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How did I get here?

All I know for sure is that fate sure has a funny way of laughing in my face.

I was thinking about my life while I made my way home- if you could really call where I live home. My life has changed so much over the years, but the changes never seem to be for the better. I knew that thinking of these things, confronting the reality of my life, would bring me nothing but pain. I was doing it anyways.

It all started four years ago when I met Edward Cullen and his family. I was so blinded by love that it never occurred to me that something was wrong with our relationship. I mean not only did I willingly loved a vampire, I was willing to give up my humanity to be frozen in time. I would have sacrificed my chance to grow old and have children just to be with the one person I loved most. However, when Edward left me in the woods not even a year later, I eventually gained the clarity to see just how abnormal our relationship was.

Of course, that was after I entered an emotionless zombie state and proceeded to alienate everyone from my life.

It took my father dying in a car accident for me to wake up from my catatonic state. Once I came around, I couldn't believe how selfish I had become. I couldn't believe that those were the last memories my father had of me. I hated myself for putting my father through all of that just because a selfish boy thought he was too good for me.

That was the day I began seeing my relationship with the Cullen's in a new light.

I was just a convenient pet for them. A pet they never intended on keeping. Of course they wouldn't want to keep a girl that couldn't stay out of trouble. That made me realize how fake Alice's friendship really was. What sort of best friend capable of seeing the future wouldn't take the time to stop something as horrible as my father's death from happening? A fake one obviously.

After the funeral my mom wanted me to come live with her and Phil in Florida. I refused. Not because I was waiting for Edward's return, but because I was staying to honor Charlie's memory. I also knew that my destiny was connected to this place. At first I thought it was because of the Cullen's. But I now I know that it's not. I know that whatever calls my heart to stay in this place, will show up on my door-step and make it's presence known someday.

My truck back fired and promptly died on me- bringing me out of my trip down memory lane.

Well that's my luck.

I searched my truck for my phone. When I didn't find it, I realized that I must left it at home before I hastily left this afternoon.

"This cannot be happening! What else? Huh? What else do you got? Because right now I'm pissed off enough to take on anything else you throw at me!" I screamed up at the starry sky. I was shaking so bad in my anger that I swear it was almost like I was going to phase into a giant wolf at any second.

"Wolves!!" I snorted in disdain as I threw the truck door open and jumped out. I was stranded in the middle of no where with out a phone or anything other way to go home with. Looks like I'll be making use of good ole Pat and Ben. Lucky me.

I was probably closer to La Push then home, but there was no way I was going there now. I've become too proud of a woman to go back there. So I stormed down the road towards my home at a quick pace.

Thinking about La Push and the wolves reminded me of the other part of my messed up life.

After my dad died, Billy tried to convince me to move in with him and Jacob. But I just couldn't leave my dad's house. For weeks I was a prisoner inside of my mind as I roamed my dad's house, I would clean, work in the yard, eat, and sleep. The only room I could not and I still cannot go into is his room.

I think he gave up on that idea after a month of constant refusal. However kept sending Jacob over. At first I didn't care either way because Jake was my best friend since we were children and we just felt comfortable in our silence. Not long after that I found out that he was actually a werewolf and that there was actually a pack of them in La Push. It didn't bother me since I was used to all of the weird, mythical shit after learning Edward was a vampire.

Since then I went from being a leech lover to a wolf girl. Well until tonight anyway. Tonight I lost my place as a wolf girl too. I really don't have anything going for me anymore. My vampires left me, my wolves couldn't choose me instead one of his own people, and my human friends were mostly out this town at school or creating their own lives.

Yes I have plans for a life, but they always resolve around other people. Besides my dream to become a teacher. That ones all for me. I only have one year of school left since my past two years and a half have spending studying my head off and being close friends with Jake.

Last year I decided to give the whole 'dating a wolf' thing a try. Jake and I were so happy and full of plans as couple. I was even thinking about starting a family with him since he had proposed two months ago. We had planned on selling my dad's house and moving to the Res so that he could be close to his pack.

But once again, my happiness wasn't meant to be. Last night we had the neighboring Res over for a bonfire on the beach. It seemed to be going well. One minute I was laughing at Embry and Jake playing around like two five year old's. The next I was staring at the back of the girl that ruined my future. It was so obvious that Jake imprinted on her. He went from jumping around to frozen and staring at her like nothing else mattered.

I was getting close to my house. I could tell that I only have like three more miles to go. I was just getting more pissed with every step I took. Looking at my feet all the way there, I lost the ability to care that I could be attacked from all sorts of creatures that I knew of and some that I didn't. I may even welcome death at this point. Its not like anything worse could happen at this point.

"NO!!! I'm not giving up! I survived Edward leaving, my dad dying, and Victoria attacking me. I can and will survive this!" with that I lifted my head high.

