Three days passed by for Kai quickly, after his episode with Raven he darned not go back into the sealed room, lest she bring upon him a dark and arcane wrath unlike he has ever experienced. The thought of what she might to him made Kai shiver in fear. He had however watched her through the surveillance cameras, and so far she had been surprisingly calm, he had noticed the note was opened and laid flat on the desk and she avoided it as if were a poison that spread through contact with skin.

However at the moment he wasn't even in his apartment, but rather waiting outside the door. He stood anxiously at the door, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, and looks down at his wrist watch for what seemed to be the hundredth time in the past minuet.

"Damn that woman, she said three and its five minutes past." He grumbled and looked up, right into the dark brown eye of a silver haired woman. "HOLY SHIT!" He shouted and reflexively knocked her back with a two palm forward thrust. The woman moved with the attack and grabbed Kai's left wrist, twisting the offending arm and the man attached to it around so she had him in a shoulder head lock.

"Now Kai, you hit me in my boob." The woman purred and Kai visibly relaxed. The silver haired woman let Kai go and stepped back, letting Kai turn to get a good look at her. She was his age, meaning old enough to know better but young enough to not give a damn. Not to mention she was well curved in all the right places, with form fitting blue jeans that had holes in the knees and upper thighs and a tight sleeveless dark purple shirt with a toy skull wearing a party hat on the front. Her boots she had on clashed with her apparel, with thick black soles and buckles down the sides, each piece of chrome polished to perfection. The only real standout piece of the teens outfit is the medical eye patch she had over her left eye that hid a hole where the orb should have been. This woman was a heart throb to look at, and when she went to bed with you…well, Kai couldn't help but smirk at the memory of their only night together in south Gotham city.

"Rose, you look good." Kai said calmly, disregarding his earlier actions. He popped his neck and rubbed his left shoulder smirking, "Haven't lost your touch have you."

Rose smiled and giggled, her feminine personality a bit striking to the thief, who had known this teenage woman from beck before he got the Red-X suit. Rose dug into her pocket and pulled out a pack of Camel Crush cigarettes and pulled two of the cancer sticks out.

"Smoke?" Rose asked and held one out for Kia, who shook his head.

"Nah, I gave that up a while ago." He said, and dug from his own pocket a starburst, to which he proceeded to unwrap and pop into his mouth. Kai smiled at her when she put the second smoke away then waited as she lit her own and took a heavy drag. They stood there for a few moments in silence, neither one wanting to say the first word of their business and both eyeing the other up and down.

"So," Rose said, finally breaking the silence with a clap to emphasize simple word, "I guess we should get down to the nitty gritty. What is it exactly you called me down here for?"

Lex Luthor paced back and forth in his lavish penthouse room overlooking the bay in Jump City. Every now and then he would stop and look out to the enormous T shaped building that inhabited the only island in the large body of water. He would then proceed to curse and begin his pacing anew.

"Easy Mr. Luthor," came a scratchy and insanely happy voice from behind the pacing man, "I now all the little birdies tricks, after all I was there from the beginning, before he got his wings."

Lex turn around and looked at The Joker, his lip twitching as Harley Quinn wrapped herself around the purple clad man with dark green hair and that annoyingly permanent smile. The Joker sat in one of the three reclining chairs occupying the otherwise empty room; his legs crossed with one arm around the black and red clad woman the other holding an empty wine glass.

"How can you be so sure that the boy and his friends won't take a different tactic? What makes you so sure everything will go the way you say they will?" Lex said calmly, running his hand across his bald head and turning back to look at Titan Tower. "If anything goes wrong it could mean the death of not only us, but the entire human race."

"Come on Mr. L. ya aint got nothing to worry about when it comes to any plan made with Mr. J. here." Harley Quinn said from her obviously lustful hold on Joker. "All of his plans always work, right down Batman catching him and putting him away. I have never seen anything Mr. J. work on fail."

"Now Quinny dear, there's no need to brag to Lexy like that." Joker said with a laugh, his arm that held her still shifting slightly, causing a squeak and soft moan to echo out of Harley's mouth.

Lex looked at the pair and scoffed, well aware of their relationship, if you could call a master and pet romance such a thing, and closed his eyes.

Robin, Starfire, Beast boy and Cyborg all looked at letter that lay open on the counter. "Well at least now we know she is safe, but if she is free to go why isn't she back yet?" Robin said, reading over the letter one more time.

