Kaisa sighed and looked out into the blue abyss that was the ocean bay.

She was sitting on a rock overlooking a cliff that faced the sea, it was her favorite place to sit and think.

The wind gently ruffled her red hair.


That was the color of almost everything about her, her hair, her eyebrows, her lips, even her chocolate eyes seemed red sometimes.

That was what made her so different from the rest of the Vikings.

Her mother had been a wife of the Viking lord, Stoick the vast, but had died protecting him from a nightfury when Kaisa was only four.

Stoick wasn't her real father, but he tried to treat her like a daughter, even though she looked so much like her mother, causing him pain whenever he looked at her.

Kaisa wasn't only different in appearance, but she was mentally different.

In their village, all the people, women included, were warriors, fighting the dragons.

Kaisa loved dragons, ever since she was little, finding out all there was to learn about them.

Even though it was because of dragon that she was practically alone now; she didn't blame it, for some odd reason, she just couldn't.

Another thing that set her apart from the other Vikings was her name; it was customary to name a baby a frightening and horrible name, to give them luck later in life.

Her mother hadn't followed that, she had picked a name that had meant something.

Kaisa meant "pure" in her mother's homeland, somewhere Kaisa had only dreamed of visiting.

Secretly, Kaisa liked Hiccup, Stoick's son. He was a few months older, and in her opinion, cute.

He was short and skinny, but made up for it with reddish hair like hers, buck teeth, and freckles.

That was something she had lots of too.


They splattered across her face like paint.

Kaisa heard the dinner bell from the distant village and stood, her long, loose hair gleaming in the sunset.

She shook it, relishing the feel of her wavy, soft hair.

Then, she started running quickly through the trees, eager to get home before she missed her supper.

She ran along the wooden path into the familiar village, passing the baker's, the weaver's, the woodshop, and finally, the armory.

As she ran by, she caught a glimpse of Hiccup working in the shop.

She stopped to watch him for a few seconds.

His bangs fell over his eyes, obscuring them from her view, but she pictured the brown orbs.

He was sweating slightly, hammering a bent blade back into shape.

Then, he moved away from the window, and Kaisa lost her view.

She sighed.

Hiccup would never notice her.

No one did.

To the other vikings, she was just a reminder of a foreign queen who hadn't lived long.

To the kids, she was just an invisible shadow, not worth anything.

Plus, they had Astrid to swoon over.

Something told Kaisa that Astrid wasn't good; and that was for sure. She was the toughest girl around, she would take on any dragon, and kill it as quickly as possible.

What was new in this town?

So far, she was the candidate for the dragon training prize; the chance to kill her first dragon.

Kaisa sighed again.

By now, she had reached the double doors of the eating hall.

Slowly, she pushed them open, then grabbed a plate and some food from one of the tables.

She went to the table in the corner, no longer bothered by her lack of company; she had long grown used to it.

As she looked up from her plate, Kaisa saw Hiccup come in and sit in his normal spot, alone.

If she was brave enough, she could go and sit with him, but no... He was staring forlornly at Astrid.

She would never have a chance.

From across the hall, Stoick the vast looked over at his daughter.

He leaned over to his friend, Gobber the Belch.

"Sometimes I worry about her"

Gobber followed his gaze and saw Kaisa staring into the fire.

"Don't worry Stoick, she'll bloom when she's ready"

Stoick looked down into his mead cup.

"For her sake, I hope so"


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