Chapter 10:

"Sam!" Dean sat up instantly, trying to play it off as a joke, but failing horribly. "What're you-?"

I sat up too, staring him dead in the eyes. I wanted to take this seriously. If I didn't take it seriously, no way in hell Dean would take it seriously. Dean struggled with finding the right words as I watched him squirm near the side of the bed. Finally, I decided to take him out of his misery.

"Dean, I know." I stated flatly, waiting for his reaction before I went any further. His mouth twitched and he wouldn't hold my gaze. That was enough of a sign to show he knew what I was talking about. Good, but I would still need to explain a little to make sure we were on the same page.

"I know that you've been watching me when I sleep. I know what you've been saying to me too. I know everything, Dean."

As soon as he was positive on what I was referring to, Dean lowered his eyes and sat in silence for so long, I wondered if maybe I should keep going. The problem was, now I didn't even know where I was trying to go. I needed Dean to answer me, to tell me what I needed to do. Finally, without looking up, he spoke,

"Everything, huh?" he asked, chuckling without even an ounce of humor. "You can't possibly know everything, Sammy. There's stuff I haven't even-! Stuff I would never dream of-! You couldn't..."

His voice cracked and he started choking on his own words. It was horrible, just watching him, waiting for him to finally break and let me in, so that maybe I really could know everything. I think... I wanted to know everything. Just thinking for a second that there were things about my brother that I didn't know made me cringe. Of course I wanted to know more- to know everything!

He finally looked up, his eyes shimmering.

It's funny. People always say I'm the emotional one, the softy. They are so wrong. It's Dean. It's always been Dean. It's one of the things I love about him!

"Sammy please don't hate me," he begged. "I don't mean to be like this it's-"

"Dean shut up." I chuckled, trying to do the only thing that might ease the tension of the situation. "What are you even going on about? What are you like, exactly?"

He looked down again, unhappily, but at least a bit more in control than he was before I'd interrupted.

"I'm a fucking pervert..."

"But you love me Dean. I don't see a problem here."

He looked up, shocked and confused. Apparently, I was taking this whole thing a lot better than he had imagined. It took him a minute, but then he seemed to almost be ready to act normal. He even turned up the corners of his lips in an attempt to smile when he said,

"I watch you when you sleep, Sam. I think it's gone a little past love at this point."

I didn't say anything, just watched as the wheels in his head spun round and round, thinking about what he'd just said, what i'd just said, and what we were talking about. Every now and then he would flinch visibly, like my eyes watching him were two guns pointed right at him, and he was in a dangerous situation where he had to watch every little thing he said, otherwise I might pull the trigger and... who knows. Then, just when I thought he was going to break down into tears and I would finally get my chance to erm, comfort him, he sent me reeling back with a loud declaration that sent my heart skyrocketing with all the honesty it held.

"Sammy, you're my everything!"

He nearly screamed it. It wasn't a wimpy, mamby-pamby declaration of love, it was a confession of what he knew was the truth. Of course, I'd known for a long time that I was Dean's everything, 'cuz he was mine to. Not that I was gonna tell him that. Not yet, at least.

"From when we were still kids, Sam," he mumbled meaningfully, "I've loved you. Because you were my baby brother and I had to protect you. You were the cutest baby brother I could ever want and it took every damn thing I had not to spoil the hell outta you. There were so many times I just wanted to hold you in my arms forever and never let go- don't get me wrong!" He added suddenly, "I wasn't- I didn't have these kinda thoughts back then. You were just a kid! But I could never figure out why I loved you so much more than the girls I picked up. You were special, Sammy. My Sammy. Mine. Then we... got older..."

He drifted off and the temperature of the room seemed to surge up into the 90's. I wondered if this was what hell kinda felt like. Huh, I'd never asked Dean if it was actually hot down there. I should do that one of these days. Anyway, his face was red and I know mine was too because I was thinking what he was thinking:

Skin rubbing against skin, body fluids running onto the bed sheets, the friction sensation of pleasure from sexual touches, and long, deep kisses with more meaning than any kisses that had ever been shared before all throughout time could have possibly had.

Yeah, we were thinking the same thing, and it was making us both hot- in more ways than one.

