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There were few things that Kyle enjoyed doing more than homework. It was relaxing, a nice stress reliever. Or, at least, for him. He, who paid attention during class. It was simple, hardly a challenge, and a nice way to wind down the day.

Kyle chewed the eraser end of his pencil, before popping it out of his mouth and tapping it on his table. What did the endocrine system catalyze? Oh, he remembered this, yet, it was on the tip of his tongue, and not his paper. This annoyed him, and he groaned, slumping over his desk and scratching his head. He looked to his window and played with a curl. It seemed to be darker than normal for a Saturday afternoon. Windy, too.

Kenny had left his house far too late that day, and he needed to get his homework done to relax. He couldn't do this with the weather distracting him. So standing up, he walked over to his window, and slammed it shut, his curtains rustling with distaste at the harsh treatment. Kyle frowned. There, much better.

The lamp on his desk flickered as he slouched back into his swivel chair and picked up his pencil. He resumed tapping. Now, was it the adrenal cortex or the anterior pituitary that caused gigantism? It had to be the adrenal cortex, right? That was where the tumor grew that caused the mutation, right? Yes, that had to be right. Kyle scribbled down the answer, feeling pleased with himself. Zoology wasn't that hard, and anatomy was simple. He was human, wasn't he? So he should know the parts of the body without question. He was human. There was nothing unfamiliar on this assignment.

Passing the night by with more questions and answers, Kyle finally yawned and looked over at his clock. Eleven fifteen, an okay time to go to bed on Saturday. Maybe he'd play Game Sphere a while before sleeping, get to level eighty or so… Kyle yawned again. Or not, he was pretty tired. He could always invite Kenny back over tomorrow to play; his character always got killed early, a great way to advance Kyle's level. Maybe even Cartman would be up for it, if he decided to watch his mouth. Multiplayer was always more fun, anyway.

Kyle stood up and stretched. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a large t-shirt, unchanging and redressing quickly for bed. Scratching his arm, he flicked off his table lamp and moved to turn off his overhead light as well. Finishing his before-bed rituals, Kyle finally yawned again, and slumped onto his bed, staring up at the ceiling and not bothering to get under the covers.

Almost instantaneously, he was asleep.

And almost instantaneously, he was awake again. Or at least, that's what it felt like.

Jerking up straight in bed, Kyle looked around his dark room, his heart beating wildly. A nightmare. Tentacles, taking him from his home, eating him.

'A dream,' Kyle reassured himself, 'just a stupid dream.'

Relaxing, Kyle laid back down, and put an arm over his eyes. Great. Now he certainly wasn't tired anymore. He looked over to his alarm clock. One fifteen. He rolled onto his side, pulling the sheets up to his shoulders, the soft tick, tick, ticking of the clock grating inside his mind.

The wind from earlier picked up, and it had begun to rain. Violently. This didn't help Kyle's frazzled nerves one bit, so he rolled onto his stomach and pressed his face into his pillow. He felt safer, then. But there was nothing to worry about. He was seventeen, far too old to be scared of a thunderstorm. But its power at least intimidated him just a small fraction of an iota. …What was he kidding. Kyle was afraid of the dark and he always had been. It was just… so unknown.

Ever since he was a child, it had always scared him. There was something eerie about it, and not in the simple way. It was as if the boogey man actually existed, but not tangibly. Darkness didn't fit in with the earth's vibrant life. The darkness was alien, unfamiliar, and what Kyle didn't understand, he was scared of.


Was there something dripping?

Kyle leaned his head up and glanced over his shoulder. His eyes took a while to adjust to the dark, but he could clearly see something dripping from his windowsill. It must be raining, then. Feeling too tired to deal with it, he turned back around and laid his head back. He'd clean up the water in the morning, it couldn't do that much damage over night.

But still. Drip. Drip. Drip.

He grabbed his pillow and covered it over his ears. He couldn't take it, it was driving him insane! He couldn't sleep like this. The wind wasn't helping either- Suddenly, it stopped, and everything was silent. No wind, no dripping, no rain pattering against his window. In fact, it was a little too quiet.

Looking back over his shoulder, Kyle froze.

There was something there. On his bed. A shape, a form. Kyle's blood ran cold. He could see on his bed sheets where its weight pressed down. It was a sort of striated shape, and he watched as it slowly began to morph.

What. The. Hell.

A boy. Suddenly, it was a boy, his own age. He couldn't see his (its?) face, but it stared at him, and he saw its piercing blue eyes. Frozen in place, Kyle stared back, and his hands gripped his blanket in a death grip. Suddenly, it moved its head to the side. This catalyst caused Kyle to scramble up against his bedframe, heart beating unbearably fast. W-What was going on? What was this- this- thing!? Was this still part of his nightmare? Kyle let out a high sort of keening noise, and his eyes widened when the thing reached out its hand. It motioned forward from its crouching position.

