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War. There was a war and Kyle had never known. How could he have known? He was human, he was from Earth, so disconnected from the rest of the universe. Or at least, he knew that now. It was almost funny thinking back on it, back on how people had debated over the existence of aliens.

Kyle laughed harshly. Well, he knew now. All too well he knew, and he watched as many four armed aliens rushed past him.

Something had changed after his night with Stan. Stan hadn't come back that night, but he saw him in the morning with bruises and bite marks on his chest. It didn't take a genius to realize that Craig had been the one to hurt him. After that, Stan refused to look at him. On the rare occasion that their eyes did meet, Stan would blink and hurriedly look away, a despondent expression on his face. Kyle wondered what had changed. He remembered Stan's words, and was horrified when Craig took over… care… of him.

First Craig had inspected his hand. He held it within his own, close to his face as he turned it over in front of him and dissected it with his eyes. Kyle could feel his breath on his hand, and it had made him shiver. Craig's eyes had flicked up to him, as he gently unwound to gauze-like fabric that Stan had applied. His fingers were smothered in a smooth tongue as Craig had popped them into his mouth, sucking them and running his teeth over them lightly as their eyes never parted.

After that, Kyle was always with him. It wasn't like being with Stan, who while terrifying, also had an underlying kindness and fear of him being hurt. Being with Craig was like being property, a slave to an alien who, surprisingly, for the most part, ignored him. There was no care or compassion there at all, and Kyle wasn't sure if he even had the ability to possess it. He only gave him passing glances and rough treatment. Craig's actions were as sharp as his words, sometimes shoving and kicking him out of his way.

Kyle didn't understand why he insisted on him sleeping in his quarters, or why he had taken him from Stan. He had realized, with a sinking sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, that he missed what Stan had been to him on the foreign planet. He shouldn't have meant anything to him, but he was the closest thing to an ally that he had. And without an ally, Kyle was alone.

But not really, because Craig's hand was in his hair and sliding down to rub against his neck and shoulder. That was the one thing, that Craig liked to touch him. Kyle hated it; he was not a pet, but too scared to say anything otherwise. His hand throbbed when he thought of fighting back, reminding him that his life was truly in his hands.

Craig shouted out in alien languages to the others of his species. They had landed on the planet a couple of days ago, and the palace was bustling. They didn't venture far outside, and ran back in quickly when the plants began to curl up and enter back into the ground. Scared of the dark, they weren't like Craig. But that was unfair to think that they would be, since Craig was a monster because of his personality, not his race. Kyle felt bad for the others that worked underneath him, learning that the four-armed alien was something of a king, and made the laws and rules of their home planet.

Something of the war had caused them to come, and Craig and Stan were constantly busy. They both talked animatedly to the creatures of Craig's planet, who were dressed more modestly. Arms were everywhere, and it was as if that was all Kyle could see as they bustled about and reported in. He didn't understand the language, and it sounded nothing like what he had ever heard. The strange chirping was becoming somewhat normal to him, when Craig suddenly stood up and made low guttural sounds. The creature in front of him shifted and relaxed, becoming submissive in its fear.

Craig made wide motions with his hands, and it scurried away. He grumbled and sat back down, calling over to another who brought him a plate of what looked like grubs. Kyle shuddered as he picked one up with his lower right arm and tore it in half, sucking the juice out of the middle. The carcass was tossed at his feet. Shifting, Craig laughed at the disgust on his face and offered him the plate.

"Would you like something to eat, my little disgusting human? Wouldn't you like to try a maggot such as yourself? Ah-" he closed his eyes and began to suck on another. "The taste is quite exquisite, almost as you taste. But not as fine. Juicier, but not succulent like a human." His eyes were cruel and calculating as he watched Kyle's revulsion.

"You are quite delicious, do you not know?" He pretended to quirk an eyebrow questioningly.

"I'm afraid I wouldn't," Kyle said with disgust, gritting his teeth, "I would never become a monster like you and do- that- to another living being."

"Oh, really? Because from what Stan says of your diet, you do. You are not a- vegetarian I think the word is- and you eat the Gashrinke so well. Gobble it up, he tells me. Oh, do not act like you do not know what it is. It is the drugged food I give you, to make you fat, more delicious when we eat you. And mymymy, you are gaining some wait."

Craig grabbed him by his hair and yanked him up. Kyle screeched and clawed at his hand, but Craig had superior supernatural strength and held him still at the throat while he lifted him to his lap. His windpipe was strained, and his blood rushed in his ears. Danger was imminent around him, and Kyle immediately stilled. Craig's eyes lowered as he looked down, the remaining three of his hands ghosting over his body.

"Oh yes," he said, pinching Kyle's side which had grown slightly over the past month, "you love the food indeed. Little carnivore. It's made out of meat, a type of creature in a neighboring planet. Eating it makes you no different from me."

"It is dead when I eat it, I don't torture it, I don't eat it alive." Kyle said, gasping, his face heating up as Craig pinched part of the fat on his stomach.