I tried not to think about it, but the harder I tried the more intense the craving for physical connection seemed to get. Just the thought of my brother- who I'd always loved like a brother- in my arms and screaming my name out of a whole different kind of love... well it would have been enough to get me off right then and there. But I knew I would have to be patient. Dean was still struggling. It was obvious he had been trying not to think of these things for much longer than I had. How long though? I wondered. How long had Dean lusted after my body like he lusted after my heart?

"Do you remember..." I worked hard to phrase the question in a way that would give me the answer I wanted. "Do you remember the moment when you realized...?" Just that was enough. He knew what I meant. We've always been pretty good at understanding each other without a lot of words.

He swallowed, acted as if he wasn't going to answer, then, "Yeah." His voice was breaking again. Like all of this was just too much for him, like his very soul would break if it kept on going like it was. "Yeah, I do... remember. I don't remember the moment, or where I was, or the time or what set it off, I just remember the feeling."

The way he said it was like... I don't know, like he was remember the most painful moment of his whole life. It killed me inside to see him recall it, but I had to know. Before I could do anything- I had to know.

"It felt really, like really good... at first. Everything was the way it was supposed to be. I loved you, didn't I? Wasn't this feeling the natural course when you loved someone as much as I loved you? But a course, it got unnatural when I remembered that the reason I loved you so much in the first place was because you're my brother. Then, all the good stuff went away and all that was left was excruciating pain. Sammy I'd never felt anything like it before. I hated myself for feeling the things I did for you. You get it, right? I mean, you're my fucking little brother! I couldn't be thinking of you when I-!"

If my eyes jerked open a little wider, I'm sure he must have noticed, because he stopped his panicked rant to breath very uneven breathes and fiddle with the wrinkles in his jeans nervously.

"I tried to stop but I couldn't, Sam. The only thing I could do was to... to watch you sleep. I thought that when you were sleeping I could take a break or something. It was too late though," he laughed under his breath with no real humor, just like earlier. "I was already in love-love with you. You must have noticed, because no matter how much I tried I couldn't help myself from acting different to try and impress you or make you fall for me- like it was some fucked up instinct or something! Sammy please don't hate me..."

It was the second time he had said that, and now it was starting to piss me off. Who the hell did Dean think I was? When he let out a choked dry sob, I lost it.

"Dean," I whined, moving across the bed with my hand outstretched to touch him. I thought maybe if I just touched him everything would be okay.

Instead of the loving caress I had hoped for, my sudden action surprised him so much he flinched away in shock... and promptly fell clumsily off the edge of the bed.

If it hadn't been so damn funny it woulda been the cutest thing i'd ever seen in my life.

"Ow..." I heard him say pitifully from the small space between the bed and the wall. He'd fallen backwards so his legs were still trapped on the bed while the rest of him was crammed inside that tiny space. I put both my hands on his ankles and bent over the side of the bed, not even bothering to restrain my laughter.

He just sat there like he wanted the wall to swallow him up and didn't make an action to try and get himself out. I waited a minute, but he still just sat there glaring at his knees with glistening eyes that refused to overflow with tears. He looked so good just sitting there it was killing me. He could really be a jerk sometimes.

After I'd finished laughing I slid myself right next to him inside the hole he'd found, my feet still on the bed next to his and my back up against the cold wall. I sat there quietly for a minute and stared around the hotel room from the strange angle near the floor.

"I kinda like this hotel, it's more homely than some of the others we've stayed in."

"You hate hotels." He contradicted grimly.

"But I don't mind this one," I replied quickly, adding, "and you like hotels. God knows why but you've loved staying in hotels for as long as I can remember."

I felt his shoulder shake as it pressed up next to mine in a silent laugh, then he said fondly,

"I like hotels because you used to like hotels. Remember? We'd get rooms with Dad with just two beds, and we'd have to share. I always complained about it- 'who wants to share a bed with their bed-wetter baby brother?' But in reality I was happy, 'cuz no matter what, you would end up clinging to me. It's because of memories like those I love hotels so much, Sammy."

"I know." I smiled, not looking at him, just staring straight forward in front of me with a goofy grin on my face. Is it egotistic that I love hearing Dean talk about how much he loves me? Probably. But who cares?

We were quiet again for a while, then I mustered up the courage to mess with him a bit more. No more simple talk about hotels and memories- it was time to get serious.

"Dean," I breathed, and, noticing his hand twitch beside mine as I said his name, lifted my own hand to gently touch his skin with the tips of my fingers. "Dean, you know that feeling you described a few minutes ago? I wanna feel it too. I love you..."

