Dean Phantom

Crossover between Supernatural and Danny Phantom

Set in DP: Season 2, SPN: Season 1

Chapter One


Sam jolted up in the front seat of the Impala, blinking away the sleep.

"Dude, you were out," said his older brother Dean from the driver's seat.

"So, naturally, you had to wake me up," said Sam.

"Naturally," said Dean.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Jerk."

"Bitch," Dean automatically replied.

"Alright, where we headed?" Sam asked.

"Amity Park, Illinois. Home of absolutely nothing."

"Then why are we headed there?"

"Usually it's a small article about a job buried in a paper that catches our attention, right? Well, this town had it plastered across the front page."


"Yeah, and then I went back in the archives. And every other week, there's a front page story about ghosts."

"So, the entire town is haunted?"

"Maybe. But there's a house that the article says the ghost activity is centered around—"

"Wait, the paper actually mentioned the word 'ghost'?"

"Yeah, I guess with it happening all the time, the civies finally figured it out."

"You said it centers around one house?"

"Yeah, uh, Jack and Maddie Fenton. They have a sixteen-year-old daughter Jasmine and a fourteen-year-old son Danny. Most of the ghosts originate from the house or gravitate towards it. That's a good a place to start as any."

"How far away are we?" asked Sam.

"Uh, about thirty minutes," answered Dean.

"What's our pitch?"

"FBI agents," said Dean. "Like Mulder and Scully."

"Of course," said Sam.

Within thirty minutes, they had arrived at a motel on the edge of town. They dressed in their FBI suits and headed for the address of where the Fenton's lived. They rang the doorbell, and a big man in an orange jumpsuit answered the door. Dean and Sam exchanged confused glances.

"Hello," said the man. "What can I do for you?"

"Uh, Mr. Fenton, we're with the FBI," said Dean, pulling out his badge. Sam did the same. "We have some things we'd like to discuss with you. May we come in?"

"Sure," said Jack Fenton, opening the door. As they entered the living room, a thin woman in a blue jumpsuit and goggles appeared in the kitchen doorway.

"Who is this?" she asked.

"FBI, Maddie," said Jack. "They have questions."

"Oh, okay," said Maddie Fenton. She pulled a tray of glasses from the kitchen. "Would you like some lemonade?"

"No, thank you," said Sam. "We're fine."

As Jack and Maddie went to put the lemonade back in the kitchen, Sam and Dean looked at each other.

"What the hell is with the spandex?" asked Dean.

Sam shrugged as the Fentons came back in with a teenage girl with orange hair, thankfully jumpsuit-free.

"This is our daughter Jazz," said Maddie. "She said she wanted to join us."

"Okay," said Sam. The Fentons sat on the couch across from the brothers. "So, Mr. Fenton, have you ever noticed anything strange about your house?"

"Strange?" said Jack. "This place is as strange as you can get. We have our own ghost portal, you know."

Dean frowned. "Ghost portal?"

"Yeah, a portal to the ghost world," said Maddie.

"Really?" said Sam as he spotted a young boy with black hair walking towards the staircase. "Have you ever had a problem with the ghosts?"

The young boy froze, glancing towards the living room.

"Of course we have," said Jack. "But my family are ghost hunters. We'll tear those ghosts apart molecule by molecule!"

"What's this about ghost problems?" asked the young boy, approaching the group.

A screeching came from Sam and Dean's jackets, and they both pulled out their EMF meters to find them completely lit up.

"What is that?" asked Maddie.

"EMF meters," said Dean. "They detect spectral energy…ghosts."

Jack suddenly jumped up, pulling a massive white gun from behind the couch. "Ghost?! Where?!"

"Uh, nowhere," piped up the boy suddenly, looking nervous and staring apprehensively at the gun in his father's hands. "No ghost here. No, siree. Don't know why there'd be a ghost. Nope."

"He's right," said Jazz, glancing at the boy—who the Winchesters assumed was Danny. "We'd know if a ghost was here. Those meters are probably broken."

"You're probably right," said Sam as they turned off the EMF detectors. "So, you were telling us about how you take care of ghost problems?"

"Yes, of course," said Jack. "We hunt ghosts. We got everything you need to hunt ghosts in the lab downstairs."

"Can we see this lab?" asked Dean.

"Well, sure," said Maddie.

The six of them headed down the basement stairs and into a big lab. There was equipment everywhere, and a giant yellow-and-black door on the wall.

Dean pointed at the door. "Is that the, uh, portal?"

"Yep," said Jack. "That it is. Want to see?"

"No, thanks," said Dean. "So, you guys professionally hunt ghosts?"

"Well, we're inventors," said Maddie. "We made all of this equipment."

"I see," said Sam. "Well, thank you very much. That's all we needed."

Dean and Sam helped themselves out of the Fenton house and down to the Impala. They climbed inside and began driving back to the motel.

"Well, I think we found the problem," said Dean.

"Yeah, but, I mean, 'ghost portal'?" said Sam. "'Ghost world'? There's no such thing. Is there?"

"No," said Dean. "But they built that portal thing a year ago, and that's when the shit hit the fan around here. I'd say that's what started causing all this ghost stuff. I say we destroy the portal, or close it, or whatever. Voila! Problem solved."

"I don't know," said Sam, frowning. "There seems to be more to it than that. Did you see how that Danny kid was acting? And his sister; they were both kind of nervous."

"Well, duh," said Dean. "The FBI is in their living room. Not to mention surrounded by ghosts every other day. Wouldn't you be nervous, too?"

"Yeah, maybe," said Sam.

"Come on," said Dean. "Let's find a way to get rid of that portal."

That night, Dean picked the lock of the front door of the Fenton house as Sam kept watch. As the door swung open, Sam and Dean rushed inside, closing it. They pulled their flashlights out along with their salt guns and snuck towards the basement lab. They approached the portal doors and found the keyboard next to the doors. Sam typed a few things until he had the portal apparently turned off. The doors opened to reveal a tunnel full of wires and buttons.

"This is the portal?" asked Dean. "Doesn't look like much."

"Well, it's off," said Sam. "It probably looks different when it's on."

"Alright, what do you think?" said Dean. "Shoot it?"

"Okay, there's no guarantee that would work, and then we risk waking everyone up," said Sam. "Let's just think this thing through first."

Sam stood staring at the portal, trying to come up with a plan. Dean walked into the tunnel, looking around for some sort of weakness, if there was one.

"You find anything?" asked Sam.

Dean turned towards Sam, raising his arm to lean against the wall. "Not yet." His hand pressed onto the wall, hitting a button. The machine whirred behind him, lighting up, and he turned to see the machine turning on. "Oh, hell."

The machine seemed to explode, enveloping Dean in a weird light.