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After Wi finished telling me everything that went on in the clearing, at first I was shocked. I had only heard of this Kate and her sisters up in Alaska once, but I couldn't understand why I would be to blame for Laurent's death, he did almost kill me.

He also told me what he had to do to the pack, and I was smiling inside. I could tell Wi was pleased about this too especially when it came to Jacob but didn't want to show me how much he actually enjoyed it.

He wanted to bring me with him, knowing that the wolves would smell me on him and he wanted to show me next to him the whole time, he said that the spirits wanted me next to him and that was what he would do. I had a feeling that there was more to do with him than the spirits but I let it go for now.

He made sure that I understood, that in case of confrontation I was to stay behind him the whole time, and that if it was possible to keep talking to a minimal at first.

The wolves were going to be angry but there wasn't much that they could do to hurt him, he was older and wiser. He didn't have to tell me this, I knew it with my heart.

We went through names for him, he told Kate that he was Will, I guess it was close enough to Wi and it suited him well. Now the last name was another story, I told him to keep it simple.

"How about White or Snow like your wolf?" I asked, the pack and the Elders were going to know the truth but the rest of the town would never see his wolf and they needed a name for him.

"No Snow... maybe White? Will White?... too many W's." he said sighing.

"What if you keep Taha as a last name?"

"They would put it together soon enough, but maybe something that start with 'T'."


"Will Tucker...Tucker" he gave me a smile, "Will Tucker it is, do you think you will remember?"

"Of course, but you will always be Wi to me and any time we are alone I'll call you by that name."

"I love it... when it is just the pack or the Elders I do not want you to call me Will. I want them to know that you alone are allowed to call me by that..." I smiled and nodded.

"Bella, I know that I have asked too much from you, but I really will need you, if I thought that there was another way I would keep you hidden."

"I know, and I want to be there with you Wi."

"OK then, we should go and get this over with."

We headed out the door and into my truck, he was an excellent driver, and I actually didn't mind him driving my truck.

For the whole ride we were mostly quiet, only reminding each other to keep each other's secrets as much as we could and to keep conversation as minimal as possible also."

We pulled up at Sam's house since he was the Alpha still and quitting the peaceful silence that had been between us in the truck.

There were few cars parked along the drive way and street, obviously they had called the Elders too. He stopped and turned in my direction taking my hand in his, letting a small sigh he leaned over and whispered just for me to hear, not wanting the rest of the wolves to know.

"T'ist'ilal... things at first are going to be tense, I will probably have to force some of them to my will, and for what I have seen at the clearing your... ex might try to fight me again, I want you to be prepared just in case. I do not mean him harm... do you understand?" he was being so sweet, telling me that he may have to kick Jacob's ass and show the power that he possessed.

"I'm proud of you, and I'm behind you with whatever you have to do." I raised to my tiptoes and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

I surprised him, he sucked his breath in and gave me a kiss on my forehead, we stayed like that for a moment drinking each other in, trying to take strength from each other for what was coming next.

"OK, come on then." he pulled my hand to move to the door, but I noticed he didn't let go and I wasn't planning either.

We didn't have to knock, a really pissed off Sam open the door, not only glaring at Wi but at me as well. That hurt.

"What the fuck?" Sam said when I stayed next to him. Jacob came by the door and glared at me as well.

"You aren't suppose to be here, leave, this doesn't concerned you anymore." He shouted from behind Sam.

"She is staying." it was the only thing that Wi said but from the sharped motion the guys had it was clear that he really meant it and I was staying. Smiling inwardly I moved even closer to Wi.

"Fine, now... Who are you?" Sam said.

"I'm Will Tucker, I just moved to the area after finding out that my ancestors were Quileute people." Wi said politely, just in case there were any outsiders beside the pack present. "If you do not mind I would love to talk to your friends and you for a moment, maybe even some of the Elders, I would enjoy knowing about my ancestors." he said, clearly not wanting any outsiders but keeping calm.

"Yea sure, there were some people leaving and we are waiting on a couple of others... I want to know about your ancestors too." Sam said the last words like he knew that was bullshit.

"Not yet, how about we go in." Once again you could feel the air changing knowing that it was an order not a suggestion.

"Sure why not." We walked in the room and it was almost full of people, most of them angry the rest not understanding what was going on. Emily came around the counter and pulled me in her arm. It was still a little weird hug since Wi hadn't let my hand go.

"Bella! What's going on?" She asked in my ear.

"Hello Emily, sorry we came without calling..." I was interrupted by Sam.

"Emily, you should take the girls and go to the Clearwater's until I call you. Matt you go with them and stay there. Seth, Paul go too."

"Sam is not necessary, we will not stay long, plus I would like to talk to Paul and Seth more too..." he said to Sam like nothing was going on and turned to a surprised Emily "Hello Emily? You have a beautiful home."

"Mmmh thank you, and yes it's Emily..and you are?"


"Nice to meet you Will, any friend of Bella's it's my friend." She said, and a couple of wolves growled at that. Wi ignored it.

"Thank you... you should probably leave, the girls would get bored soon." he said smiling.

"Sure, We're leaving, Bella? Coming? To catch on old times."

"No this time Emily, maybe sometime soon though." she looked a little afraid but gathered all the girls and a couple of kids with the help of Kim, which looked scared.