"Come." His voice was honey smooth, slick, and heavy as it reached his ears. There was something haunting about that voice, not quite right, not quite-


It made him shudder, but still, Kyle did not move. The figure motioned for him again, and Kyle realized that they wore no clothes, but yet, did not seem to be naked, missing nipples and a penis. Kyle gulped, but did not move.

"Come to me." It persisted, his hand still outstretched for Kyle to see. "You come."

Kyle shook his head violently, his brain not working correctly. He couldn't think straight, and somehow he knew that it had something to do with the figure on his bed. The figure's expression did not change, and its hand did not move.

"You will come."

And then Kyle felt something around his ankle, which jerked him towards the figure, his head knocking against his bed frame. He looked down. A tentacle. Kyle screamed, which caught the figure off guard, and it looked around worriedly, as if knowing his parents would come rushing in at any moment.

"No, bad!" A quiet hiss.

Kyle watched as the outstretched hand morphed the same way the water did, into the figure. It formed quickly, into another tentacle, and he watched in horror as the appendage opened its mouth, revealing a sharp needle like object inbedded inside it. His heart rate increased and his stomach churned, making him feel suddenly sick with fear. His hypothalamus kicked into action subconsciously as the tentacle darted towards him. Fight or flight?

"Stop i-!"

But Kyle had no time to finish his plea, before the needle suddenly lodged itself in his neck. His mouth stayed open, ready to form the next syllable, but unable to through shock. The figure moved, then, and Kyle shivered as it touched the side of his face. Feeling something cool rush through his body, Kyle glanced down. The tentacle was pumping something into his neck in large doses, making him shudder uncontrollably.

"Shh, you alright. You be still now. It good for you." The figure reached his side, and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, pushing him back down to lay flat against his bed. Kyle's brain began to shut down, and he was unable to process what was happening, apart from the fact that it was breathing, and then suddenly everything was very still and silent.

"Quiet. You be good."

Kyle's eyes hurt. There was a bright light, right over him. He groaned. Was it morning already? Sure was bright for a Sunday…

"You wake up now?"

Ah, that didn't sound like Ike, or his father. Definitely not his mother. …Kenny? Cartman? It didn't sound like anyone he knew. Daring to open his eyes, Kyle regretted it.

The first thing he noticed was that there was, indeed, a bright light above him, not unlike the one that the dentist used on him. It shined down on him, making him squint his eyes so far that he could barely see the rest of the room. Or at least, that's what he thought it was. It was entirely round, and white, no furniture anywhere. Not a couch or a bed or a nightstand. The only thing in the room was the light above him, and the table he was strapped down to.

Strapped down to.

With wires connected to his skin.


His heart began pounding at an incredible speed, and with every thump, something above him made a beeping noise. Where- where was he? Was this still a nightmare? But- it had to be. There could be no explanation, and dreams didn't need explanations.

"Good boy, you awake."

Kyle jerked his head to the side, just then noticing the room's only other occupant. It was the figure, but now, Kyle could see him clearly. They did in fact look his age, seventeen, give or take. Black hair covered their head, and Kyle recognized instantly those deep blue eyes. This time, they wore clothes. A dark brown jacket with red cuffs. Kyle felt instantly more naked then he already was, as if the boy's stare went right through him and saw everything that was inside him, and that he thought.

"Where- where am I?" He had to remain level headed. Panicking would get him nowhere. Cool and collected, cool and collected… Perhaps this was a ransom situation. Always intelligent, Kyle listed off every possible reason he could be in a stark white room, strapped down to an operating table, with wires taped to his bare skin. The only things that he could think of scared the living shit out of him.

"You with me." The boy looked down at him, and took a step forward. Kyle flinched.

"I-I mean-" Kyle gulped, catching his stutter. "I mean, where is here."

"…Oh, this my ship."

"Your- your ship?" Kyle's eyebrows furrowed, and he looked up, terrified.

The boy looked at him as though he was stupid. "Yes, stupid boy. We go away, I not stay Earth. We go to my planet."

"YOUR- YOUR WHAT!?" Kyle suddenly screeched. This was becoming a horrible, horrible dream. More then anything, at that moment, Kyle wanted to be back at home. He would even settle for waking up.

Laughing. The boy laughed at him, and he finished stepping over to his side. He reached out a hand and Kyle instantly recoiled. But there was not much room to move away to, and without consent, the boy flattened his hair back away from his forehead and leaned down.

"You not know? You not ever met Another?"

His voice was quiet, and he heard it quaver. "A- a what?" Almost a whisper.

The boy looked away, his hand still on his forehead (Kyle noticed how cold his hand felt). He glanced back, and his face lit up, as if remembering something. "You call- you call an alien."

