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1. Game On

"That's Edward Cullen. He's totally gorgeous, obviously, but apparently nobody here at this school's good enough for him," Jessica said, the bitterness obvious in her voice. It appeared she had not made the cut. "Like I care, you know."

I hadn't really paid much attention to her face before, but now took a good look at her. She had hazel eyes, a small nose, and a perky smile. Jessica was pretty enough as she sat across from me at the lunch table, picking at her salad but not eating it – wearing a hairband in her long light brown hair; she was thin with boobs that threatened to smack you right in the face. Angela, the dark-haired girl with glasses sitting next to her had a more reserved way about her as she spoke. Friendly, but at the same time not as gossipy, she was pretty in a less obvious way – hair pulled back in a ponytail, large eyes hidden behind frames, nice proportionate features.

My eyes turned back to Edward, approvingly absorbing his aura of masculinity as I nibbled on my French fries.

"Seriously, like don't waste your time," Jessica warned. I felt as though I'd been slapped as her words bit into my ego.

This bitch didn't even know me. Little did she realize that if I so desired this Edward's company, I would damn well have it. I would've told her so if not for the fact that I was trying to escape my bad girl image. And because up until now I had been curious about what it would be like to have a female for a friend.

Now, as this Jessica chick shook her head at me, telling me to stop staring at him, my sexuality was thoroughly insulted, and at the same time I understood why I never had a female as a friend. Females are some jealous bitches. They've always been threatened by me. So, I'd slept with their boyfriends. What was the big deal? I didn't want a wedding ring – just a little fuckie fuckie. Free enterprise and all that shit. But was it my fault these guys didn't care enough for their girlfriends to keep their dicks in their pants? Sure, blame the girl. It's sooo unfair.

Angela was so much nicer than Jessica, but with so many bad experiences with girls, I decided to keep my mouth shut and see how this would all play out.

On the way to school this morning, Dad had looked at me with those stern dark brown eyes, and I imagined that without his mustache, I was a hot female version of him.

"Fresh start, Bells. Nobody here knows you. Behave yourself."

Ugh. I hated it when he called me that - made me feel eight years old again, standing there with my pigtails and looking up at him. "Sure, Dad."

There was something slightly appealing about starting fresh at a new school. Having a reputation since grade school could be a very bad thing…if you cared…and I didn't…mostly. Boys were just too damn difficult to resist. Horny boys, horny men…and for fuck's sake, there were so many!

To tell the truth, I've only come across one committed man in my sexually active years that's been able to resist me. Phil. And that's how I found myself here in this miserable wet town.

My mother Renee had finally found "the one", and since she was terrified I was going to want to share him, the woman shipped me off to live with my dad. And while moving to a small town with a Quickie Mart's selection of males was definitely not my preference, it was better than moving to Salt Lake City with prissy Aunt Charlotte.

Imagine me…in Mormon country…you might as well bury me with my can of cola in one hand and Big Blue in the other.

Until I turned eighteen and could get myself out of this hellhole, I was stuck here with my dad, the police chief. And I absolutely had to behave myself.

But behaving myself was definitely not on the agenda today as I kept my gaze on that fuckable hunk of boy a few tables away. Jessica had noticed my eyes as they undressed him from top to bottom. I was surprisingly impressed. With bronze, tousled hair I could sink my fingers into, Edward had broad shoulders, long, muscular arms, and strong hands. Dear God, I could already imagine those hands, gripping the flesh of my hips as he pounded into me…on top of a desk…or on a chair…or against a door…or on the floor…

I was practically drooling. As his golden gaze met mine questioningly, I flashed him my most flirtatious smile and willed back the hot tingle between my legs, pressing my thighs together. He was beautiful all right – unusually pale skin, straight nose, luscious lips, chiseled jaw…practically straight out of a catalog, but like some Albino god. But he didn't smile back. In fact, that fuck stick had the nerve…to look away…from me!

He was seated with a couple of other pale good-looking males, one husky with short light brown hair and a big smile. The other was blonde, would have been handsome if not for the pained look on his face. Seated next to them were two equally nice-looking females - one with long blonde hair, but looked like she could freeze a volcano, and the other with short, dark cropped hair. She, at least, appeared friendly and by the way she was watching our exchange, she had taken a very obvious interest in me.

Angela and Jessica had already explained that they had all been adopted into the same household by the town's doctor and wife, and that the two blondes were related, the other three not. And four out of the five were seated close together, displaying the signs of coupledom – holding hands, leaning close to each other. Edward appeared to be the odd man out in this group, and by looking away from me the way he had it was as though he had poured ice cold water down my panties. Edward-fuck-me-Cullen obviously didn't know who he was dealing with.