After the door was closed behind them the atmosphere shifted getting more tense, the Elders moved to the back in case of a fight and the wolves moved in a little. Wi on the other hand remained calm just holding my hand. I was shaking a little but nothing that I couldn't hide with Wi's hand and the other in my pocket.

"You should calm down, I mean no harm." tagging my hand closer, knowing how afraid I was. Jacob on the other hand was pissed.

"Calm down I said Little Alpha, I do not like to repeat myself often, like you should know." he said to Jake.

With all the tension in the room I burst out laughing 'Little Alpha'. That was perfect. Wi turned on me and gave a little smile.

"Come now T'ist'ilal, we do not want to be rude." Rude? He was the one that gave the nick name.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I apologize Jacob." I said regaining myself.

"Whatever." Jake said turning purple and shacking too much. I leaned into Wi.

"Jake looks like he's about to shift." I whispered in his ear.

"I know." that's all he said.

He moved me to one of the chairs that was empty and pulled me on his lap. Keeping an eye to everyone.

"So, are you going to say anything?" Paul from behind the other guys said.

"Not until all the Elders are here, I do not want to say what I am about to tell you twice. As soon as I am done we will leave." he said . I felt him in my hair taking a breath in and sighing. I had to smile at that, it seem that I calmed him with my scent.

Everybody stayed quiet waiting a couple of minutes until we heard a car pulling up and moments late Harry Clearwater and Billy with another guy that I didn't know came inside and took in the situation.

"Thank you all for coming, I did not want to do it like this. But after this morning I had little options. My name is Taha Wi, my father was Taha Ak..."

"Impossible." said Billy.

"Do not interrupt me, like I told the rest I will not repeat myself... like I was saying, my father was Taha Aki, but all of you will call me Will Tucker. My father and the great spirits sent me to you, saying that the tribe would need me. I do not know the reason for this, and believe me I do not want to be here at this moment either. But I will follow what the spirits wished of me... Isabella Swan will be by my side through it all, and I do not appreciate any of you talking bad to her or not allowing her in the tribe. I will not be your Alpha just yet, but I will supervise everything that Alpha Sam and Little Alpha are doing until I know for sure what my purposes are here with you and then I will take my rightful place with my people. I do not like when anyone challenge my will, and if so whoever it is will learn not to do it ever again, I have been kind so far but I will not tolerate anymore unkindness directed to me or Isabella... Any questions?"

"May I?"Asked Billy. Wi just nodded.

"Not that we want to be rude or anything but how do we know the truth? You said that you are Taha Wi but is there any way of knowing for sure?" Billy said trying to be as polite as possible.

"I do know that it is hard, and that I do not have records for you to see as proof. I just have the spirits as my guide. My father finally went to the spirit world not long ago after he found me. And said that you will not believe in me for some time. And I do understand well, but the only really proof that I have to gave you it's the power that I have over the pack as the rightful Alpha... No Sam, I do not have an extra gift like the cold ones have. I am just a lot older then all of you."

"Did you just read my thoughts?" Sam was freaking out, and for the looks in the room he wasn't the only one. Damn I even was looking up at him.


I looked up in his eyes, I couldn't really handle another mind reader in my life again.

"Calm my T'ist'ilal, I can only hear the pack's minds if I want to."

"Wi... I mean Will, have you imprinted on Bella?" Harry asked a little shy.

"No, I can not imprint on any body... I had an imprint before but she died just before I left my people." he said a little sad. I didn't know this. It hurt to see him so hurt, but I was a little glad that he wouldn't imprint on anybody anymore, I didn't want to lose him either...What?

"I'm sorry Will. I just asked because you looked like you did imprint on her." He did?

"Not quite, but she will be by my side needless to say."

"What are you going to do when you take your rightful position as a chief when the time comes? Is she going to be part of that? You know that she can't be unless she is Quileute and you must know that she isn't..." Jacob said smirking like he made a great point.

With that Wi lifted me to my feet and leapt up too, moving towards Jacob way too fast for somebody of his side. Stepping right in front of him towering over him.

"Jacob Black! You will not talk about Bella like that. She will be by my side. And it is not your decision. She is as much part of this tribe as your filth are. It is not your will." I have never seen him this mad before, and I was glad I was not at the receiving end of it. Jacob by the time Wi was finished was on the floor on his knees withering in pain. The air shifted all around.

I noticed for the first time Wi was shaking his balled hands on his side. Ready to change any minute. I moved to get closer but Sam jumped on my way, frowning I looked up at him. Wi sensing something turned around coming to my side.

"Wi..." reaching for his cheek cupping his face with my tiny hand and the other one holding his hand. "We're OK." Nodding he leaned over and kissed my forehead again. When he pulled back his trembling had stopped. And he had a little smile on his face.

"T'ist'ilal" he said breathing me in again.

"Why do you call her Thunderbird?" Jared asked him.

"Because I'm his savior." I said smiling at the memory when he told me about the Thunderbird and the legend. And why he told me he called me after it. "Wi we should go." he nodded smiling and turned to the group.

"Yes we are leaving, now that you know where we are standing I will come back later tomorrow afternoon to go over about the cold one in the clearing today and about Victoria... I'm taking my T'ist'ilal home now." he didn't said anything else, he just tugged at my hand and pulled me out of the house and then we got in the truck. Leaving behind the group with open mouths.

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