He groaned and turned his head away from mine. I took that opportunity to lean in and whisper in his quickly reddening ear.

"No, listen Dean! I love you because you're my brother, and I thought that was all, because there was a difference between that kind of love and this-" I used the hand that had been caressing his to slowly stroke his thigh through his jeans, "-kind of love."

He gasped and his hand clenched over mine in a death-grip, stopping it from moving up and down his leg. I could feel his heartbeat through his hand and it sent shivers down my spine.

"But I was wrong, Dean! There isn't any difference between this love- not for us! The only difference is how it'll feel. I want to feel it, Dean, look at me!"

His eyes were closed so tight I thought his eyebrows were going to touch if he scowled any deeper. He also looked like he wasn't breathing. Then, slowly, he turned towards me with his eyes still shut tight. He took a great shuddering breath and opened those pretty baby blue eyes i've always loved so much, squinting at first, then finally staring right at me with fear and doubt shining through those shimmering pools.

"Sammy, I told you before, it hurts, it fucking hurts! We're brothers! We can't..." His eyes were closed again and he was gasping for air as he spoke. "It hurts so much Sam..."

I turned to face him as much as the cramped space would let me, taking his hand in my left and holding his face in my right. His eyes flew open and we stared at each other. But just in case our silent communication wasn't enough, I added as I leaned in slowly,

"It'll hurt more... if I never... try..."

Then, I fucking kissed the jerk. Finally.

It was soft, but only for a moment, because the second our lips touched I understood how he felt. It felt good.

So fucking good. Just like he'd said.

I pressed forward and he did the same. I couldn't stop thinking, I'm kissing Dean. I'm kissing my brother. Fuck this feel amazing. His lips were softer than I'd ever imagined, and I had imagined it, just subconsciously. Once my lips were against his I really realized how pretty he is, he's always been such a damn pretty boy, but now I could really appreciate it.

I heard a groan escape his mouth when I brought my other hand up to awkwardly grab the back of his head, forcing his mouth closer to mine in a fit of passion. I snaked my tongue inside when he opened his mouth in surprise and thats when he gathered enough strength to push me away. The second I stopped he started gasping for air.

"Dean, I-"

"Sam, shut up for a second." He let his thumb roll his bottom lip absentmindedly as he sat in the hole between the bed and wall, his legs still awkwardly resting on the sheets. Finally, he rolled his eyes and said,

"Help me get up onto the damn bed..."

I slid out of the awkward position I was in in an instant when he commanded me shyly. Climbing back onto the bed, I grabbed his outstretched hand and pulled him easily out of the hole. I must have been too excited and enthusiastic, because I pulled too hard and he landed on top of me. My head was hanging off the opposite side of the bed and his was settled between my neck and chest.

Instead of panicking and trying to get off of each other like we normally would, we both just laid there. After a minute, Dean even wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me in a soft hug. I replied by embracing him the same way, folding my hands across his back and just holding him. We never hug. This was nice.

Then, I felt Dean's lips against my skin. He was kissing the exposed flesh above the collar of my shirt. His kisses were so light I barely noticed at first, then they started to last longer, and then he started to nibble a little, and suck at the skin until I knew a mark was left there. Then he just kept kissing up my neck until he reached my lips and they connected again. This time it was even more intense. My lips already felt sore, and we'd barely kissed twice.

I lifted my knees, trying to sit a up a bit so we didn't fall off this side of the bed. When he gasped and threw back his head, I lost it. Again.

Not only did I sit up, when I did I threw him down on the bed, his head landing on one of the pointless decorative pillows, and climbed on top of him, locking him down with my mouth on his. Instead of complaining like I thought he would, he surprised me.

I felt his hands on my hips and was confused. Then, they slowly moved beneath my shirt and up along my chest, pulling the shirt up along with them. I had to break away from the kiss so he could pull it all the way off and throw it across the room somewhere. Now it was getting to be too hot. My lips crashed against his again, his tongue asking for entrance before I even had a chance. I never knew before, but Dean is very good at kissing. I must be good at it too, because he was moaning continuously against my lips and every time we separated he was left gasping and inhaling air like crazy.

Then we came together again like out lips were magnets and there was nothing we could do to resist their pull towards each other. He tasted like alcohol, but I wouldn't have expected him to taste like anything else. Because the taste of alcohol fit perfectly- he was intoxicating.

