Chapter 2

Minato sat in the Council chamber. Last night he had summoned Gamabunta as proof that he was who he said he was. After telling Bunta to get word out to Jiraiya and Tsunade that he was back he dismissed him, then got the keys for the Namikaze Manor from Hiruzen and took his son home. Earlier this morning, he retook the position of Hokage, then spent the next few hours in a secret meeting with a certain someone. Now, he waited for the rest of the council to file in. On the outside, he was calm, on the inside he was laughing evilly. The trap was set, now all he had to do, was sit back and watch as the council dug there own graves.

A few minutes later, the different councils had finished settling into their seats. Minato was getting ready to start things off when one of the civilian council members decided to beat him to it.

"Minato, I would like to start things off by bringing you up to date about how this village is run. We make the decisions, you put your name and seal on the paperwork. We have the authority of the Fire Lord to back that up."

"I see," said Minato as he looked around to see almost everyone nodding in agreement not realizing he was just giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. He looked to where Hiashi Hyuuga should be, "Are you the new clan head of the Hyuuga?"

"No, Hiashi has better things to do than to attend a meeting called by the Hokage." Spoke the Hyuuga elder in a condescending tone of voice.

"As do we all," said Danzou, "so if there is nothing else Minato, your dismissed."

"Oh no," said Minato, "there is just one more thing. RELEASE!"

The area behind Minato wavered, and there, to most of the councils dismay, stood the Fire Lord, and he did not look happy.

"How dare you!" He said. "How dare you use the authority I gave you to take power away from the Hokage. I thought I could trust this council, I thought this council was loyal to the village. Instead I find that your ripping this village apart. Your all to wrapped up in your own little schemes and personal agendas to realize it. Well I won't have it. As of right now, the only authority in this village, is the Hokage. As of right now, all clan privileges have been revoked. As of right now, I wash my hands of all of you. Minato, the village is yours to do with as you see fit."

With that, the Fire Lord departed.

"Does anybody have any questions as to who runs this village now?" asked Minato.

"W-we still control the ANBU!" said one civilian.

Minato chuckled, "do you truly believe that there is anybody in the ANBU who can defeat me? THIS IS MY VILLAGE NOW! NO ONE BUT ME HAS ANY SAY IN HOW IT'S RUN! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, I DON'T CARE! THIS IS HOW IT IS! Now, if you will excuse me, we seem to be missing someone."

Minato disappeared.

Hyuuga compound.

The Hyuuga elders where watching a spar between Hiashi and his first born child, Hinata. He was not going easy on her. Completely disgusted with his daughter, he decided to end it, painfully. Just as he went for the 64 palms, someone grabbed his wrist. Ready to explode, Hiashi looked up, just to see the angry blue eyes of Minato Namikaze, then, pain. Minato had punched him. The next thing Hiashi knew he was on the ground. As he started to get up Minato walked up to him and kicked him hard, in the ribs. Minato then continued to abuse him, with a constant amount of kicks, before picking him up, holding him against the wall and pounding him in the face repeatedly.

"THIS IS THE IMPORTANT THING THAT KEPT YOU FROM TODAYS MEETING? BEATING ON YOUR DAUGHTER?" Now Minato began to punctuate his words with punches to the man's stomach. "How," bam, "does," bam, "it," bam, "feel," bam, "to be on the receiving end, you child beating son of a bitch." Minato looked around and saw his ANBU holding back clan members.


With that, Minato grabbed Hiashi by his hair and proceeded to drag him out of the Hyuuga compound.

Jiriaya had been on his way to the village when he got the message that Minato was back, and wanted to see him. He had already entered the village, but, those hot springs where right there, and his home did have some of the best research material. Caught in an agonizing period of indecision, he heard a commotion coming from the main st. He hopped up to the roof tops and stopped, frozen in shock at what he saw. There was the esteemed clan head of the Hyuuga clan, being dragged, by his hair, down the main street of the village, kicking and screaming, by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

As Minato dragged the Hyuuga to the tower, he felt the presence of his sensei on a near by roof top. A slight gesture and an ANBU appeared next to him. Minato gave him a note and jerked his head in Jiriaya's direction. The ANBU disappeared and reappeared right next to Jiriaya, handed him the note and disappeared. Jiriaya opened the note.