As I looked up I frowned. There was a huge wolf in front of me...but it wasn't any wolf I knew. This wolf was all white. I guess since I wasn't Jake's fiance anymore I wasn't allow to know any new recruits to the pack.

"If Jake sent you to check on me, you should turn that little tail of yours and head back home because I don't need any help." I said to the wolf.

The wolf didn't even flinch at my words or tone. It just stared at me without even moving.

"Well fine by me....stay where you are or go home, but I'm still going to walk to my house."

Oh what if he calls the other ones to come and get me?

"And you better not tell the others or if you already did you better tell them not to show up too because I'll be the one ripping your little tails off tonight. I feel like I could do anything tonight" again the wolf didn't do anything.

"Well suit yourself" I muttered and started walking again. I passed him and I accidentally brushed my arm on his fur. I could feel the electric shock that went through my whole body. By the stiffness of the wolf, I could tell that he felt it too.

I didn't stop or turn around. I just kept walking strait ahead. But now I was being followed by the white wolf behind me. It was so beautiful, more beautiful than any other wolves on the Res. It was clearly bigger too, much bigger then Sam or Jake.

"Are you going to phase back?" I asked, this time turning to the wolf that just kept walking a step behind me.

"No? Well I guess Sam probably told you to stay in wolf form around me?"

Nothing. Not even a nod or anything. Almost like he didn't understand me at all.

"They didn't tell me that there was another one of you. Looking at your size I can tell that you are not brand new. I wonder why they would keep you a secret from me....since Jake just im...imprinted yesterday." I winced at the word and the meaning behind it. I must look bad because the wolf whimpered at my sadden turn in feelings and nuzzled my side. It felt like another shocked went through us again.

"Its OK...don't worry I'll survive this. I always do" I reassured him as I lifted my head up high once again. It seemed like the wolf approve because he started to nod too. I don't know how it happened, but now I was walking along side with the wolf. And it didn't feel uncomfortable either. It was almost like he didn't have anything to do to Jake's pack at all.

That was a weird thought...

"You know you could phase back and walk along side me as a human. It seems like you aren't going to let me walk alone either way...so why not do it humanly?" I mused aloud. I got nothing in return. Now I was getting curious. Why would he not answer me or even acknowledge what I was saying, but respond to my mood?

"You don't understand me do you?"


"Well I guess you don't know what I'm talking about either." Wait...what if this wolf is a real werewolf....no a can't be, if it was I have been dinner a long time ago. Besides he seems concerned for my safety somehow. But how could he not understand me? Could he be from another reservation? Don't all reservations in the States speak English...?

May be he was playing with me...but how could I found out if he is? I could always insult him and see how he reacts. Why not?

"You are an asshole."


"Your mother is a dirty prostitute!"

Nothing. Well I guess it's safe to say that he doesn't know English.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean any of that. I was just trying to see if you could understand me, but I guess you can't."

After another hour of silence where I touched his fur once a while, giving us both pleasurable shocks, we arrived at home. The wolf didn't seem to mind that I kept touching him either.

"Well this is home, sweet home." I stated, stopping in front of my house.

"Thank you for walking me home?" I offered. He just kept staring at me. It made me a little nervous.

I walk to the door and stepped inside. Before I shut the door, I noticed that the wolf curled up on the front porch -resting his head on his front paws.

I went strait to the kitchen, flipping on the lights as I passed them. OK tonight was a crazy night. First my fight with Jake and finally being told to leave, then my stupid truck died in the middle of the road, and then I was escorted home by a beautiful beast.

I realized that I haven't eaten all day and was feeling a little lightheaded so I started to make some pasta. Halfway through, I stopped, went to the window, and noticed the wolf still here. May be I should be nice and make some for him too. If only Dad could see me now. I can only imagine what he would say 'Isabella don't begin feeding the strays or you will never get rid of them'.

I laughed. He was indeed a stray, but I don't think he would count as a real dog anyway. I only hope so. I think I have had enough encounters with supernatural beasts to last me a lifetime. When I was done making enough food for ten normal people, I made a small plate for me and put the rest in a larger bowl and headed to the door.

The wolf noticed me and lifted his head.

"I...I made some food. You are probably hungry so here." I set the bowl and a jar of water on the chair in the porch and waited for any moves, but none came.

"OK then....good night." I whispered as I went inside to finish my dinner.

Before going to my room, I peeked through the window and saw the wolf lied down again without touching his food. When I awoke the next morning, the first thing I thought of was the white wolf outside. I ran down the stairs, tripping a couple of times, before I yanked the front door open.

The wolf was gone. Most of the food and water was gone too. I didn't know why, but I felt a little disappointed to see him gone.

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