"I heard he's got this girlfriend in Alaska," Jessica added, and as I turned my attention back to her, I could see the smug expression on her face. Whore.

I was about to tell her that I could have Edward Cullen in the girl's bathroom before she could count to fifty, but I doubted she could count that high. But then we were joined by two other males I'd already encountered today.

Mike Newton took a seat next to me on my right, to Jessica's dismay, I noticed. He was cute with his pretty blue eyes, not so smooth, boyishly ambitious, doting – clingy almost. Still his smile was nice, and he didn't smell like stinky armpits. Definitely a plus for high school boys.

Eric Yorkie – okay-looking, overly talkative, too friendly, bordering on desperate. He had befriended me as I left the office with my schedule in hand, insisting on being my personal escort to each of my classes that morning. And judging by the look on her face, Angela might have had a thing for him.

Sure, I could do him. Newton, too. I'd screwed a lot worse. Most of the time, the most unattractive boys made up for their lack of looks with their willingness to please. The good-looking ones, on the other hand, had their own ideas, and I so relished being the one in control. And this Yorkie boy seemed more than willing to do anything I asked.

No, Bella, I told myself. A small ass town like this only had so much sausage, and by my birthday six months from now I would have exhausted the meager population of males if I hopped on every single one so quickly. For now, I needed to have standards. Yes, standards were a good thing.

So, I was a slut. I suppose I had Renee to thank for that. Mother was very open with her sexuality as Charlie learned one day when he came home for lunch to find her boning the guy from Southern California Edison on the kitchen counter. My dad demanded a divorce, and she insisted on having custody of me. He didn't argue, and so we were off to Phoenix. She had told me time and time again that she would be damned if I was going to grow up under his harsh moral restrictions – I would not end up a prude, like he was. And for all the times I'd come home from school and found my naked mother bent over, hunched over, or riding some guy I'd never seen before with his pants around his ankles, mission was accomplished. A slut...that's what I was, and I had no problem with it.

Although, for the past forty-eight hours that it had taken me to arrive here and get settled in my dad's house, my girlie parts were feeling some neglect. Quickly, I was learning that Forks was like a small slice of green hell – raining and wet all the fucking time. Between the constant dripping, the worms on the ground, and the slippery surfaces, I couldn't stand it. How do people live like this? And it was so cold here that it was necessary to cover all of my parts to keep from freezing.

Charlie's home had two bedrooms…and one bathroom. I repeat, one bathroom- what the hell? I knew I was going to miss my big round bathtub, with my high power seven spray pattern shower head, but I supposed sacrifices needed to be made. It sucked, though, that I was the one doing the sacrificing. And as pathetic as it sounded, I missed Renee. I still remember when I got my first period, and we practiced putting condoms on bananas - the good old days.

Eric's voice was drowning out the other's, but I hadn't been paying attention. I wasn't used to being around a group. I usually got by alone, and that was how it was for me.

When I asked Renee when I could come back to live with her, she said once I fell in love…like that was going to happen. Once I'd stepped on that plane from Phoenix, I'd pretty much accepted the fact that I would not be coming back. Meanwhile, six months was a long time. After graduation, I looked forward to college and dorm life and an obscene amount of intercourse. And somewhere in there I would get a degree…doing something…journalism, or teaching…who knows? Hey, I could teach sex education…

"Bella? So, which class do you have next?" Mike asked.

Before I could even peek down at the schedule on my binder, Eric answered for me.

"Biology with Mr. Banner."

Mike's grin indicated his pleasure. "That's perfect. So, we have P.E. and biology together."

Jessica looked horrified, as though I was trying to scam on her guy. Although I doubted that they were even together, it was painfully clear she had a thing for him. I wasn't even paying attention as Eric and Mike continued to discuss my schedule. And although Edward Cullen had looked away from me, I found that as I peeked through my lashes he was once again looking in my direction. He looked…puzzled.

Typically, I would've walked over and greeted him by taking a seat on his lap, but since he'd already dissed me once, I was still feeling the burn of that tiny, but stinging rejection, so I faced the girls. Forcing a smile to my lips, I became animated, telling them how happy I was to be here and how nice everyone was, at the same time showing Cullen (because I could feel his eyes on me) that I was a nice girl, that I didn't care whether he flirted with me or not.

I so rarely got the opportunity to play "hard to get." Boys could hardly resist it themselves.

After lunch, Mike Newton introduced me to my new biology teacher and then took his seat. Mr. Banner welcomed me and gestured me toward the only empty seat. And wouldn't you know who my new lab partner was? None other than Edward Cullen.

Game on.