"But it is tortured before death to secrete an enzyme within its adipose tissue which gives it its addictive quality that you seem to love," Craig squeezed particularly hard against his thigh with emphasis "so much. You're just as much of a monster as I am, do not pretend you do not eat and enjoy the taste of flesh that has suffered in its life."

Kyle quieted at this, horrified at what had been told to him. The food that Stan had always fed him- he had never known that it had been tortured. This made him think back to when they had been children, and saved the baby cows from being sold as veal, tortured their whole lives purely for human consumption.

"But you know what?" Craig whispered, leaning down slightly, his lips brushing against Kyle's ear. "I think I'm hungry now. What do you think, alien boy? Because I'm ready for a feast. It's been a while since I tasted you."

Blood rushed to Kyle's face as he listened to these words, turning cold at the meaning behind them. He had- Stan had- Stan had said he would not eat him any longer. But this was not Stan. This was Craig, a true monster, and he had made no such promise. Kyle knew how dangerous he was, how strong, and because of that he flushed deep red with fear.

"…No. Nonono." He laughed slightly, eyes pleading as he looked up at the alien. "You're joking, you have to be joking, I can't- I- I can't do it- I can't- please, stop! No, oh god, oh god oh god oh god stop now please, don't do this to me, I-I can't live through this-!"

His voice became hysterical as Craig started to drag him towards a table near the middle of the room. A couple of the aliens were sitting at it but Craig swatted their papers away onto the floor. They looked taken aback, and jumped up when Craig threw him down onto the table. His wrist throbbed from where he had been squeezing it, and jerked up out of fear. Craig grinned and pushed him back down, pinning him to the table with two of his arms, one on either shoulder.

"Stop! Stop don't do this!" The aliens had started to turn to look at them with interest at the commotion. Kyle's face was as red as his hair, both from fear and humiliation. He didn't want to do this. He feared the pain, ice cold searing hot pain that would be pinnacled at the impact of Craig's sharp teeth and his flesh. He did not want to be eaten in front of so many creatures.

"Be quiet, I like my dinner to be still." His eyes were wild as he looked down Kyle's body. The dark haired alien licked his lips. "Come and hold him down!" A couple of young ranking aliens looking on were called over, and they immediately rushed over at their commander's word. Craig let up just quick enough for them to wrestle his arms back down to the table.

Kyle shrieked and kicked out his legs, but Craig only chuckled. "Don't be so feisty, I assure you that you're delicious. I will be sooo happy to taste you again, it's been too long, don't you think?"

"G-Get- GET AWAY FROM ME YOU- stop, please stop don't do this please! I'm scared, I'm scared!" And he was. It had been a couple of weeks since he had felt the pain of being cannibalized. But it was not cannibalism, as much as Craig looked like him (minus the two extra arms). Because he was an alien, and he could feel his alien teeth on his stomach, tearing the flesh.

His stomach was exposed, and he looked down to see himself bleeding profusely when Craig leaned back to swallow his fat and skin and- a bit of organ. His organs pulsed, and Kyle felt like throwing up. He could see them move, glistening with blood as Craig chewed his flesh. His breathing came in quick as he hyperventilated. Craig licked his lips, wiping the blood off from around the corners of his mouth with his tongue. The two at his sides' mouths began to water, looking at him hungrily. Those aliens who had not noticed the commotion before, now smelled the blood in the air, and had gathered around to look at him with longing.

"Look at him," Craig said, addressing the crowded room in English just so that Kyle could understand, "look at the human. See how plump he is, the way his blood smells and, ah- tastes. All of you will have a human to feast upon if we win this war. You are not fighting for nothing. You are fighting for your planet, for me, and to experience this."

Craig once again lunged forward, taking a piece of his thigh into his mouth and biting down sharply. His teeth were razors as they cut through his tissue, ripping it off in one fluid motion like a shark and chewing before gulpingit down. Kyle was on the verge of fainting, the blood loss getting to his head along with the absolute terror and disgusting of being feasted off of. His flesh throbbed, and he screamed out in pain. Writhing, Kyle screamed and screamed, threw his head back and wailed as hard as he could.

Tears flowed freely, and he couldn't help but sob. It was just too much. There was nothing left, he would always be here. A toy, a plaything, a meal for Craig as he continued to bite off pieces of his thigh and stomach where there was more muscle and fat. He had no friends, he had no family, he had no comfort of any kind to save him from the teeth that entered his body.

"S-Stan-" Kyle choked, his voice catching as he saw the alien boy throwing up behind a few of the soldiers. He watched him, longing to reach out for him and for him to save him as Craig drew designs on his chest out of his own blood.

"Stan? Oh no, Stan isn't going to help you. He's tasted you enough, you are all mine." Craig looked at him in a haze of lust while he began to pull down the skirt-like garment that covered his private parts. Kyle's mind was too far gone to hazard what was happening, and gasped as he felt something wet around his penis. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, his back arching as he thrust up into Craig's mouth.

