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Rise of the Fallen Emperor Chapter 10: Snaggletooth!


"Y-you're that shinigami that Shinji was interested in...!" Hiyori stammered out.

"Um, why does that creep me out for some reason?" Ichigo frowns while Grimmjow snickers off to the side.

"Heh, looks like you got a wannabe lover, Berry-boy! Aaaaah hahahahahahahaaaaa-ngah...!" Grimmjow was interrupted by a donkey kick to the gentleman's sausage from Ichigo. "Nngh...! Bastard..."

"Ugh, not like that, you moron...!" Hiyori shouts back with a blush before worming her way over to Grimmjow and latching on to one of his legs. Aizen merely chuckles softly.

"Ichigo, why don't you take her to your room? Szayel already placed suppression bands on her, so she won't be fighting back." Aizen 'suggests'.

"Um... Right." He responds with a blush. Reaching over, he grabs the bound Hiyori (still gnawing on Grimmjow's leg) and puts her under his arm, a piece of Grimmjow's pant leg tearing off and going with the girl. "I wish you weren't making it sound so awkward, Aizen."

"Oh...? Whatever do you mean...?" Aizen says, with an innocent smile on his face. "I'm merely stating facts."

"Ptoo! Right. Facts." Hiyori grumbles out.


"Hey baldy!"








"Don't get any ideas with me!"

"What? Hah! Why would I want to do anything with you?"

"Wha-wha-wha? Then why did you just blush?"

"Because I was thinking of someone with a FIGURE!"


"Yeah, what are you, ten? Yeah, you're cute, but a kid!"





Wind pushes a tumbleweed across the room, which neither inhabitants happen to notice.






Ichigo peels himself off the wall and smirks.

"You heard me. You're flat. On all sides. Like an ironing board." Ichigo said as he watched steam blast out of the Vizard's ears audibly. "A cute face sexy does not make!"

"C-cute... F-face...?" Hiyori splutters, steam halting and a blush returning. Ichigo had momentum and he wasn't going to lose to her! "I happen to be over a hundred years old, virgin!"

"Well, I'm fifteen. I've been too busy focusing on school to worry about girlfriends...! ... And other things have been taking my time... But I'm pretty sure I've gone farther than YOU!" Ichigo counters with Cancel, and Hiyori doesn't have enough lands untapped to pay the mana needed to nullify the effect!

"..." She doesn't say a thing, instead choosing to look away. "You're right."

"Strike a chord, did I...?" Ichigo crowed in victory.

"Go ahead and laugh. No one would want a girl like me anyway. For anything."

'Uh oh... Dammit.'

"Er... Sorry... Um... I can undo your bindings now." Hiyori didn't respond, just stared at the floor. Ichigo went ahead and undid the bindings anyway. Afterwards, he grabbed her chin gently, crouched down a bit and raised her face up to his.

'I can't believe I'm going to do this...'

He then placed a passionate kiss on Hiyori's lips, much to her surprise. Strangely though, she didn't resist, and just went with it. After a few more seconds, Ichigo pulled away, Hiyori almost falling forward.

"Look, I'm sorry. What I said was unacceptable..." Ichigo says. "It must be really difficult being here like this... But there's nothing I can actually do about it, other than to make it a little easier on you."

Hiyori had finally hit her breaking point. The normally fiesty Vizard couldn't take any more and leapt at her captor, latching on to him and crying into his shoulder.

"Why...? Why didn't you just kill me?" Hiyori cries out in between sobs. "I don't have anything to live for anyway!"

Ichigo was taken aback at that statement.

"Nothing to live for...?" Ichigo repeated back, questioningly. Hiyori scowls while looking away. "Well, I just couldn't kill someone... It's not like you deserved it."

"Huh? Didn't deserve it? The hell kinda twisted logic is that? Aren't you s'posta kill your enemies?" Hiyori yells back, mood doing a complete 180.

"Just because I'm like this..." Ichigo gestures to his hollow hole. "Doesn't mean I don't have morals. I just don't like killing people. In fact, I've only actually killed once. That was the Fifth Espada, but I wasn't in as control of myself as I was earlier."

"Yeah, whatever, fine, but don't you work for the bastard now?" Hiyori grumbles, cleaning an ear with her pinky.

"Aizen's enemies aren't my enemies. Whatever justifications he may give me for his orders, I'll still find loopholes..." Ichigo said seriously. "Halibel-chan, how long have you been listening in on us...?"

Hiyori's eyes mimicked saucers the color of everything else in Los Noches when she saw who walked in...

'Damn... She's STACKED!' Hiyori thought, before looking down at her chest and cupping them sadly.

"I was watching the whole time, Ichigo." Ichigo cringed in panic. "...Wh-where's my kiss...?"

Ichigo dun broke-ded. Hiyori moved on to the rest of Halibel's measurements... While this was going on, Halibel giggled quietly before making the motion to remove the mask fragments that would be in the way, as well as opening up her not-shirt, freeing her bountiful tanned chest for the room's inhabitants to view and discards it in the dimension of "not caring about that anymore". She shyly held her arms over her chest while blushing. Ichigo was over to the door in a blink, locking it before he sprinted back to Halibel, but wound up slipping on the floor and slamming into the wall. Halibel chuckled mirthfully as Ichigo pried himself off the floor with a grimace, a single thought running through his head.