Now as I kissed him, my skin pressed up against the shirt I was determined to rip right off his body, his hands flew to my hair and he grabbed a hold of the brown strands, pulling fiercely as our tongues fought through our kisses. We were getting rougher the more we touched and I loved it.

Finally, after a particularly painful tug on my scalp, I disconnected our lips and grabbed two sides of his shirt in my hands. It was still the tacky shirt I had picked out for him to wear to the club. It was a flimsy, satin thing with bright neon colors in random stripes- so easy to rip apart at the seams.

"Sammy! What the-"

I shut him up by gripping his now bare waist and hoisting him completely off the bed. My mouth felt hot against his skin, and he smelled just as good as he tasted. His was cut just like me, but that was no surprise. I'd seen him without his shirt on tons of times, but feeling the muscles beneath my tongue and fingers was like nothing I'd ever imagined. Then I got to his nipples and licked them lightly, reaching up with my hands to rub over them with my thumbs.

"AAAAH! Fuck! Sam!"

Girls may be hot and stuff, but I swear nothing, not a goddam thing in the whole world is sexier than Dean arching his back at your touch and screaming your name. Nothing.

When his back was lifted off the bed I slid my hands underneath him and put my thumbs inside the rim of his pants, ready to rip them off just like I'd done to his shirt. He didn't like that too much.

"Sam, what the hell do you think you're doin'?"

I sat up, and so did he, sliding up the wall behind him and folding his legs closer to his body. We just stared at each other for a while, both of us picturing how we imagined this was going to go. Finally, it seemed to click for both of us at exactly the same time.

"Oh HELL NO-!" Dean yelled, glaring at me like I'd just cockblocked him or something.

"You can't be serious, Dean-!" I said at the same time.

"Fuck yeah I'm serious, Bitch," I didn't miss the emphasis on that word, "I'm the older brother so obviously I'm the one who's-!"

"Yeah, but I'm taller and bigger, and not nearly as cute as you are, Jerk."

"Don't you dare call me cute, Sam! So help me, I will rape your ass if you piss me off right now!"

He was breathing heavily but I saw weakness in his eyes. It made me hungry and I wanted to smile, but I held back to explain calmly,

"Dean, you have to think about this logically. Who was trying to hit on you at that club? The big, manly guys, right? And who was hitting on me? The little ones, Dean, you said it yourself. They wanted my-"

"Well I don't!" He exclaimed. I glared playfully, leaning forwards. He tried to press himself even farther back against the wall but I trapped him, placing my hands on ether side of his shoulders, locking him there. Then, I glanced down at his lap, and said,

"You sure about that, Dean?"

He blushed but his glare faltered, like he was really thinking about it. It didn't help that the mood was still just as hot as it had been a few minutes ago when we were all over each other. I couldn't believe how fast it all happened, but it seemed so right now. Maybe it had to do with what Charlie had said. We'd loved each other the normal way for so long, now that we were finally getting around to this, well, it had built up.

I kissed his cheek then moved back towards his ear. When my lips were brushing his left ear just lightly enough, I muttered,

"I'll make it feel good, Dean..."

"Fuck you, Sam." He growled, but I knew I was close to winning this battle.

"No, fuck you, Dean." I smiled, returning to stare into his eyes. Then, I leaned in and kissed him gently, turning my head at the perfect angle and employing all my tricks to make him succumb to being on the bottom. He moaned in the kind of way that showed he was trying to resist.

There was a small problem with my plan, though. The more I touched him the more I wanted him and the less I wanted to wait. He was making everything difficult, being so particular about who was fucking who- not that I was gonna concede either, but still. After about 5 minutes of more heart stopping kisses, I couldn't take the waiting anymore. I needed to be inside him. It was starting to hurt.

"How about a compromise," I groaned in impatient annoyance. "I'll do you this time, then next time..."

I drifted off, letting him fill in the blanks. He thought it over for a minute, then smiled.

"How about I do you-"

"No chance."

"Fine!" He muttered bitch under his voice then added, "I bet I'll be better at it."

"Oh yeah?" I said, smiling in excitement, mostly because he had finally agreed, but also because he had offered a challenge that I had no intention of loosing. "I'll take that bet, Jerk. But you better be ready, because now I have even more reason to go all out for this."

