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The Ties that Bind

Chapter one- The Ties are Bound.

One morning, two individuals woke, as two separate individuals. By the end of the day they would be one.


"Hey idiot wake up!" Shinji Ikari started awake and rolled over in his bed as the sound of the loud and extremely irritating voice broke through his slumber. Unfortunately rolling over carried him off of the edge of his bed and he fell to the floor with a crash. "Get up, you're going to make us late for school."

"No one asked you to wait for me Asuka," he shot back as he struggled to free himself from his hopelessly tangled sheets.

"If I didn't make sure you got up you'd never make it to school on time you lazy jerk, now hurry up."

"Yeah, yeah," Shinji muttered as he finally freed himself from the sheets and scrambled to his feet. (Hey that rhymed ^_^) Within a few minutes he was in the shower, the hot water pouring down over his face woke him up fully and after he finished he ran to his room to dress in his usual black slacks, blue undershirt. And white uniform shirt.

As he entered the kitchen he found Asuka waiting for him already dressed and tapping her foot impatiently.

"Finally you're ready," she said as she grabbed his wrist and literally dragged him out the door, barely leaving him enough time to grab his bag and slip on his shoes on the way out.

"See you later Misato," he called back over his shoulder as the door slid shut behind them. Inside the apartment, Misato sat at the kitchen table with a beer in one hand, her eyes wide as she attempted to comprehend the flurry of motion that had just torn through her tiny apartment. Eventually however she gave up and tilted back her beer, draining the can of its contents.


"So it looks like the newlyweds are late again," Touji commented as he looked up at the clock from his seat. He was currently sitting in his desk with his feet up on the desk in front of him, his chair tilted back on its legs.

"Most likely Shinji slept late again and Asuka is currently dragging him out of the door as we speak."

Touji chuckled lightly at the quite accurate image of Shinji being dragged down the street by the angry redhead. "Yeah probably what happened."

"Uh oh..." Touji looked up at Kensuke.


"SUZAHARA!" Touji jerked violently in surprise at the loud voice and the already precarious balance he had achieved with the chair deteriorated rapidly, resulting in him falling backwards to the ground with a spectacular crash that was heard out in the hall. From his new spot on the floor he was able to see a white pair of shoes stop near his nose.

Lifting his gaze he followed the smooth pair of legs that extended from the shoes, past the hem of a dress, and up to the very angry gaze of the classroom representative, Hikari Horaki.

"Uhh... Hey Hikari," Touji stammered as he scrambled to his feet. As soon as he was standing she shoved one finger against his chest threateningly.

"Why were your feet up on the desk Mister Suzahara?" she asked glaring up at him the entire time. Touji flushed nervously and attempted to stammer out some kind of an excuse or apology but the enraged class rep didn't give him the chance. "How many times have I told you not to put your feet on the desk? you are staying after class today to clean the desks Mr. Suzahara, and further more..." luckily Touji was saved from any more work by the timely arrival of Asuka and Shinji. More like a landing actually.

The class room door was thrown violently open and a certain brown haired pilot flew through the air to crash into a row of desks. Two of the desks were knocked over and a third slid across the ground to fetch up against the far wall.

"Serves you right, pervert," Asuka bellowed from the doorway as she gingerly rubbed the knuckles on her right hand. Shinji looked up in a daze from his place among the scattered desks, one hand was clasped to his jaw and a thin trail of blood could be seen from where his front lip had busted open on his teeth.

Asuka pivoted on her heel and stalked over to her desk slamming her bag to the ground next to it before sitting down herself. As Hikari walked over to ask her friend what had happened Touji and Kensuke went to assist the stricken boy in extracting himself from the pile of furniture he had landed in.

"Hey Shinji what the hell happened?" Touji asked as he lifted the smaller boy to his feet.

Shinji gingerly felt his lip. Yep definitely busted. Looking up he caught sight of the ever cold and emotionless Rei sitting in her usual spot staring out the window, apparently oblivious to the entire event.

He sighed and spoke to Touji and Kensuke in a whisper. "We were walking towards the class right? And she's dragging me along at like, the speed of sound or whatever, finally I trip. It was bound to happen. To keep from falling I grabbed onto her and I think my hands went a bit high. Next thing I know she's slugging me in the jaw." Touji and Kensuke both froze in the act of righting the fallen desks and turned to stare dumbfounded at the young pilot.

Shinji winced as a pair of sickeningly sly smiles graced their faces and prepared himself for the verbal barrage of dirty comments from the two... however he was saved as their Sensei walked through the door.

"Everybody stand. Bow. Sit." The three made a mad dash for their seats, and the school day officially began.


Rei Ayanami sat in her seat looking out the window. She had noticed the entire situation with Shinji and Asuka but did not understand it. What is it about Ikari that enrages the second so? She wondered idly.

Looking away from the window she cast her gaze around the room until her eyes came to rest on Asuka. She studied the fiery redhead for a while, while she attempted to figure out her behavior. Giving it up as a lost cause for the present she moved on to Asuka's most frequent victim, Shinji.

Shinji was sitting at his desk, half slumped over nursing his sore lip. His eyes were partially glazed and unfocused as the old Sensei droned on about his life before Second Impact. For several long minutes Rei studied the young boy before turning back to the window, her mind filled with questions, and no answers.


