Title: Nightmares
Author: Onyx Wildcat
Chapter: Ongoing...let's see where this take us ^_^
Rating: M/NC-17 for Strong Sexual Content, Language, Violence and Possibly Gore. Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised.
Pairing: I don't want to give away too much…;)
Warnings: Adult situations; Horror, Angst, Romance, Comedy, Mystery...
Spoilers: Being that this was written around the middle of Season Two, there aren't many spoilers ;)
Feedback: Not Required, But Always Very Appreciated!
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that pertains to the show Supernatural. This is sheer Fan entertainment in fictional writing form. The Female character Aiden Catherine Harvey aka Cat (Which is an extension of myself) is Mine.
Summary: Sam suffers unsightly visions that lead the Winchesters to a small Southern Californian Beach City…to a young woman who's been having a few Nasty Nightmares of her own… She seems to have a blissful amnesia when she wakes, but Sam does not… He wants to stop what he sees…to protect this young woman from the darkness that threatens her… Will she be able to trust him when she finally learns the truth?

[[Onyx's Note: This IS my very FIRST Winchester/Supernatural Fan Fictions. I can't believe I haven't gone back and finally finished this. So I've gone through and done a bit of editing (that always seems to be the case when you grow as a writer), which I'm still doing and I truly think everyone will Really Love this story when you give it a chance. And on that note, Enjoy! ^_^]]


"God…kiss me again." She moaned softly as he leaned in, and captured her hungry mouth in a devastating kiss. She felt as though she'd somehow found heaven, safe in the arms of an angel, away from the darkness…

Pain suddenly surged from the back of her neck when he took a handful of her hair and jerked her head back in a painful angle.

Confusion swept through her veins at the violent act. "Sam?! What are you…?" She exclaimed in a mixture of shocked surprise and felt her voice die into the darkness that surrounded them as she peered into his gaze…which glistened back at her as though they were made of liquid coal. Pitch Black invaded her sight as his eyes were no longer his own.

But of a Demon

A sinister smile began to pull at the edges of his lips, causing those obsidian eyes to shimmer with a secret madness, "Sam?" He snarled sweetly in a dark, malicious tone, causing the bile to rise up in the back of her throat as it slithered terrible promises into her mind. "I'm sorry princess, but Sam's not here right now…"

Panic surged through her veins like thick streams of liquid nitrogen, "Let go of me!" she growled in disgust and tried to push him away, but seeing as she only stood five foot six, and him about six foot four…she was nearly powerless. Thinking on her feet, she tried in desperation to reach him, "Sam I know you're in there…" her voice cracking as she spoke, "you're stronger then this…"

The demonic grin on his face stretched as he suddenly forced her backward and slammed the back of her skull against the wall with a sickening crack. "Aw…did that hurt love?" He purred in a sadistic lull, his voice filled with horrible intentions as he waited for her to open her eyes… Only to slam the back of head against the wall one more time, causing her to bite the inside of her cheek. Blood pooled within her jaws and dribbled down the left side of her mouth, which he immediately lapped up greedily and groaned in the back of his throat as though he'd just tasted of the purest of honey. "Damn baby…never tasted anything so sweet."

Pain surged against her temples, trickling like black venom through her mind…which kept her rage at bay. But despite the agony swelling along her nerves, there was no way in hell she was goin' down without a fight.

"Get…" Her voice was a harsh and broken thing as it trailed off into the tense air around them. Blinking, she was finally able to focus her gaze up into those black eyes that seemed to laugh at her pain, "the…fuck…" her voice faded again as a wave of anger continued to rise within her like Mount Saint Helens about to explode in a fury of brimstone, "OFF ME!!"

Suddenly…everything became a blur…

Her forehead cracked against his, sending him tumbling back, giving her just enough time to send her powerful leg soaring upward… Right into his balls. She watched him as he wretched forward from the pain and took that as another opportunity in which to strike. "You Black-Eyed Sonuvabitch!!" She roared and jumped kicked, landing the blow perfectly just beneath his jaws causing him to fly backward in a mess of limbs.

Time seemed to blur in and out of focus… Slower, faster, swirling through a strange mist of confused madness. She was trapped in this moment of terror and rage and all she could think of was to defend her life. There was however, a tiny nagging voice in the back of her mind reminding her that Sam was buried deep within the trenches of his mind as that Demon used his body for a meat suit…and that if push came to shove…she wouldn't be able to kill him.

…even if it meant losing her life just to save his…

The moment she let herself realize that she was trapped…he was back on his feet and she was flat on her back after a nasty right hook connected with her face.

A crackling of painful electricity swelled where the knuckles of his large hand made contact with her face and for those few misplaced seconds her vision exploded with light. Her chest heaved, air seeming so very far away, when an immense weight was suddenly on top of her and she had no chance to escape.

"Bad move honey…" The Demon chimed with Sam's deep voice and grinned when it watched her brows furrow; knowing she was too dazed to realize it was wrapping her wrists together over her head with duct tape.

Battling the black haze of unconsciousness, she still continued to fight…but his weight and strength overpowered her as he straddled her legs…pinning her to the floor. "Here's the thing princess…" The Demon whispered with Sam's lips, enjoying the stench of her fear as it swam through her veins. He pressed Sam's face close to hers, grinning maliciously and growled, "It's so much better when you fight…"

With a hard jerk of his hand he tore open her blouse, exposing her pale flesh hidden beneath a dark green bra. "Hey… Now that's a good color…" He sneered and hooked his fingers between bra and skin and ripped the fabric away, causing her to cry out in her vulnerable state. "That's much better…"

"I'll kill you, you evil sonuvabitch…" She snarled with deadly promise and was once again silenced when he slapped her hard across the face; a small stream of blood jutting from her lips onto the ground next to them.

"You're so much prettier when you don't speak." Sam's voice chimed in a husky growl and smirked as her eyes opened and closed, apparently fighting with every ounce of strength she had left to remain conscious.

Dots of light weaved through her fuzzy vision as a soft whimper of pain drifted from her parted lips, tears of defeat rolling down the sides of her face when she added, "just stop…"

A scream lodged itself in the back of her dry throat when she was met with another, nastier blow to the face…causing her head to loll back and forth, darkness consuming the dots from the backs of her eyelids. "I hate repeating myself." Sam's voice mused casually when he grabbed her sore jaw in a tight, white knuckled grip and brought her bloody face to his.

She had just enough strength left to look upon his grinning face and felt her stomach twist in painful knots when he ran his tongue along his lips and purred ever so sweetly, "You don't beg until I tell you to."

A scream shattered the darkness. "NO!!!"

Her eyes snapped out, body upright when she awoke with a start. Sheets soaked with sweat, lungs heaving as her heart pounded wildly within her chest. Trembling…she looked around and realized she was in her room, in her bed…safe. It was all just a nightmare.

"Oh god." She whimpered and brought a hand to her forehead, choking out a trembling sigh of relief. "It was just a nightmare…just a really, vivid nightmare." She thought aloud and forced herself to get out of bed.

-End Prologue-