Birds of a Feather

Chapter Four:

Upon returning to camp, Lenora immediately explained the circumstances of why Flemeth was still alive. She listened with her arms crossed over her chest and when the Avvar had finished speaking she made a "tch" sound and that was the end of the conversation.

Lenora sighed and returned to the group. Everyone save Morrigan, Bodahn, and Sandal were surrounding the newcomers. They were all asking questions and their guests felt hard-pressed to answer every one. Wynne was enraptured in a conversation with Gandalf, Gimli with Oghren, and Zevran and Legolas were eyeing each other warily.

"We need a course of action," Alistair said to Lenore as she came to stand beside him.

"We need to fully understand what is going on first," Lenora replied as she watched the newcomers mingle with her comrades. "This is unprecedented. Have you ever seen people like them?" She gestured to the Hobbits. "Or an elf that tall?"

"The similarities are just as striking," answered Alistair. "He looks like any other dwarf, and he any man." He gestured to Gimli and Aragorn in turn.

"The older man could easily pass as a mage from the Circle…" Lenora crossed her arms over her chest. "But their weapons are made of material I don't recognize."

"We can't rule out the possibility that Flemeth has something to do with this," Alistair said. It was obvious that the thought disturbed him.

Lenora patted him on the arm comfortingly. "It's time we got some answers." She stepped forward ad raised up her hand to get their attention. Once everyone was quiet and turned to her, she looked at Gandalf. "Obviously this isn't you world, but the similarities are striking. Please start at the beginning of your tale, and then we will return the favor."

They all sat around the fire as it was growing dark and cool. The Hobbit by the name of Frodo sat next to Gandalf. Together they told the story of the Ring and of its birthplace in Mordor. They described many of the hardships they had gone through because of the Ring. They described the creatures known as orcs, a description that caused Lenora and Alistair alarm; they sounded very much like darkspawn. Frodo completed the tale with his own inner battle in Mordor that finally ended with the destruction, or so he thought, of that accursed ring.

"It was in that moment that we were sent here," he said.

"Somehow magic in that ring was connected to this world," Wynne said. "When it was destroyed, the magic was released."

"That's a good explanation, but who put it there?" Alistair asked. "And why this world?"

"Could it have been that mage—wizard, sorry—that you spoke off? Sorry-man?" Lenora asked, struggling with the name.

Gandalf contemplated the possibility for some time before shaking his head. "I have known Saruman for a long time. He was capable of much, but inter-dimensional travel was not among his abilities."

"Someone on this side, then?" Zevran suggested. He was sitting next to Legolas, who looked much more elegant and savant. His height dwarfed the elf assassin even when sitting.

"Who could have that kind of power? An apostate?" Alistair asked, looking to Wynne for the answer.

"This is hurtin' mah head," Oghren growled and stumbled away from the circle to go collapse beside of his tent.

"Excuse him," Lenora said with a sigh.

"For what?" Gimli questioned. "This is hurting my head too."

"Doesn't take much," Legolas cut in quickly.

"Perhaps First Enchanted Irvin will be able to answer our question," Wynne suggested, cutting the two off before a pointless argument could commence.

"It seems we should make a trip to the Circle then," Lenora said. She turned to those from another world. "We'll tell you our tale along the way."

x x x

"It seems that every world, if there be more, is plagued by some type of evil," Legolas said lamentedly as they traveled the road that would take them to Lake Calenhad.

Lenora walked beside of the tall elf, and looked up at him as he spoke. Ever the optimist, she replied with, "Without evil there cannot be good."

"Truer words have never been spoken," Wynne agreed. She sat atop Bodahn's horse that pulled his cart. She had been feeling increasingly faint on their journey until the kind elf had offered his steed to her. He still drove the cart, and the wizard Gandalf walked beside of her. They seemed to have made fast friends, probably owing to the fact that both were fascinated in the magical differences of their worlds.

"And Flemeth believes that your ring has something to do with the Archdemon?" Morrigan asked skeptically. Her arms were crossed as she walked, and she regarded Frodo from down her nose.

"She is a witch of this world," Aragorn said, giving the apostate woman a mistrustingly look.

"She is also my mother," Morrigan replied calmly to the man. A small smirk pulled at her lips when his eyes widened in surprise. The smallest of reactions, but it seemed to give her satisfaction.

"We can't discount any theories just yet," Lenora said, glancing over her shoulder at the two disapprovingly. "And Flemeth has been around for centuries—she may just know what she's talking about."

"Oh, I never doubted her," Morrigan replied loftily as she regarded the baby blue, cloudless sky. It seemed to disgust Her Darkness.

After some silence, the discussion melded into the folks from Middle Earth asking questions about this world. How was the land divided? Who ruled? What other creatures and races were there? What exactly were Darkspawn and where did they come from? Was the Archdemon really once a god?

Story Abandonment Explanation

I started this story simply because one night while I was up late playing one of my many Dragon Age: Origins playthroughs, I had the frivolous thought that the DA:O party had a lot of similarities to the characters in Lord of the Rings. I started this story just to explore those similarities, but I developed it more seriously than I ever intended. Now I find myself in a dilemma: I love the idea I have, but I've gotten in too deep. I can continue and ignore a lot of important LoTR canon, or I can rewrite it and take away what I like so far. So I decided to just abandon the story. Maybe one day I'll try again?

Sorry. :'(