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Bleach: Rise of Fallen Emperor: Chapter 1, Prologue

A blue haired man with an open white coat was having a bad day, present orders be damned. Aizen's orders were to fight the orange haired shinigami, and when weakened enough, take him captive. It had been a while before he could find the carrot top, and his fraccion were starting to drop, much to his already foul-er mood.

"Tch... I could care less if he wanted me to parade around Los Noches in the buff, as long as I got to get a good fight while I'm doing it... But he isn't even worth it! Fucking garbage!" The smurf head thought.


He stared down from the sky at the shinigami in a neat little crater in the ground. However, the smurf-kitty made a critical mistake in lowering his guard, because after that jibe, Grimmjow felt a dark reiatsu come from that direction... And then nail him in the chest, burning through his hierro, with a tainted feeling, something that shouldn't be coming from a shinigami.

"GAH!!! Damn! What the fuck was that?! It felt like a..." A feral grin spread across Grimmjow's face as realization dawned on him. "So THAT'S it! Hahaha!!! He's got some kind of hollow powers!!! I guess this won't be so bad afterall!"

Ichigo was not having a fun time. That Getsuga Tenshou wasn't laced with his normal reiatsu. While on the ground, he felt his hollow trying to take hold, and his power to fight back was waning.

And to top it off, the Espada that he just cheesed was now grinning with a bloodlust that could rival even that battle maniac Kenpachi Zaraki. Usually not the best of signs after you've hit an enemy with a screwed version of your best attack...

"Dammit...! Stay.... Outta... My... FIGHTS!!!" Ichigo shouted to his hollow aloud.

"Aww... Now why should I do THAT, kingy...?It'll be a pain in the ass if ya get killed... And I'm sooooooooooo bored.... I wanna play!!!" The hollow complained, laughing madly afterwards. "It's never a good thing to not aknowledge what you really are... Don't they send people like that to mental hospitals...?"

Ichigo was fighting back as hard as he could, but to little avail. The edge of his vision was starting to become black, and he could feel the tainted energies that lay deep within his soul flowing through his body. But a buzz of sonido caused a lapse in concentration. When he turned around, he saw a familiar pale arrancar... Before he could even speak or utter an unintelligable noise, a hand was struck through the center of his chest, hand sticking out the back... By the time the air went through his trachea and out his throat, all that was uttered was a bloody gurgle.

"Objective completed. Aizen-sama will be pleased." The pale, emotionless arrancar said. "Grimmjow. Call your remaining fraccion. The mission is a success, we are now retreating."

"Tch... Fuck you, Ulquiorra." Grimmjow responded, and regardless of his defiant response, flared his reiatsu in the specific way he taught his fraccion to signal an immediate retreat, and opened a garganta himself to return to Los Noches.

"I fail to see what's so special about this filth, Aizen-sama..." An aged masculine voice spoke. "He was tossed aside by a peon like Grimmjow. So what makes him valuable enough to organize an operation for?!"

"Ugh... Do I HAVE to be here for this...? It's bad enough Lilinette woke me up with a brick this time, but over something as minor as a dying shinigami...?" A lazy male voice drawled out.

The Espada were gathered in a cell, looking at a morally wounded Ichigo. In all actuality, Stark was nodding off, Arraniero was taking care of surveillance of Los Noches like usual, Barragan staring at Aizen arrogantly, Stark's fraccion Lilinette was kicking Stark in the shin each time he nodded off, Ulquiorra was... Being Ulquiorra, Gin was smirking, Tousen was studying his eyelids, Szayel was eying the teen with a scientist's appetite, Zommari was standing at attention, Halibel was examining the boy with her arms crossed quietly, Grimmjow was scowling angrily, finding interest in a small crack on one of the many white walls the fortress possessed, Yammy was picking his nose, Nnoitra was leering at Halibel's ass, and Ulquiorra was waiting for his next order.

"This is Ichigo Kurosaki. He may not be very strong in comparison to all of you, but his potential is far greater than anyone other than myself or Kisuke Urahara could fathom." Aizen announced. "Grimmjow, did you notice anything out of the ordinary while fighting him...?" Grimmjow snapped out of staring at that crack in the wall to answer his leader's question.

"He's got hollow reiatsu." He stated casually. "It's probably all that's keeping him alive right now with that fucking hole in his chest."

"You're correct on both accounts, Grimmjow." Aizen smoothly said. "Apparently, this boy, when defeated by Byakuya Kuchiki before my 'betrayal', lost all his shinigami powers. Now, Kisuke Urahara had devised a way to have him recover that power, but it came with something... Extra."

"Is it something with his having hollow reiatsu, Aizen-sama...?" The busty, tan blonde finally spoke.

"Again, correct. But it is not as simple as that, you see..." Aizen responded. "It split his soul in two, and he has an inner hollow."

"So... What did we have him brought here for, Aizen-sama?" Yammy asked, flicking a generous sized hunk of snot at Lilinette.

"An excellent question, Yammy. We are going to reveal to him the futility of trying to make friends with Soul Society." Aizen answered in his usual condescending and smooth voice. "See, when Ulquiorra struck Ichigo-kun with that attack, he was partially hollowfied, and that strike also created a hole... Anyone care to guess why he hasn't bled out...?"

The question hung in the air, unanswered. Aizen knew they had figured it out. Grimmjow had seen through the plan as soon as he was hit by that blast made of hollow energies. Ulquiorra was told of the plan beforehand, and knew, but everyone else's eyes widened, even Halibel's, and Lilinette gasped twice. The first time for the small little revelation ever so gently dropped from 1000 feet in the air like a hydrogen bomb and the second for finding Yammy's supersized snot on the back of her skimpy outfit. Even Gin was a little surprised. He knew the kid was odd, and thought him to be creepy, but this was coming from left field by a gigantic margin.

"Yes, he is now officially a hollow."

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