Dear Titans,

Raven is safe; she is in my company and free to leave anytime. Do not worry about where she is, the reason she didn't tell you is to take some time away. At least that's my guess, considering she has been in her room the entire time and only come out to use the bathroom and eat. (Though she eats sparingly)

I will send you another letter in time if she hasn't decided to leave; it will be a simple update on how she is doing and the like.



Beast boy cursed under his breath and walked over to the couch, picked up the controller to the game system but put it down and rubbed his face. He looked to his left when he felt the sofa move and saw Cyborg beside him. The two looked at each other and shared a sigh. Starfire and Robin held each other and joined the two young men on the sofa.

"So what now?" Cyborg asked looking at his closest friend and leader.

"We wait," Was all he said and clicked on the TV.

Raven stood still in the center of her room; she let her power flow from her and retreated into her mind, To the barren landscape that held the personified images of her emotions. Happy greeted her with a big hug and Love stood to the side, taller now, but still shy and distant, like knowing she was unwanted in this place. Raven walked to her and put a hand on her shoulder then moved over to Wisdom, who sat reading a book under a dead tree.

"What am I supposed to do now," Raven asked the girl, "How am I supposed to get out of here."

"Did you try asking him to let you out." Wisdom said, not looking up from her reading, even turning a page.

"How is that supposed to work, I'm a prisoner."

"Said who?"

"What do you mean? He tried to rape me."

"But he didn't, in fact, if you listened closely; he was actually there to offer you food and water. You attacked him." Wisdom said, this time looking up at Raven and smirking. She closed the book, losing her place but not minding, as she had read that certain book so many times she didn't mind rereading it.

Raven sighed, knowing that Wisdom was right, and nodded to her and turned to leave, only to come face to face with the one emotion she hadn't wanted to see. Clad in an odd fuchsia colored robe and leotard was an image of herself with a deep blush and an obvious smell around her.

"Hey there big girl," Lust said, her voice husky and her breath heavy.

Raven's mouth twitched in a frown and she tried to move past the emotion but was stopped when Lust stepped in front of her. "I don't think so." The girl said and put a palm on Raven's cheek.

"Get off Lust," Raven said and slapped the hand away, "I don't have time for you right now."

"That's not nice Rae," Lust purred, using the nickname Raven had been given by her friends. "I think you should make time for me, it's not very often you let me play, and we were interrupted last time, I won't that slide."

Kai sat in his living room with Rose, drinking a beer and watching the screen of his TV. The image of Raven floating the center of her cell occupied the monitor and Rose took a drag of her third cigarette.

"So caught the little black bird of the titans huh, quite a feat." She said and smiled at Kai.

"She isn't a prisoner, she can leave whenever she wants, the problem is, once I let her go I will be so much worse in her eyes, and that's not acceptable." Kai said and took another swig of his beer.

"So, you want me to make you feel like a hero by playing a bad guy after the lives of the titans, then you want to save them, all this so you can get in their good graces long enough to tell them what exactly?"

"To tell them that Lex Luthor has gathered the world's most dangerous criminals together again. That he is planning something and it's not going to be for anything good."

Rose nodded and sighed, she hadn't put on her combat suit and swords in a long time, almost five years. Last time she did her father was almost killed and fled to this very city. What he was up to now she had no idea, and she didn't care after all she had been put through at his hand. Unconsciously she touched the medical eye patch that hid the unfixable mistake she had made in a drugged stupor to be more like her twisted father.

"Ok, I'll do it, on one condition."

"Oh yeah? What' that?" Kai asked setting his beer down.

"You have to find my father for me." Rose said, her voice distant but hard.

Kai thought for a moment but twinges remembering that Deathstroke, or Slade as he was known here in Jump City, was killed when Raven's father invaded. He didn't mention that right now though, wanting to let the semi psychotic 21 year old female with mad martial arts skills, enhanced strength, and two very sharp swords, do her job first.

"Deal, but if i do that then you have to make your hunt look as real as possible, understood?"

"Understood Kai, you know me, I never do anything half assed, one eye or not, I'm the best there is, second only to dad."

Kai held out his hand, to seal the deal of course, which Rose gladly took and shook firmly. "Whelp, time get started I guess." Rose states and stands up putting out her cigarette and popping her neck. She leans down and kisses Kai on the lips lightly, "See ya later lover boy."

Kai stutters some as he watches Rose leave, or rather, watches her ass as she leaves. He shakes his head and smiles then raises from the couch and goes to check on the Red X suit and see if the modifications he had made where ready.