His nervous face was so appealing it made me lock my lips on his again. But really, the time for kissing was past. I grabbed his ankles and pulled them behind me, further down the bed. He yelped as he slid down and landed on the pillows again. When he saw me looking down at him hungrily his eyes opened wide and his breath caught in his throat. I felt a feral snarl grow in my chest when I looked at his skin that was starting to glisten with sweat.

It didn't even matter that he didn't have any boobs, i'd moved past thinking about that the moment our lips touched. It wasn't even anything anymore. We were gay for each other. Who cares? It's a whole lot worse that we're brothers, but even that didn't seem so bad as I slowly trailed a finger down the center of his stomach and stopped right above his jeans.

He growled at me. I don't think there's a fuckin' sexier sound on earth. I bent to kiss his chest as he pulled an arm around my shoulders. I don't think he noticed the 'snap' of the button or the 'zip' of the zipper being pulled down. I worked my lips down his chest again, but this time I went even lower. Was it just my imagination, or did the skin near his hips taste at least ten times better?

I could feel the pulsing bulge in his pants that matched mine. I should have been cringing away from any erection that wasn't mine but instead I was overcome with the strangest combination of emotions; lust and curiosity. How should I touch Dean to make him feel even better? Was it just like touching myself, or did I need a new technique? I rubbed the hard mound through the jean fabric and he let out a strangled choking noise. It kinda sounded like he had tried to say, "fuck" but all that came out was the "f-" and the "-ck" with a girly sounding gasp in the middle. It made me even hotter, and harder, than I already was. This needed to go faster. First thing to do; get rid of the pants and underwear.

The pants slid easily down his thighs, I even had time to admire how smooth the dip from his hip to pelvic bone was, like a polished wooden bowl. Following the line down I could now see the complete outline of my brother's(rather nice) shaft. The tip was poking out of the top of his gray underwear- a healthy tan coloring. Cautiously, I rubbed my thumb softly along it's entire length. So softly that I was sure he wouldn't feel it, but I was wrong. The second my thumb reached the tip he sat bolt upright- his face beautifully flushed and his eyes desperately near watering. He was breathing like we'd just chased a werewolf through the forest or something. I pressed my hand soothingly but firmly against the inside of his thigh, trying to get him to relax, but instead he just grabbed my hand in his and moved it away, turning the other direction and biting his lip.

I shook my hand out of his and climbed back on top of him, forcing him to lay back down flat on the bed. From his expression I could tell he was upset about something, he was panicking. I kissed him again and placed a hand on his chest. His heartbeat was going crazy, but he still responded to the kiss with intense enthusiasm and passion, it was a kiss that was so very much Dean it took me by surprise. Encouraged, I moved my other hand down to his waist again. He instantly tensed up, trying to push me up so he could sit. I pushed him back down and caught his gaze.

"Trust me, Dean." I said as I worked my hand gently over the fabric still covering his most sensitive area.

He looked at me with an almost hurt expression.

"I do, Sam. I do it's just-" he shook his head and glared at the wall determinedly. After a minute he blurted out, "It goes against my nature! Your pushing me down and taking my clothes off and feel like I should be the one dominating instead."

"You'll get your chance," I chuckled. I was starting to feel a bit better about our deal too. If he was enjoying me this much, I would probably be able to grit my teeth and enjoy him too.

Hearing this cheered him up significantly, although that may also have been from the fact that I had just slipped my hand into the cotton underwear and finally felt my fingers brush burning flesh. I leaned in before violently removing the last of Dean's clothing and whispered in his ear,

"Dean, I love you."

The sound Dean made after that, and after I'd wrapped my hand around his length, pumping it up and down in fervent, rigid motions- made me practically start humping his leg. It did make me realize that I wanted to be naked too. Dean was all bare now that i'd finally gotten rid of the annoying underwear, and for some reason his nakedness made me want to be naked very badly. It was weird, because I never liked getting completely undressed for sex. Whenever i'd been with girls before i'd always had this kink for doing it with our clothes still on like we were in a rush or something. Even if the girl was naked I usually kept my pants on, just hanging underneath my ass until I was done. But now, with Dean squirming sweaty and bare beneath me I wanted nothing but to touch all of my body with his. I got rid of my pants and underwear in the time it took Dean to recover from my last attack. He opened his eyes blearily as his breathing returned to a still fast, but slightly less unnatural rate.