The remainder of the school day passed without further incident, and Shinji headed for NERV headquarters... alone, of course.

"Not like I did it on purpose..." he whispered, shoving his hands deeper into his pockets. He didn't notice the blue-haired follower, trailing him at a discrete distance. Not that she was truly following him, as they were both going to the same place... but she could have taken another route.

Shinji entered NERV headquarters through one of the large access gates and walked towards the locker rooms, his little blue shadow still behind him. They parted ways at the locker room doors and entered their separate areas to change into their plug suits before heading up to the labs for their briefing.

"Hey guys," Misato said as the two entered the lab. "You'll head on down to the cages in a minute but first Ritsuko had something she wanted to tell you.

"Todays test will be a little different then normal. We're going to perform a simultaneous cross synchronization test. Shinji you will try to activate Unit 00 Rei you will be in Unit 01."

"What about Unit 02?" Shinji asked.

"Asuka is already suited up in Unit 02 and she is standing by on the off chance that something goes seriously wrong. Like either Eva going berserk for example." Shinji gulped audibly at that and nervously nodded his head.

"All right guys head on down to the cages," Misato said with a cheery wave. Rei spun about and walked quietly away, still as stoic as ever, with Shinji not far behind.


"Okay guys, we're going to start the test soon so just relax and everything should go smoothly." Ritsuko said over the communication channel.

Several minutes passed as the two pilots attempted to familiarize themselves with the unfamiliar entry plugs. "So Rei, how's it feel to be in Unit 01's entry plug for the first time?" Ritsuko asked.

"I am unsure Dr. Akagi. It is most unusual... it smells like Ikari." Ritsuko chuckled to herself when she received one of the albino girl's overly-analytical responses before switching over to Shinji's comm channel. "Shinji how does it feel to be in Unit 00's entry plug?"

"A little odd Miss. Akagi, and... it kinda smells like Rei."

"How's he doing?" Misato asked of Maya, leaning over her shoulder to take a look at the monitors.

"He's a bit jittery but that's only to be expected, he's never been in any Eva other than Unit 01." Maya paused for a moment before correcting herself. "Well there was the incident with Unit 02 and the 6th angel but that's a special case."

Ritsuko stood from her seat and moved behind Maya to oversee the test. Raising her voice she called out, "Begin the startup sequence."


Inside the entry plugs the two pilots listened to the long strung out techno babble that neither could entirely comprehend but both knew was crucial to their safety. For the first five minutes of warm up and startup sequencing everything was going fine, Rei and Shinji could feel the presence of the Eva at the outside edge of their awareness.

Finally it came time for the third stage link up, and that was when all hell broke loose.


"I don't know why the hell I'm sitting here guarding these two idiots?" Asuka muttered under her breath as she sat in Unit 02's entry plug outside the two cages watching the silent beasts inside.

Apparently she hadn't muttered it quietly enough since Misato chose to answer her. "May I remind you Asuka that those two 'idiots' as you say are your fellow teammates and it has been those two that have been watching your butt on previous missions. Shinji and the eighth angel, then Rei assisted with the ninth as well."

"Yeah, yeah Misato I know all about it, I was there remember? I-" Anything else the red head might have added was drowned out in a sudden blaring of air raid sirens.


The entire command staff was speechless as on screen, Unit's 01 and 00 proceeded to go berserk.

"It's no good," Maya screamed, "The pulses are flowing backwards on both of them, we're not sure what's happening."

"Cut the power," Ritsuko called out as the stronger Unit 01 broke free of its restraints and began to lurch about the cage as if it were drunk. There was an explosion and the huge umbilical cable at the back of the large purple unit burst free to fall to the floor .

"Units 01 and 00 have both switched to internal batteries, complete loss of power within three minutes."

On screen Unit 00 finally broke free of its restraints and its hands came up to clutch at its head. Stumbling forward the large blue unit swung one massive fist directly at the glass, its single optic lens seemingly trained on the blond scientist behind the window.

Two smaller windows popped up on the monitors as the glass began to crack. The first showed Rei, her body arched back as both hands clutched her head, her mouth was wide open in a silent scream of agony.

The second window was a view of Shinji. Misato watched on as her charge convulsed in a series of spasms, his body shaking violently, eyes rolled back into his head and a thin stream of blood ran from his nose. His body jerked violently one more time and there was a loud crack that reverberated throughout the room as his right arm came down on the control panel, the radius in his wrist snapping under the impact.

Then all was silent, the two massive robots finally ran out of power. Inside the pilots fell silent as well, both descending into unconsciousness as the assault on their minds ceased. Then... "GET THEM OUT OF THERE," Misato screamed as the command staff slowly began to recover in the sudden silence.

Her voice was enough and a frenzy of activity followed as rescue crews ran down to retrieve the injured children.

And through it all, one voice remained unheard for quite sometime. "Excuse me? Hello would someone tell me what the hell is going on," Asuka screamed from inside Unit 02.

End.Many thanks to Random 1377 for his help with this fic, and Ken Sohryu, who pointed out a few glitches along the way. Thanks guys.