Harry grinned as he caught Remus watching him, the older man winked and turned his attention back to Severus, who said something that made the werewolf howl with laughter.

'Harry?' Hermione waved her hand in front of his face.

He focused on her and blinked, making a noncommittal noise.

'Did something happen?' she asked, sitting next to him, taking his arm to lean against him.

Harry grinned, 'we're going slowly and we can't have sex until I graduate but we can do other things,' he replied.

Hermione raised an eyebrow, 'other things?'

Harry blushed, 'I didn't ask,' he admitted, 'but I hope there's touching,' he grinned despite the blush.

'There's always touching,' Draco declared joining them.

'Happy Birthday!' before they could continue, Molly and Ginny appeared with a cake each. All the guests started to sing as Molly brought Harry's to him and Ginny went to Neville, who'd been chatting with Fred and George.

'Did you make a wish?' Molly asked after the candles were blown out.

Harry grinned and met Remus' eyes when he looked up, 'I didn't have to, I have everything I need,' he replied.

Molly laughed as Hermione and Draco hugged him tightly.

Harry returned the hugs as best he could before accepting the two large slices of cake that were handed to him.

'Before we dig into these delicious cakes, I have an announcement I'd like to make,' Remus called out, just loud enough to be heard over the chatter.

Everyone slowly quieted and turned their attention to Remus who was standing on a step stool.

'Over the years many of you have approached me about my bachelor status, some have even offered to relieve me of it,' twitters of embarrassed laughter rang out. Remus gave a toothy smile, 'I would like to let you all know that I am off the market for good, my mate recently came of age and we have decided to have a go, though he insists that we are forever,' Remus caught Harry's eye, 'and I am inclined to belief him,' Harry beamed and Hermione and Draco could only laugh, 'so I would like you all to know that Harry has eased the ache in my chest and the filled the hole in my soul and all that other sappy nonsense that people are prone to sprout.' Laughter and cheers filled the air as Harry as ushered to the front of the room and to Remus, who had hopped down from the step stool.

A chant of "kiss, kiss, kiss!" went up, which they both believed had been started by Gred and Forge, and Remus, with one hand behind Harry's neck and on his lower back, dipped Harry and kissed him deeply.

When they parted, Harry was blushing furiously but looked immensely pleased.

Remus grinned and reached for two glasses, 'A toast!' he announced, and everyone raised their glass, or found a glass to raise, 'to Severus, who had the balls and guts to lock us in his bathroom!'

'To Severus,' everyone echoed. They found the man standing in the corner scowling at the group as he enjoyed the chocolate cake.

'You're welcome,' he snapped before he took his cake and disappeared into the house.

Charlie followed his older lover into the house, his laugh could be heard from the kitchen.

'Harry?' Ron asked tentatively from beside the pair. No one had seen him appear.

'I'll just be over admiring the,' Remus started, wanting to give Ron and Harry some time alone.

'No, Remus, you should stay too,' he said stopping the older man. The redhead took a deep breath to steady himself, 'I'm sorry I was such a jerk to you about Ginny. I didn't think, and I was so bent on you and Ginny being together that I don't know, I was an idiot,' he blurted out in one breath.

'I'll always be a part of your family,' Harry offered as he gave Ron's arm a reassuring squeeze.

Ron rolled his eyes, 'I know that now,' he said, 'ow,' he grabbed the back of his head where Hermione had slapped him.

'You're such a thick headed-'

'Git,' Draco finished for her.

Harry laughed as Ron rubbed the back of his head and scowled at Draco. 'Ron, I don't have to marry Ginny to be family, I've thought of you as my brother since like second year, even during fourth when you went stupid,' Draco gave a surprised bark of laughter at that even as Ron continued to scowl, 'and until you do something so heinously unforgivable you'll still be my brother.'

'I'm sorry,' Ron repeated, suddenly finding their feet rather interesting.

'Just don't do it again, okay?' Harry requested.

Ron just nodded, 'why aren't you wearing shoes?'

'Because they're overrated,' Harry replied, without missing a beat.

'Harry, why are your toes painted hot pink?' Draco asked, all four of them staring down at Harry's bare feet. The blond turned his attention to Remus, whose toes were also painted the same hot pink.

'You try sitting in a bathroom with nothing to do for hours, see what you find in the back of your brother's cabinet,' Harry replied, giving his toes a wiggle.

Ron blinked, 'I don't want to know,' he stated before he turned on his heel and walked away.

'Really?' Hermione asked, instantly intrigued.

'Actually,' Remus offered, 'I think it was Severus',' he glanced up, hoping the man wasn't around to hear his secrets being revealed.

Hermione and Draco stared at each other for a moment in silence, before they burst into hysterical laughter. 'Like Sev would have anything other than black,' he managed, 'I'm gonna go tell Sev, that's a good one professor,' he said leaving Hermione with Harry and Remus.

'You're serious, aren't you?' she said after she calmed herself. Harry and Remus didn't reply, they simply gave her almost identical enigmatic grins before Remus pulled the younger man away so they could find a quiet place to snog.

When they were alone, Remus pulled Harry to the ground and let the shorter man lie on him, 'should we tell them that Ginny hexed us and we can't get it off?' he managed. Remus buried his face in Harry's shoulder, he was shaking slightly.

'Remus?' Harry asked in concern, not that he had to worry. Remus was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes.

'I was just imagining Sev's reaction to the news that he used to wear hot pink nail polish!'

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