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The Two Amelias

Chapter One


Amelia Pond ambled her way over to the center console where the Doctor piloted the TARDIS. She stumbled, putting both hands on the counter just in time to avoid a concussion. Flipping her head, she sent her ginger hair flying. She blew a stray lock out of her eyes with a huff, set her jaw, and looked at the man in question. "Doctor," she said through her teeth. "I seem to recall Doctor Song having no trouble at all flying the TARDIS in a smooth fashion that didn't resemble the spin cycle on a washing machine!"

"Doctor Song," he replied, pushing a lever into the lock position, "can fly her own TARDIS in any manner she likes. I, however, have undoubtedly had much more practice and can operate her any way I chose."

"Well," she smirked. "There's no need for pouting."

"Pouting!" He opened his mouth to tell her off, but reconsidered when he caught sight of her smile. "Time Lords do not pout."

"You just can't stand someone knowing more than you." The TARDIS lurched forward and Amy put out her hand, holding the Doctor's shoulder to keep her footing.

"You think," he cleared his throat. "She doesn't know more than me. She just knows something about my future that I don't know. Which is inconsequential considering I will soon know it myself."

"Yyyep," Amy replied. "You're peeved."

The Doctor sent his eyes heavenward in one of his multitudes of adopted human expressions. The TARDIS wheezed as it descended the last few hundred feet to the ground.

"The parking brake-"

"I know full well about the parking brake!"

To her credit, Amy waited two full beats. "Then why-"

"I like the sound it makes!"

"Oh, and I suppose you like the sound of brakes digging into rotors, as well!" They hit the ground even more roughly than normal and Amy finally lost her precarious footing, toppling forward into the Doctor. In a flurry of flailing limbs, they fell, a few miscellanea crashing to the floor around them. Amy barely had time to register the fact that she was lying prostrate over the Doctor before his eyes widened and he flipped her over and covered her body with his. The floor vibrated as an object hit the floor beside them, ringing metallically.

"First off," said the Doctor, looking down into her eyes with a bit of a smirk. "It's rather sexy that you know what rotors are." He slid his fingers over her face, moving her disheveled hair. "Second, you need to work on your balance and third," he shifted so his legs were beside her, rather than covering her. He leaned on his side, propping his head up with one hand. "Never mind," he said, pulling on his trousers, which had bunched up in the fall. "There is no third."

Amy looked up at him, still breathless and disoriented. Had she felt… she glanced down and caught him rearranging himself. Ah hah! So the Doctor did have a sex drive. "I think there is a third," she said, her voice getting husky. Maybe he'd put off her attempts in her bedroom, but the Doctor obviously wanted her.

"No. No third. Just two. One, two. No more. The end."

"Why do you sound so nervous?"

"Nervous, me? No, I'm just worried that this... this…" he groped behind him, finally finding the object that had fallen and holding it up for her to see, "ceremonially headdress of the Ubaikta was damaged in the fall."

"You were, were you?"

"Oh, yes. I love this thing. Fond memories." He put it on and angled his head regally. "Looks rather like a crown, don't you think?"

"And what sort of ceremony was this headdress used in, Doctor?" she said, rising to her side and pressing the length of her body against his. "It wasn't a fertility ritual, by any chance?"

"No!" he floundered away from her and stood. "No, it was for good weather. For the crops and all."

Amy stood and stalked over to him, hips swaying. He eyed her up and down as she approached. "Pity." He jolted as he hit the center console and gripped the edge behind him with both hands. She reached up and took the crown off his head, placing it on the surface she'd backed him against. "You don't seem to like your women aggressive, Doctor. You're all…" she traced a circle on his chest with one finger "wound up."

"I don't get involved with my companions."

"Oh, now, there's something I just don't believe." The Scottish in her voice was a bit more obvious.

"I haven't slept…" he trailed off.

"How long?" she prompted, rubbing her pelvis against his. "Just how long has it been?"

"That's not something you need to know, Miss Pond."

"And yet, I am oh," she moaned, contorting her face in an imitation of passion, "so curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat," he whispered, his brows furrowed. His knuckles were white.

She expelled one short laugh. "That's rich, coming from you."

"Amy." He inhaled deeply and straightened his back. "You're engaged."

"I know what I want, Doctor."

"What you want," he said, sliding away from her, "is the wrong thing to do."

A/N: God, was I shocked by Amy's forwardness in 'Flesh and Stone' so I just had to write about it! More soon!