A/N: Thank you everyone for reading!! This one is from Booth's pov. Again it came out more angsty than I originally intended but did you see the look on his face when he told her he wanted happiness for her? Hope you enjoy.

He had all the elements of happiness:

Love, laughter, friendship, purpose and a dance

He had shared dances with her, evoking her playful side and making "Hot Blooded" their song. He had felt extraordinarily jealous in Washington when she was dancing with those other men. She would blame his Alpha Male tendencies but he had to show them that she was his so he held her close. He held her close at her high school reunion; it was both perfect and painful.

He had a purpose, to fix his cosmic balance sheet. It's to protect his country, his friends, his Bones, his son. What she doesn't realize, or maybe doesn't want to realize is that his purpose now is firstly to protect her and Parker and secondly to catch criminals.

After his father left and he started high school he became very popular. He had lots of friends and girlfriends. Then he joined the army and he realized what real friendship was. He may still act like that popular high schooler sometimes but he has few friends that he knows he can count on. She is one of them. He had convinced her to forge a partnership and he worked hard to keep their friendship strong. She was his best friend, he was her best friend.

She doesn't get all of his jokes but he does make her laugh. She tries hard because she knows it means something (even if she doesn't understand what) and makes him laugh too.

He has always believed in love. In a love that is transcendent and eternal. He has always believed in love at first sight and that black magic capturing you in its spell. That's what happened the first time he saw her. He knew right then. But he had to convince her that love wasn't just chemicals; she finally believes that love comes before chemicals.

Love, laughter, friendship and a dance are what he uses to define happiness. What he uses to define the happiness that he wants her to have. He can see her brain working and knows that she thinks she has happiness.

He has all the elements of happiness, love, laughter, friendship and multiple dances. What she doesn't understand is that it is not the individual elements that make up happiness. There has to be something that holds them together. Without her he wouldn't have all the elements; she is the glue to his happiness.

She just doesn't see it that way.