Sometimes, you can't go home again...

By Ayshara

Theresa is sixteen when she gets a call, her father had gone to war a year ago. She picked up the phone, hoping to hear his voice, but it wasn't him, she listens in silence before slowly putting the phone down and starting to cry.

Her mother, Ravenswood, had died when she was about three from a brain tumor; one day Sam woke up and she didn't.

Debbie drove Theresa to the graveyard nearby a week later, she was wearing a black dress, that Debbie had helped pick out for her. Actually Theresa had to be persuaded to buy the dress.

They both walk to the site and Theresa is handed a folded up flag from a soldier standing near the mahogany coffin, she closes her eyes and remembers the time that he first taught her to shoot a gun while taking the flag.

Debbie comes up behind her, and hugs her with one arm for support as they walk to Debbie's car.

(suggested song is Carrie Underwood - Just a Dream, I was listening to that as I wrote this but any song in the same vein will work)