His green eyes widened when he glanced down the bed at where I stood on my knees over his slightly parted legs. He gulped visibly and the need I'd felt earlier to hump his thigh came speeding back full force. I bent over him and let my slightly wet member rub against him skin. I wasn't sure how he would react until I heard,

"Oh! Sam! Sammy! Fuuuuck!" This 'fuck' was perfectly clear and just as sexy as the first, incomplete one. Rubbing against his leg wasn't good enough anymore. I grabbed both of his hips in my hands and aligned our throbbing lengths. He must have been feeling the same need I was, because he was the one who lifted his own waist to touch our two members together. It was like ecstasy! Fucking ecstasy!

I leaned down as soon as they touched and pressed my chest to his, holding him as close as I could. He did the same, wrapping his arms around my neck and bucking his hips along with mine. We were both screaming. I'm sure the people in the rooms next to us heard, but if they did they didn't say a thing.

Finally I could feel release coming and my head filled with clear white nothingness as Dean clawed at my back and pulled my hair and I squeezed the breath out of him in the tightest embrace I'd ever given in my life. He came right when I did and it was amazing. I still held on as tight as I could muster when we collapsed, completely out of breath, on the bed. It took a few minutes, maybe even half an hour, for us to calm down enough to even think about anything. I was the first one to realize our problem.

"Dean, you're still hard."

"So are you!" He accused playfully.

There was a heavy silence and then I asked, "You ready?"

"Just get it over with," he grunted, but I knew without seeing his face that he was blushing just thinking about it. "S'not like it'll hurt or anything. I've had way worse pain than just something like that up my..." He still couldn't say it. I smirked.

Lifting myself up, I realized that the fatigue that we'd both felt only a few minutes ago was now no where to be found. It was replaced with anticipation. This was something neither of us had done before. Getting off was one thing- sex was another. They were different, you see?

As I stared down at him I saw a mix of both of our cum smeared on his toned chest. It looked so erotic I felt a familiar jolt travel down my back just looking at it. This jolting sensation was becoming very familiar very quickly when it came to sex with my brother. I couldn't say I didn't like it.

Staring dow at him I had an idea. I ran a few fingers across his chest, coating them with the sticky white substance. he stared me like I was crazy.

"For lube?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. Then, I got to see that blushing face I liked to much right before I flipped him over into his stomach with one arm.

He made an annoyed sound that died out quickly to be replaced by a sensual gasp when I reached underneath him and stroked his length again, causing his hips to lift almost automatically into the air. I spread his cheeks, feeling him tense as I did, then pressed one finger to the entrance of the hole I suddenly craved to fill. With the slippery semen coating the finger it went in easily, something Dean noticed with intense embarrassment.

"Oh god..." He muttered. His voice was muffled because he was pressing his face so hard against the sheets on the bed. Trying to be attentive and to keep him as comfortable as possible, I stroked his length again with my other hand when pressing the finger deeper. He still tensed at the intrusion and I could feel every single muscle tighten inside him. It was amazing, and I only had my finger inside. I couldn't even imagine what it would feel like once my, well you know, was inside. Then I looked down and realized it might actually be a little tight, and that wouldn't be good. I worked to stretch him by adding a second finger and continually using my other hand on his length. Nothing seemed to be working. He was too nervous about the whole thing.

I draped my body over his and whispered encouragingly,

"Dean, you've gotta relax."

"Relax?" He asked loudly, "Why don't you try relaxing when someone's gotta finger up your- AHHH!"

His body shuddered under mine as I pressed the sensitive gland deep inside him. He seemed to lose every thought that he'd been having before as his hands grabbed the sheets and balled them into his fists. His whole body shook for a moment and his breathing increased in speed at least tenfold.

This shivering, whimpering, moaning man underneath me was barely my brother anymore. That is, until he turned around and looked at me with Dean's eyes and a classic Dean smirk and said,

"Well, Sammy? You ever gonna get around to actually doing it?"

I smirked back and replied with something that would be sure to remind him that I was still me.


"Bitch!" The bitch was less of his usual comeback and more of his exclamation because i'd just hit that sweet spot again before removing the fingers altogether. Now that I had his total agreement I moved my cock between his two perfectly tanned cheeks and grasped his hips in my strong hands. His eyes were closed but I saw his steady breathing telling me that he was trying to relax as much as he could. Carefully, I pressed myself forward, not stopping until the head was completely in.