'Since when did I start acting like my old man...?' Ichigo looked over at Halibel's wondrous bouncing chest and did a mental facepalm. 'Right.'

"HEY, there's someone else in here!" Hiyori finally shouted.

"Unimportant." Halibel states. By that time, Ichigo had robotically made his way over to the bed with Hiyori on it, and flapped the sheets, launching Hiyori off the bed, landing on her head in the corner.

"I believe you knocked her out, Ichigo." Halibel points out. Ichigo just grabbed her by the waist and threw her on the bed, laying over her, mouth inches from hers.

"Unimportant, right...?" He smirks at her. Halibel blushes at the close contact before a sensation at one of her nipples causes her to moan. Seizing the opportunity, Ichigo secured his mouth firmly to Halibel's, and thrust his tongue in eagerly. Not one to be outdone, Halibel fought back fiercely with her own tongue, matching him well.

Halibel broke the kiss and flipped Ichigo over and straddled him, noticing his blatantly obvious erect member and where it was rubbing. She moaned at the contact, and reflexively bucked, causing the man she was pinning to moan as well.

"H-halibel-chan..." Ichigo moaned out.

"Shhh..." She says back, hands on his uniform. "Let's get this off of you..."

Halibel ripped the offending instrument of clothed uniform-ness off without a second thought. Licking her lips unconsciously at the sight of Ichigo's unclothed torso, she then ran her tongue up his chest, giving him goosebumps. Stopping at his neck, she latched on quite violently and started sucking quite strongly. Ichigo moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure before doing the same to her own neck.

Halibel lifted her head up, noticing the wound that she had made on her impromptu lover, and leaned back in to clean up the spilt blood eagerly. This caused Ichigo to twitch, rubbing his engorged cock into Halibel's clothed crotch. This got a moan from the ganguro woman, but she still kept with her oral ministrations on Ichigo's neck. Reaching down, Ichigo grabbed Halibel's lower uniform and ripped it off, tossing it into "NOBODY CARES, IT'S OFF!" land. She gasped at the sudden force down there, as well as at the influx of air bathing her precious honey pot.

Taking initiative once again, Ichigo flipped her over and this time sat back so he could get a closer look at Halibel's nethers. The woman's face resembled a tomato as she reached down to cover it, but he grabbed the hands and moved them out of the way. She was completely shaven, and glistening with arousal. Ichigo just felt the need to lean forward and lick it...

So, he did. And why the hell not?

Halibel squealed in absolute ecstasy at the feeling of the redhead's slick tongue giving her proper worship. Ichigo leaned up and smirked.

"I didn't know that your voice could sound that girly, Halibel-chan..." Not waiting for her response, he went back down.

"*gasp* Sh-shut up... Nnh... I-ichigo..." She manages to say. It isn't long before she feels a pressure gathering in the lower regions of her body. "Ngh... I'm... I'm...!"

Halibel saw stars, and her body felt like it was floating. She's heard a powerful orgasm being described before, but she had never felt one under her own ministrations. Descriptions don't do it justice. Then, she felt Ichigo moving on to her chest. In her orgasm-fogged brain, she heard herself moan some more at the wonderful sensations.

It took a minute, but after regaining some of her strength, she flipped Ichigo over, holding her waist above his strained cock, arousal dripping all over it freely. Leaning her head down, she whispered two words into his ear.

"...Take me."

She then carefully lowered herself down, meeting some resistance with her virgin pussy. Grunting in pain, she forced the head into her drenched folds before cooing in delight. Ichigo's face was contorted in a silent gasp of pleasure. Halibel then started to force herself down more, grunting with the inital pain and then with the following pleasure. She kept this going until Ichigo was fully sheathed in her. Reveling in the fullness that this brought, she loved it when his cock twitched every now and then inside of her.

Feeling that her inner walls have stretched themselves properly, she eased her hips upward, eliciting moans from herself and her lover. She then repeated in the opposite fashion, gasping when Ichigo hit the correct spots. After the third time, she lost all of the strength in her arms and fell onto Ichigo's chest, unable to hold herself up anymore. Ichigo took her mouth into his and wrapped his arms around her.

"Let me handle this, Halibel-chan..." Ichigo flipped her over again and as she looked at him in pure adoration, he started pumping his hips into hers, burying himself ever deeper into Halibel. Her reaction was the cry of pure pleasure as she approached her second orgasm. Feeling himself get closer, he grunted.

"H-halibel-chan... I'm g-gonna..."

"I-I want it... *gasp* In-inside... Ngh!" She grunts back. "Do it inside me!"

The dam broke. Between the coaxing of this tanned goddess underneath him and her contracting walls on his cock, he lost it. In the biggest orgasm he had in his short life, he emptied himself into Halibel, the motions of his member lengthening Halibel's own bout with ecstasy. He fell into her, spent. Halibel kissed him tenderly before falling asleep in his arms, still linked with him...


That's all for this chapter. Btw, there was a lemon in this chapter. Also, HOORAY FOR MY FIRST COMPLETE LEMON! WHEEEEEE!

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know what a Ganguro is, in Japan, they're girls that get dark tans and dye their hair blonde. They'll also put on white/yellow eyeliner and lipstick. The problem with REAL ganguros is the fact that they're usually orange... Well, I can deal. Can't argue with my penis, now can I?