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Harry Kennedy carried their bags through the door upon return from their honeymoon. Dropping the luggage, he turned to his wife, tugging her closer in anticipation of an official welcome home kiss.

Such a kiss had to wait when a knock sounded on the door. "Sorry," she mouthed as he parted from his woman ruefully. "I'll take the bags up then shall I?" he groaned.

Geraldine openly watched her husband's butt disappear out of her line of sight up the stairs before she righted herself and opened the door.

"You're back!" cried Alice Horton, propelling herself forward and into the arms of her dearest friend.

"Hello Alice," said the vicar, just maintaining her balance at the exuberant welcome. "Nice of you to visit."

She wasn't the only one.

By the time Owen knocked on the door for his visit after each of his fellow councilmen had come and gone, Harry didn't even bother moving.

Geraldine answered the door and grinned and bore it as she welcomed the farmer in.

When the last visitor – fingers crossed – left, Harry sprawled back on the couch, a glass of red wine in his grip. Geraldine returned from extricating herself from a prolonged farewell and sat down next to her man, curling up into his side.

"I lived in London fifteen years and no one knocked on my door," mused Harry as he wrapped his arm around his wife, pulling her closer. "Here, I'm home fifteen minutes and the entire town has come and gone."

The Vicar of Dibley laughed as her happy eyes sought out their counterpart in her husband's. She pressed her lips to his, and no more words were spoken for a while.

Until the next visitor, that was.