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"Mama, mama, mama!" Kuki opened one eye to find two dark-haired tornados bouncing on her bed. She quickly closed her eye again. It was too early; she was just so tired.

After a second, the bouncing stopped. Peals of nervous little giggles rang close to Kuki's ear. "What are you little goofs doing?"

Ever since she'd known Wally, Kuki loved his voice. She loved the way his accent got thicker with emotion: anger, sadness, joy. Love. She could hear the love in his voice every time he talked to their children. She loved that most of all.

"Daddy!" The two little girls cried. More giggling as they climbed on their father's back. Kuki opened her eyes and sat up.

"Well, there's mommy." Wally smiled at Kuki. She smiled back. She couldn't imagine being happier with anyone.

Patton Drilovsky woke up each morning at 5 AM, did 200 pushups and 500 crunches, and then ran 4 miles; all much to the dismay of his wife, Fanny.

In simplest terms, Fanny liked to sleep. And, once she woke up she liked to lie in bed for a while before starting her day. But, would Patton ever stay in bed with her? Of course not.

His alarm always woke her up, but she never let him know that. Fanny didn't like the possibility of him actually knowing she was upset. Fanny was stubborn and found weakness acceptable under no circumstances.

Similar to every other morning , Patton's alarm shocked Fanny out of her dream. She rolled over and listened as Patton got out of bed and turned off the blaring alarm. Normally, Patton would now walk into the bathroom. However, Fanny didn't hear his footsteps. She felt compelled to open her eyes and see what he would be doing, but she refrained.

The springs of their old mattress squeaked. He's getting back into bed, Fanny thought. What is going on here?

Patton's fingers found their way to Fanny's cheek. "I know you're up," he said.

"Do you, now?" she responded cheekily without thinking. She slowly opened her eyes to find her burly husband lying opposite her. "And what exactly do you think you're doing in my bed?"

"I'm thinking I might spend this morning with my wife, if you don't mind." Patton placed a kiss on Fanny's lips.

She smiled.

Hoagie Gilligan honestly didn't believe he could be any luckier. He thought this as he lay in bed, staring at his wife opposite him. Jeez, was she beautiful in every sense of the word. Even in the morning, and Hoagie would be the first person to tell you she wasn't exactly pleasant in the morning. He was glad she was asleep; she hadn't been getting a lot of sleep lately because she was pregnant. With his baby. Again. That alone would never cease to amaze him.

He thought of their 4-year-old, August Hogarth Gilligan, tucked safely in his little bed. Hoagie had picked his name. He told her it was because he was supposed to be born in August, but instead came in July. But it was really because "Augie" was their names mixed, Abby and Hoagie. He liked that.

She was due soon, according to the doctor, a couple weeks. She was huge. Stunning, of course, but huge. Hoagie reached out a hand to touch her belly. It always gave him shivers, just thinking about it. He moved his hand along the expanse of her bump, wishing he could meet this little person immediately.

Hoagie was so enthralled he barely noticed when Abby's hand landed on top of his. Her much smaller hand led his to a spot where Hoagie felt the smallest little thump. Abby smiled his favorite peaceful smile, her eyes still closed, and wound her fingers through his.

"I think I might be old."

Rachel opened her eyes and sighed. "Old?"

"Yes, old." Everything he said always sounded so proper and correct. Sometimes she found it hard to disagree with what he said, who was she to argue with that voice?

Rachel rolled over so she was directly next to his ear. "Oh, Nigel, don't worry. You're already bald, what else is there?" He turned his head to stare at her. She grinned; he pushed her face away with his hand.

"Mrs. Uno, this is a serious conversation I want to have. I'm 31 today. 31! 30 is one thing, 31 is something else entirely."

Nigel had a tendency to jump to the worst possible conclusion for every occurrence. While most people joked about being old at 31, Nigel actually believed he was. For someone so intelligent… Well, the important thing was the Rachel loved him anyway. And she did.

"Mr. Uno," Rachel said as she draped her arm across his chest. "You are every bit as young as the day we got married."

"False, Mrs. Uno, those two children you burdened me with aged me about twenty years, at least. I don't forgive you for that." He kissed her forehead and pulled her closer to his side.

She smiled and breathed him in. "It takes two to tango, Mr. Uno."

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