An alien. Oh. That made sense.

"An… alien." Kyle closed his eyes, shuddering as he felt the bo- alien's hand continue to rub his forehead. Ah, this made sense… What a horrible, horrible dream. Kyle wanted to go home. He gulped, not ready to ask his next question. "…Why me?"

"No reason. I come down, I pick shelter, I take you. You healthy, you be good eat, pretty pretty if I sell." The hand moved down to his cheek, his bangs flopping back down over his forehead, and this time, he felt the alien shudder. "Yes… pretty pretty. Taste so good…"

Kyle screamed, and thrashed. The alien recoiled, its eyes widening before calming just after. He screamed and screamed, clenching his hands beneath the straps that held him down. There was no way he was going to be eaten by an alien! There was no way! Instantly, Kyle knew that this was one of the most terrifying dreams he had ever had. Even his nightmares were never this clear, and never lasted this long.

"Calm, calm!" The alien boy stepped back towards him, and grabbed his leg, gripping underneath his knee harshly, making Kyle scream in pain. That was not human strength. He convulsed and spasmed, forcibly calming himself so that his breaths came in short little gasps. He squeezed his eyes shut. So scared…

"Good boy, you very good boy, you good. Stay, quiet. Good boy…" The alien patted his stomach, running his fingers over his skin. Kyle felt sick. "I not eat you now, too skinny, too pretty, lots to enjoy. You no worry, I just taste."

Breath ghosted over his skin. Kyle heard the heart monitor above him beep quicker as the alien's lips passed over his own. No… This wasn't what his first kiss was supposed to be like, not even in a nightmare. The alien mouthed at him hungrily, licking the side of his mouth, tasting whatever inch of skin he could find, as if he trying to eat him. But just taste, he had said. He was tasting him.

Kyle's mouth was forced open when the alien's tongue turned into a tentacle, worming its way inside his mouth. His eyes flew open, and the alien looked up at him. Their gazes locked before the alien slowly closed his eyes and resumed mouthing at him. He sucked on his tongue, and Kyle whimpered as he felt him bite down slightly. He didn't want to die like this!

The tasting continued all over his body, the alien nipping at his skin, sometimes getting a little too carried away and drawing blood, making Kyle sob. He was so scared. He wanted to wake up, he wanted to go home and go play Game Sphere with Kenny, and argue with Cartman. He wanted to help his brother with homework and finish cleaning for his mother. The last thing he wanted was to have a nightmare where an alien sampled him and sucked blood from where he had been bitten. Kyle felt the saliva from the alien dry, making the area where he was currently sucking on feel even more wet with hungry drool. It was if the alien was famished.

"P-please-" Kyle managed between hiccups, "stop it, I want to go h-home."

The alien hummed, and looked up at him, lifting his head up, mouth making a slight sucking noise.

"This home now. Here. I take care of you, so delicious. I make you fat."

Kyle sobbed harder, shaking his head back and forth. Terror surged through his body like an electrical current. This was so screwed up. What had he done that day to dream such a thing?

Pity seemed to cross the alien's face, and again he pressed his hand to his forehead. "What your name?"

"K-Kyle." He managed to force out, taking gulps of air before speaking. Tears seemed to clog up his windpipe. He couldn't breathe well through the stress. "…Yours?" Perhaps if he got on the alien's good side…

Although the alien opened its mouth and made sounds, they were like nothing Kyle had ever heard before. Its name sounded like a mixture between a groan and chirping, if possible. Again, he shuddered.

"I take out you tongue, then you say name right. Human you no say my name right, you not able. " The alien seemed to ponder this, and again Kyle started crying. It looked down at him, and pet him on the cheek, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look up.

"Cry not good. Stress make bad taste." As if to punctuate this, the alien kissed him on the lips, pulling away slowly as if from an exotic dish. "I get you food now. You eat. Later you sleep. Lots of rest, you see it nice."

The alien's touch left, and Kyle opened his eyes, more tears leaking out of the corners. He saw as his back turned, and began to walk out of the room. A sliding door hissed open when he reached it. The alien paused, and then turned back towards him. "You call me Stan. Nice human name. I Stan."

"…Stan." Kyle whispered, the name sounding harsh against his tongue.

Kyle's crying did not stop, and he refused the food that Stan brought back to him. Stan was not pleased with this, and forced the alien food into his mouth. Something within it sparked a response inside of him, and Kyle cried as his body hungered for more. He shook as Stan smiled and fed him the rest of the food, something slimy and thick, but it- it tasted so good, and Kyle could not consciously stop himself from eating. It was drugged. Or not, it was alien, after all. Kyle ate so that Stan could feast in the future.

He wanted to wake up.

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