He sucked in his breath. I pushed forward even more, but I was quickly losing it. The only thing that stopped me from going into complete sex mode and ravishing him until he couldn't even walk the next was the fact that it was my brother, my big brother Dean, who I was pushing myself into. Not just some girl I'd get with to relieve stress, or even a girlfriend I claimed to love. That love couldn't have been anything like this, because sex was never ever like this before.

"Hurry up..." He moaned, biting his lip. I wanted to laugh, something about the way he said it just seemed funny. But I didn't, instead I just grinned to myself and followed his orders. Aren't I a good brother or what?

Inside him was hotter than being inside fire- and so good. His rasping, gasping sounds every time I moved were better than music. The first few thrusts were testing, to see how good it would be. After that, it was just animalistic, dirty, sexy, hot love.

He was screaming my name with every thrust and it made me want to do the same. I'd never really appreciated sex before. There are so many great things about sex with real, true love that just isn't the same as sex without it. Sex with Dean is never hard work, it comes naturally.

I had my arms wrapped around his chest and my chest pressed against his back. I could feel every muscle rippling as a different part of his shivered with ecstasy. It should have hurt just a little at first, but the way he was screaming and moaning made me think he felt good from the moment I went all the way in and kept going.

"Sammy, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Sam, Sammy!"

"Dean! Oh, shit! Dean!"

My rhythm was steady and quick because every now and then he would yell, "faster!" and "harder!" and I would have to oblige him by doing just as he said. I was deaf to the sounds of our skin slapping against each other because his voice was so loud(again, I wondered why the people in the rooms next to us never complained).

All of it was too much; the tight wetness inside him, the smooth hotness of his skin against mine, the sweet carelessness of his voice ringing in my ears. We'd only been going for about 3 minutes when I shoved myself as deep as I could go and came with a silent scream.

After removing myself from inside him and taking a moment to calm back down I looked down at him. he'd flipped himself over and was looking at me with a strange combination of emotions. He was obviously surprised, but he also seemed a bit angry(probably because I had come inside of him) and pleased with himself(most likely because he'd lasted longer than me and was being a cocky idiot. There was also some conflict on his face and I realized later that that was only because he was trying to decide whether to yell at me for coming inside him or to mock me for coming too fast. He decided on the latter, much to my annoyance.

"See, told you I should have been on top. I'm still ready to go."

Glaring, I yanked one of his legs into the air, spreading them apart and placing my already half re-hard member at his hole. Just this sight made me fill up completely. He looked like the sexiest damn porn star i'd ever seen. He'd probably kill me if he ever heard me say that though. Before pressing in again I said with a dark smirk,

"It's not about how long each round is, it's about how many rounds you can go!"

His nervous expression told me that he secretly agreed with my unspoken theory that I had more stamina than he did, even if I couldn't last as long.

True, by the end of the second round we came at the same time and he looked ready to give in, but I was still panting heavily and ready for more. The new angle with his leg in the air let me go deeper than before and now that we'd both cum everything was a lot slicker inside him, so there was less resistance. He'd started to relax more too, so the pressure was easier to handle.

The whole thing was so amazing I didn't think it would ever end. After every round he'd glance at me, hoping I was finished with him, but instead I just pushed back inside and went again. He didn't complain though, because he was still coming and feeling good at the very end. At least I think he was, but I don't really remember the end too much. I just remember feeling immensely satisfied and passing out on top of him, my lips pressed to his and my member still inside. The very last thing I remember: his face being lit up by the morning sunlight coming in through the windows.

I woke up to a soft hand running through my hair and along the right side of my face. I opened my eyes and blinked. The body beneath my head squirmed when my eyelashes tickled it's skin. I suddenly remembered everything.

It was Dean's chest I was resting on. My brother's chest. Dean's stomach across which my hand was draped. My brother's chest. Dean's rich scent that filled my nose as I inhaled deeply. My brother's scent. Dean's hand that was tracing my face gently, lovingly. My brother's hand.

My brother with whom, the night before, I had had the most amazing sex i'd ever experienced before.

I smiled. I should have known from the moment I started questioning Dean's feelings for me that it would come to this. I was glad, laying there with my head on his chest, that it had come to this.

I sat up awkwardly, blinking into the light. Then, still smiling, leaned in with my eyes closed to kiss him good morning.