'Get your ass to the council room before I get there or I swear to Kami I will permanently shut down every hot spring in the Village!'

Jiriaya turned pail. Leaf women where the most beautiful after all. His research could always wait, he wanted to see his, back from the dead, student.

Back in the council chamber, everyone turned as the doors opened to see Jiriaya walk in. Jiriaya walked over and leaned against the wall, noticing that a lot of the people sitting down where looking like someone had just covered their favorite peep holes. As he found a place against the wall the doors burst open to Minato walking in, still dragging Hiashi. A quick backhand and the seat reserved for the Hyuuga was open. Hiashi was dumped into it and Minato took his place again. Looking over to Jiriaya, Minato began to speak.

"Before you start getting the idea that we're going to have happy reunion Jiriaya, your about to find out what you allowed to happen to my family." Minato then turned to Danzou. "I am going to need you and your Root in the coming days. However, I need your Root, more than you. I am going to ask you one simple question, a question I already know the answer to. This question is your amnesty period. If you answer truthfully, then I forget everything you've done in the past, if you lie, I will kill you where you sit. Are you ready?"

Danzou was racking his brain trying to figure out what Minato could possibly know. 'No, there is no way he could know about his wife. If he asks, I'll just go with the usual story.' "I am ready."

"What really happened to my wife?" asked Minato.

"Hokage-sama, you must have read the reports from the hospital, whether you want to admit it or not, your wife is de..." Danzou's body had jerked and and was now frozen in place.

"I told you," started Minato, "I already knew the answer. In case your wondering why your not dead yet, nothing in the darts that hit you is poisonous, they just keep you from making trouble. I am going to kill you, I just want to make sure you know why." Minato walked to a door in the side of the room and slid it open. Kakashi Hatake came out pushing a wheel chair that was currently occupied by two people. The first being the most shocking to everyone in the room. Jiriaya, looking at the scene, knew he was in huge trouble. He also knew, without a doubt, that it would be a long time before Minato forgave him, if ever. Because sitting in that wheelchair, with Naruto sitting on her lap asleep, with his arms still wrapped around her middle and his head resting on her shoulder tear streaks still in his eyes, was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, wife of Minato Namikaze, and mother of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Her arms where wrapped around her son and she had no intention of letting him go anytime soon.

"Not many people knew this," said Minato as he looked at the scene, "but my wife has one of my Hiraishin seals tattooed on her. After I got my son home last night, I felt for it, then teleported to it. How shocked was I to see my wife in a Root prison cell. But then, I wasn't shocked at all." He turned to the still paralyzed Danzou. "What part of 'I was watching my son's entire life as punishment' did you not understand? Seeing as Naruto was sleeping in a bassinet by Kushina's hospital bed, I got to watch your Root Kidnap her and replace her with a corpse doll. Now that you know what I know." Minato pulled out one of his tri kunai and stabbed Danzou right between the eyes. Then he shifted his attention to Jiriaya.

"Do you see now, what you did?"

Jiriaya was frozen in place.

"You promised me, Jiriaya, that you would protect her until she fully recovered. I asked you so that we could attempt to avoid what happened. But no, your research comes first. You essentially sacrificed my family so you could peek. The only reason your books are still allowed in this village is because I don't want to bring down the moral for my male ninjas. But, you owe me now. Which means, you will do what I need you to do from now on, you will not peak on my time, the first time your caught, I will bring certain chapters of your second book to Tsunade's attention."

Jiriaya went very pale, if Tsunade found out about those chapters, well he shuddered just thinking about what her reaction would be. He might not survive. Minato snapped his fingers and a couple of ANBU showed up and took Danzou's body to be properly disposed of. Minato had a quick whispered conversation with them, then they took the body from the room. All the different council members where shocked speechless from what they just witnessed.

"This is how I'm going to run this village from now on. Any questions?"