Title: Pivotal

Word Count: 100

Characters: Obi Wan Kenobi

Rating: T

Summary: Drabble. It's Obi Wan's choice. Prompt: AU.

Disclaimer - Not mine, not making any money.

Obi Wan's lightsaber wavered. The Force did not push or pull him in either direction; it seemed that the universe wished him to make his own decision. He stared down at the ruined body of his former Padawan, moaning and writhing in pain; no longer any danger to him. Anakin would die by Obi Wan's hand in any case, but one swift stroke would save him the pain of a lingering death, choking on the ashes of a dead world; burning while hatred corrupted his soul even further. Reluctantly, Obi Wan chose the most merciful course for his former pupil.