer to me. Once he was a few inches away from me, he knelt in a compassionate, almost sorrowful way. He grabbed my cold hands and cradled them in his own. He never once unlocked our intense gaze, and I was happy he didn't.

Just then, an emotion crashed over me, flooding my whole body like a wave. I'd felt it before, some time in the near past. I couldn't put my finger on it... It was strange, yet familiar. The familiarity became more clear as Light leaned toward me, his face now only centimeters from mine. As his soft, warm lips came down on my own, I realized where the feeling came from:

the deep pit in my heart screamed for him, for L.

The proximity of our bodies was too great to ignore- he was practically on top of me. What shocked me most was that I found myself pushing myself forward, giving him everything I had at the moment. Everything that I had may not have been great, but I'd given it up for him so quickly, just like that.

All kinds of emotions were swimming in my brain, like fishes in the wide blue sea. Sadness, happiness, love, hate, anger, everything... The sadness I held close to me, from L's death. The happiness of the realization that, yes, there is life after someone has been ripped away from you so cruelly. Love, for the friend I'd always been around. Hate, for the friend who'd betrayed me in a way no one had before. Anger, for the friend who'd murdered the one I loved, along with so many others in the world. Familiarity- the thing that kept me both with Light, and away from him.

Familiarity... this has all happened before... Light is just going to die, like L did. No one can take care of me, love me, for more than a few moments, right? Right, world? Because I didn't use everything I could have, I'm being punished...

I pulled away from Light abruptly. He looked at me questioningly, curiosity visible in his honey eyes.

"I... I'm sorry... It's just... L..." I stuttered, unable to explain what I was really feeling.

Light sighed, running his hand through his copper tresses. He sat back on his butt, making a soft thud on the wood floor of my room. "I should have known. I was going too fast. I'm sorry." His eyes pleaded, begged, or the response I knew I couldn't say without lying.

I sighed as well, the sound echoing bouncing off of my dark red walls. I slumped onto my bed without having to move a whole lot, which I was thankful for. Light still sat on the ground. He stare at me. I stare back at him. No words were exchanged.

My best friend's (was he really my best friend? More?) laptop made a beeping sound from the other room, signaling an incoming message. We both headed toward the sound, only to see a gothic lettered "N" on the screen.

Sighing, I left the room, uninterested in solving the damned Kira case that I already knew the outcome of. My room seemed... Off. It was uninviting to me. Instead of going to Light, who I couldn't really trust anymore, and confiding in him, I crawled into bed with my clothes still on and fell asleep quickly.

I was woken up y someone shaking me. My eyes fluttered open and Light's face came into blurry view. "Light? What the hell? It's like three in the god damn morning!" I yelled, voice still heavy with sleep. When I saw the emergency in his eyes, I jumped out of bed, still thankful that I didn't change into my pajamas. Light grabbed my hand and practically dragged me out the door.

We hopped in the car. Light started the engine and drove off. During the incredibly long drive, I dozed off a few times, only to have Light shake me awake. After a few hours of what seemed like wandering driving, I asked him where we were going, only to get an answer of "You'll see." Pissed with Light, I sat back in my seat. My arms were crossed over my chest as I pouted. I know I was acting like a five year old, but when your best friend wakes you up in the middle of the night, kidnaps you, and won't tell you where you're going, you'd be acting like this too.

Finally, finally we stopped the insanely long ride. Opening the door with a bit too much enthusiasm, Light whisper-scolded me to be quiet, and check for cameras. Still dazed, I followed Light into the odd abandoned building complex and checked the corners for cameras. I found nothing.

"There are no cameras." My voice came out like a whisper, yet it seemed too loud for the dead silent space we were in.

Suddenly Light turned to me, his face serious. Love, caring, and sorrow filled his golden flecked eyes as he spoke, "Whatever happens here... I love you. Remember that, always."

My eyes grew wide. "Light... What are we doing? What's happening?" panic over took my whole being. Light... dying? And what was this about him loving me? What?

Confusion dusted my features, but I shook it off as I jogged to catch up with Light. Soon I found myself in a room with Matsuda and some of the other agents on our team, as well as other men and a woman in suits, and little boy no older than ten on the ground with a mask on his face. The mask, I noticed, resembled L. I was confused as hell, still. Then, I saw the figures on the ground. They were children's toys, no doubt. One had "l" written on it, another "X Kira" and "L Kira" and then "Near" and then "Mello"... the list went on. There were seven figurines sitting there on the ground in front of the little boy.

I took a closer look and saw that white hair stuck out in curls, framing the mask covering the guy's face. He spoke, Light replied calmly, and the bantering went on. The heavy metal door opposite me opened, revealing a guy who I knew as Mikami- he took Light's place for a while, I remember. Words were said, but I wasn't listening, couldn't comprehend. The toys in front of the guy were knocked over, one by one, purposefully.

Before I knew what was going on, Light was laughing like a maniac. I'd heard him laugh like that before, so many times, when he'd talk about becoming the God of the New World, and whatnot. It scared me, this time, though. He was really, absolutely crazed. It was like never before. I saw Ryuk out of the corner of my eye, as did everyone else. I still didn't know what was going on, aside from the fact that Light was going ape on everyone. He pulled a slip of paper out of his watch and tried writing a name on it.

The Death Note... Impossible!

But maybe it wasn't.

Ryuk, as slow as ever, took out his Death Note, and wrote something down in it.

There, before my eyes

Light fell to the ground in agony.

Blood fell from his hand, where Matsuda shot him.

He was crying.

He was begging,

He was reaching out to me.


he died.