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Thief, liar, criminal. Only a few words that could described the black figure leaping across the roofs and buildings of Jump City. Once upon a time, they all rang true. The form twisted in mid air so as to get a better view of its pursuers. The first he took notice of was the Tamaranean, Starfire, the green glow of her eyes and the fury on her face made the thief chuckle. Second was the towering half-man half-machine that was Cyborg his right hand in the all to familiar shape of his signature sonic cannon. Looking up again the figure saw the third titan, Beast-Boy, flying towards it as a black and green pterodactyl. In the claws of the prehistoric animal the leader of the titans, Robin the so called boy wonder, hung by the wrists with a scowl on his face. The figure looked upon the last titan and blinked a few times. The pale skinned teen known as Raven was gliding beside Cyborg her hands surrounded in the black aura that signified the use of her powers. Her face was cold, her expression static, as she was looking through him.

Again the figure chuckled and twisted again to land in a roll on the building below it. As it came out of the roll it jumped forward, avoiding the few starbolts fired by Starfire. Coming down out of the forward leap it threw its body into a front hand spring flipping forward and avoiding a sonic blast from Cyborg. As the dark figure landed on its feet it pivoted to face its foes the momentum of its maneuvers causing it to slide backwards into the glow of a neon sign illuminating the figure to five teen heroes.

A collective gasp was heard as Red-X was shown before them. "Hey kiddies, been a long time." He said the voice synthesizer hiding the boys true voice. And indeed he was right. It had been five long years since they last saw Red-X during the fight against The Brain.

"X, what are you doing here" Robin said, his eyes narrowing at the criminal. "What are you doing back in Jump City?"

Red-X smirked behind the skull shaped mask of his suit. "Trust me bird boy," Red-X said, "If I wanted trouble I would have started some." Red-X held up his hands, each one empty, slowly he spun in a circle nothing on him but the suit.

"As you can tell I have nothing on me, no stolen items, no illegal substances, hell I don't even have any cash." X stopped spinning and faced the five teens. He places his hands on his hips and looked at them his eyes scanning the Titans.

A lot has changed about them, Starfire had grown more, her figure more defined along with the curves of her body. Beast-Boy had gotten taller, his frame had developed and his muscles had been toned and could be seen much clearer then before. Cyborg had made some obvious cosmetic appearance upgrade. With metal plating depicting defined abs and pectorals, the blueish color of his cybertronics was darker and the figure of his body seemed more defined as well, slimming and not as thick as before. Robin was wearing the same outfit he always worn, though it seemed a bit tighter around his biceps and chest. He had also grown too, and his hair was a bit longer, though he kept the same mop top style. Raven had grown too, quite a bit at that. Her chest size had increased, her waist her slimmed and her eyes, her deep violet eyes seemed to hold so much more wisdom.

Red-X found himself blushing under his mask as he looked at Raven, His whole body shifted and regained some sense of composure. "Look blunder boy," Red-X said to Robin, mocking him yet again, and forcing his eyes away from Raven, "I don't have time for this, I need to be somewhere important so if you don't mind. Its been nice chatting with you." And with that Red-X touched a button on his utility belt and teleported away leaving the Titans stunned where they stood.

Raven sighed as her and the team entered the common room of Titans Tower. The day had been a long day, one of the longest in a while. First Mad Mod tried to brainwash the city police into capturing the Titans, then Killer Moth tried to crash a modeling show and make off with all the dresses for his daughter Kitten. Finally Red-X reappears, although he didn't do anything illegal. The only reason she and the teen went after X was because someone spotted him and called the police.

Still seeing Red-X again was odd, after all this time Raven had believed that who ever it was that had stolen the Red-X suit had given up the game. And the way he had changed was a small shock as well. His toned torso and the broadness of his shoulders had caught the eyes of not only her but Starfire as well. The only reason Raven knew this was when Star had confronted her about it on the way back to the tower.


"Raven my friend." Starfire had said lightly grabbing Raven shoulder to stop her after the boys had left already. Raven just looked at her alien teammate. "Was there something different about Red-X?"

The question had confused Raven at first but thinking back she realized she had noticed something different about the thief as well, "What do you mean by different?" She asked, wanting to make sure she understood what Starfire was asking before she jumped to any sort of conclusion.

"His posture and his physical appearance seemed somewhat different. Like he had been through a lot more trials then we suspect during his time of not being present"

"Your right Star, I felt a lot more tension when we confronted him. Though I suspected it was more from Robin then from X." Starfire nodded at Raven's statement and looked to the sky holding her self as though she where cold.

"Something about his being here makes me feel the nerves," Raven simply nodded to her in agreement and lifted her hood up over her face.

"We should get going, Robin and the other will wonder where we went." Raven said her hands glowing again with the black aura of her powers as she took off gliding, Starfire nodded and followed behind her gothic friend.


Raven had given no indication to her overly cheery friend that she too had seen the physical changes that Red-X has undergone. Or for that matter how she noticed him staring right into her eyes, and the subtle effort it took him to look at Robin before he teleported away.

Looking out at the night sky and yawning the titans each went to their rooms with only a few words and pats on the back from each other, though robin and Starfire did share a short kiss before parting to there separate quarters. The two had started dating after the incident in Tokyo, finally.

Raven entered her room and changed into her sleepwear, her panties and a very comfortable black and red stripped long t-shirt that she got from a shopping trip with Starfire. The t-shirt size was XL and when she got the garment it fell to mid shin on her and gave reason for any curious eyes to stop and stare. Five years later, the shirt now hung just above her knees and could still bring stares to her figure. That being the case Was one of the many reasons she only wore the shirt when she slept.

Walking to the bed Raven climbed under the covers and took a few relaxed and controlled deep breaths and was soon fast asleep.

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