This is for xfanfictionx who wanted a fic where Remus realized that Harry is his mate. There will most definitely be more!


Remus watched the boy with his friends. Harry was almost seventeen and while he still had an innocence of youth, he was older then all of his peers. He laughed as he was tossed into the lake by a bigger, slightly older redhead.

He growled softly as he watched his Harry wrap himself around Charlie as the pair wrestled in the lake.

His Harry?

There was something about Harry, he wasn't quite sure what it was but, no, it couldn't be that.

He sighed and massaged his chest; the ache had slowly gotten worse over the last couple of days.

Why hadn't he noticed it before?

All the signs were there. The protectiveness. The longing. The comfort and safety. Hadn't Harry said it himself?

'I feel so safe with you Remy, so wanted.'

True he had been half asleep and on the strongest pain killers that Poppy had, but he had said it.

Remus sighed, he was sure he could make through the next few days, he just had to figure out a way to tell Harry.