I was sure my aim was okay, yet my lips only touched his cheek, not the soft, plump mouth I had been looking for. I opened my eyes curiously and saw that Dean was staring off thoughtfully in the other direction. Not good thoughts either, because he was scowling. I sat up a little taller and gave him a question glance. He caught my eye and sighed.

"We're brothers, Sam."

"Ah..." I understood then, why he looked so unhappy. I shook my head and couldn't stop a slight smile forming on my face. When his expression became seriously pissed I even laughed out loud. How stupid was he being, really? Weren't we passed this already?

"Sammy this is a seriously problem!" he yelled, moving away from me to the edge of the bed.

"It is not Dean," I replied. It was a bit strange that I was the one to say that, when I had been so against the whole thing originally. "I love you."

I thought he was going to argue but my statement seemed to pacify him completely. He didn't smile, but he did move back to the middle of the small bed and mutter quietly,

"I love you too."

From there, neither of us really knew what to do anymore. We got out of bed eventually, took showers and got dressed. Don't misunderstand! It wasn't like it was awkward or anything. No, Dean was still the same Dean he'd always been; making wisecracks and complaints about every little thing. And I guess I was the same to. It just seemed like something very important had happened and yet all this normality made it like it wasn't even important at all.

We packed up our stuff and headed downstairs to check out. Unfortunately for us, Jester, the annoying bartender from the lounge, was at the checkout counter. He flashed his teeth in a slick smile as we approached. I started checking us out, turning in the key and paying and all that, but Jester was talking to Dean. Just as I was really starting to wonder why nothing at all had changed, even though Dean and I had actually had sex, I heard him say,

"You know, seriously, when your in town the next time. Look me up."

I felt an uncomfortable feeling bubbling up in my stomach but ignored it as I signed the bill. Dean was glaring at the little piece of paper Jester had just pushed towards our side of the counter. It had a phone number on it.

I saw Dean roll his eyes and reach for the paper just to be nice, but my hand moved on its own and grabbed the little piece of offending paper before he had the chance. The two of them gave me similar looks of surprise. I crumbled the paper in my fist then said with a smile,

"No need. We won't be coming back here."

First Jester looked offended, but then he smirked and asked,

"And why is that?"

It was the first actual question I'd heard him ask the entire time I'd known him(which was only about 2 days, but still). I grabbed the center of Dean's shirt in my fist, pulled him near me and smirked back.

"It's dangerous here. Everyone under the sun is after this guy's ass. I'd be a bad brother if I didn't get him away as fast as I could."

With that I led a blushing and yelling Dean out of the hotel and towards the car. I was filled with a weird feeling of dominance. I went automatically to the drivers side and even had my hand on the car door when Dean stopped and said amusedly,

"And what the hell do you think you're doing?"

I looked up and after a few seconds, realized.


"I let you fuck me one time and you get this crazy idea that YOU'RE the guy, huh? Don't forget, little brother, it's my turn next. Now get away from the damn driver's side, Bitch."

Feeling deflated, I walked over to my side and climbed in, only muttering "Jerk" under my breath. Dean slide in the car smiling, but then his expression drastically changed when he sat down. The color drained from his face, his eyes jerked open wide and his jaw clenched together with a 'snap'.

I looked down at his waist first, nervous that something was wrong. Then I realized exactly what was wrong.

I couldn't have kept the smile off my face if I wanted to. When he turned and glared it only made it better. I started laughing hysterically and didn't stop until he'd turned on the car and started driving out of the parking lot. His mood was grim for a while but I was back in my good mood. He called me sadistic and a bitch and a few other things, but I didn't care, because when I reached over into his side and grasped his hand, his fingers easily laced between mine, and they stayed like that for a long time(at least until Cas suddenly showed up in the backseat and started asking weird questions about how humans display brotherly love).

As we turned off the exit and onto the highway I sighed and said,

"I kinda liked this city."

"Yeah, I guess it wasn't all bad." He replied.

This city had helped me understand at least one thing:

Brotherly love.

Brotherly lust.

To Dean and I, there really wasn't a difference after all.


THANK YOU for reading this far(I apologize for any and all typos as I did not read over this very carefully and most was written in a horny rush), and I really hope you enjoyed this story(omg this last chapter is so fucking long). I hope to write more Supernatural fanfiction in the future. I might try a Dean/Castiel next!

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