Danny yawned as he woke up, sunlight streaming through his window, the 'Ooah, coo, coo' of a mourning dove outside calming a bit with it's call. Danny smiled and sat up, his bed making noise from the release of weight. It was the weekend for Danny- no homework, no ghost attacks that night. He wondered why slightly, before pushing it off as the ghosts didn't feel like bothering him. Slipping into some blue slippers he had on the side of his bed, he shoved his feet into them and opened his door, going down the wooden stairs covered in carpet that squeak as he went down them.

His nostrils were filled with the smell of biscuits and bacon as he left his room, and smiled as he entered to the kitchen, but stopped. No Maddie or Jazz is in sight. Only Jack.

"Dad, where's mom and Jazz?" Danny asked curiously. Jack looked up and grinned.

"They're off on a mother-daughter trip. They'll be gone a few days. So, I figured while they're gone we can have some father and son time!" Jack cheered. Danny smiled lightly at his father's enthusiasm, and nodded. Jack pointed to the baskets in the middle of the table.

"I made up some biscuits and bacon, as you might of smelled coming down. So, eat up and come down to the lab!" Jack said. Danny smiled weakly to be polite, but was secretly dreading what his dad might try to show him that would 'accidentally' go off on Danny. But, he ate anyways as he and his father talked a bit in between bits of their breakfast. Danny was about to get up and go get dressed into his normal clothes, before his dad stopped him.

"Son, we're going to be working around ectoplasm, so I made you a new jumpsuit. It's in your closet- I put it in there when you were sleeping. Come down when you're done getting dressed." Jack said proudly. Danny nodded thankfully, and went up the squeaky steps again back to his cluttered room. Stepping over various clothes, model space ships, or textbooks as he traverses across his blue carpet to his closet, he opened the old, slightly worn out wooden closet. He spied the jumpsuit.

It was the same jumpsuit's color of his ghost form's before he went into the Fenton portal. The white base, black gloves, belt, and boots included. He rolled his eyes, but smiled upon seeing Jack didn't put his face on it this time. After getting into it, he ran back down the stairs, and down the harder, colder stairs of the lab. Once he got to the bottom of the stairs of the lab, he sees his father in his normal orange jumpsuit, and Jack turned around and grinned at his son.

"Heya, Danny-boy! I was going to show you my latest-"

Jack was interrupted by a crash, and the ghost portal popping open. Danny looked around quickly for the thermos as his dad freaked out for a minute, and noticed it on a table on his left. He quickly grabbed it, and he and his father picked up ghost fighting weapons- but Danny was stopped.

"Danny, I know you wanna help fight, but you're not experienced enough." Jack said firmly, pushing him back, but also oozing with pride that his son was willing to help fight.

The portal swirled innocently for a moment before Vlad Plasmius flew through it. Danny only glared at him venomously, but tried to hide it under a veil of surprise as his Dad jumped up, shouting "DIE, GHOST!" with the Fenton Fisher. Vlad simply snorted and blasted it away, and hit Jack with a green spider web-like green trap, pushing Jack back. Jack squirmed and shouted as he tried to get loose, but it was no avail.

Danny immediately snapped into action. Grabbing the dropped fishing pole in one hand and the thermos in the other, he threw the fishing line at Vlad, who got a minor scratch from it. Glaring at Danny who prepared the thermos, he quickly used the same green spider web he used on his father, throwing Danny back against the wall, with only the thermos in his hand.

Floating up the the squirming and shouting pair, Vlad stuck Danny's head up using a finger under his chin.

"Hello, Daniel." Vlad said coolly. Jack turned and looked at Danny in shock.

"How does he-"

Vlad turned to Jack, and snarled.

"Silence, insolent fool!" He shouted. Jack shut his mouth, but twitched his hands and narrowed his eyes at Vlad. Danny growled.

"Plasmius." Danny spat, forgetting his dad was there, and his eyes widened and would thwack a hand on his face if he could. Jack turns and stared at Danny again.

"Danny, what are you hiding...?" Jack asked seriously. Danny winced, and looked between the two. Vlad only rolled his eyes again and used another spider-web like shot to cover their mouths, making both only be able to glare at Vlad.

Vlad grinned, showing his vampire-like teeth.

"You'll see- and will live if you get past my maze." Vlad said evilly.

Then he raised a magenta-glowing hand and Danny and Jack's eyes were blinded before both opened their eyes again, and looked around. They were in a vast hedge maze, almost seemingly endless, and a dark night sky above them.

"Where are we?" Jack asked aloud. Silence responded him. Danny looked down at his feet nervously, hoping this experience wouldn't lead to a busted secret.

"In Plasmius' torture chamber." He groaned, slapping a hand to his face.

I don't own Danny Phantom. (Though, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish they'd make more episodes.) Review? This is gonna be a few chapter fic.