He couldn't help it. The pain was too strong and his mind was too foggy to register what was happening. All he knew was that this was temporary relief from pain, the searing pain that was shooting throughout his body in waves of agony. His tears did not cease, and he felt the aliens holding him down begin to lick at the blood that was pouring from his open and gaping wounds.

Craig's teeth brushed on the underside of his cock, which had responded almost immediately to the pleasure that was being inflicted upon him. He cried out instinctively as Craig began to pump him, kissing all up and down his erection and sucking the head for any hint of precum. It was as if he was famished, and Kyle remembered when Stan had feasted upon him in this way as well.

The pleasure was overwhelming, mixing in with his pain and creating a motley melting pot of agonizing pain and extreme lust, the two going hand in hand and building up a heat inside of him that he felt that nothing could ever top. His hips continued to buck up, thrusting back and forth into Craig's mouth, fearing for the safety of his private parts as they were so close to Craig's horrible teeth, but too tired to care.

"Stan…" Kyle moaned, his voice raspy from screaming for so long. He choked, hiccupping as the crowd jeered Craig on. His face burned with humiliation. Why wasn't Stan rescuing him? He said he would protect him from Craig, so where was he? Why had he abandoned him, why wasn't he saving him from this horrible torture? The sobbing returned when pressure began to build up in his abdomen, and he lost pace and began to rock wildly into Craig's mouth and hand.

Craig laughed, pumping him quickly as he fingered him and licked the tip of his cock. "Wonderful, wonderful, so delicious, my human… Mine."

Kyle's moaning increased with fervor, terror mixing with the pleasure and tumbling out of his mouth from his lips where it hung in the air. He could hear the noises he was making, the agony sounding sluttish. But he didn't care. He just wanted it to stop, to be over so he could go curl up and die alone in this strange world. But when Craig covered him fully with his mouth again and began to suck as hard as he could, Kyle couldn't take it anymore, and came hard inside his mouth.

Orgasm hit him hard. His hips bucked up furiously into the short alien's mouth, feeling his semen spurt out in intervals. Temporarily his mind was clear from any pain and fear, filled only with the feeling of wonderful pleasure and torturous heat. Nothing was ever going to hurt him again.

But all too soon the world came back to him, and Craig pulled away, gulping down the rest of his cum and licking off some that had dripped out of his mouth and onto his fingers. Kyle breathed heavily upon the table, blood pouring out of his wounds. The two aliens holding him down retreated, and everyone watched Craig as he closed his eyes with satisfaction.

One short minute was taken to recuperate, before Craig began to bark orders again. His whole front was covered with blood, and allowed a few of his favorite soldiers to lick it off of him. When done, they looked at Kyle with longing before retreating back to their blinking monitors and work places.

"Stan, clean the slut up, we need him in good condition."

There was a hand wrapping around his own, clenching it tight to a chest as he was carried away, his blood dripping onto the floor and echoing when they left the crowded control room. The hallways were empty, and he could smell that it was Stan, too tired to open his eyes while he carried him.

"I'm sorry. I scared." Stan's voice was low and quiet, full of fear and sickness. That was why he hadn't helped him. Fear. Kyle almost wanted to strangle him, but was too exhausted to do anything other than slump against his chest. His tentacle had started to pump the miracle medicine into him, his wounds starting the healing process of regrowing organs.

"Kyle not worry, I save Kyle. Stan no more be scared. Promise. Save family, save Kyle. Kyle go back home no matter what. Not know when, but Stan promise. I promise." His voice was determined.

It was a night period, and all of the foliage had gone back inside the ground to save themselves from the cold. Craig sat in his chambers, drumming his fingers on the desk and contemplating the next strategic move of his warships. Two spacecrafts had been destroyed that day from the opposition. The planet of Lagrenshen had been a disaster. The second his troops had landed, the native bacteria had infected their ships and weighed them down with algae-like crust. They had been vulnerable then to an air based assault, but had not realized that the enemy had been waiting in the bogs to attack.

Silently, Craig stood up and walked over to a map. He picked up a marker, and crossed out the planet on the map. The markings glowed, and illuminated his scowl. Suddenly, the screen behind him blinked to life, and Craig turned to face the monitor.

The reception was a bit fuzzy, but the face of a blonde humanoid alien turned to face him. He was dressed in green, and wore a pink beret, and smiled gently at his companion.

"What do I owe the pleasure to? It's late, don't think that you can send your L'Frewndka in to sneak around my papers and learn of our plans."

"Oh no no no, Tucker, I would never think that you would keep such important things lying around. I have no intentions of that. I was merely- checking in on our deal. You do remember, right? Bring me the human, and this can all end." He continued to smile, a cheery sound to his voice.

Craig stood up straighter, and narrowed his eyes. "Of course I remember, how could I not."

"Well, then, remember that I want him unaware. You do have the right one, don't you? You do have Kyle Broflovski?"

His jaw clenched, and Craig turned back around so that his back was facing the monitor. Clasping his hands lightly behind his back, Craig closed his eyes. To think, the war over, just for the one human. It was a small price to pay. "Yes, Bradley, of course."

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