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A few weeks have passed and Mia soon regained her energy. Mia walked down the street of Namimori once more, stretching her arms into the air with a grin plastered on her face. "It's good to be back here, I have lot's to catch up on, but I just want to enjoy this moment." She twirled around, not caring about the strange looks she was getting.

"I see you're all better." Reborn popped out of nowhere and was walking beside her.

"Yeah. Staying home is great, but it get's tiring when you do it for about three weeks." Mia sighed tiredly.

Reborn smirked. "Tsuna has been coming to that shop of yours and keeping things busy. Never seen him work that hard."

"Of course, I kept on calling him and told what to do. Just because I'm not there doesn't mean he's not allowed to work." Mia crossed her arms, smirking herself.

"I also saw the youtube video, forgot you could sing like that."

Mia frowned, but then grinned. "I can't believe you forgot who I was until you met my mother." Now it was his turn to frown.

"Don't push it."

"Oh! I'm so scared!" Mia raised her hand, sarcasm heavy.


"Ah! I'm kidding! But it really is good to see you again. How is the Ninth?"

Reborn's smirk returned on his face. "He's doing fine, but he both misses you and Tsuna." Mia laughed.

"Aren't you going to tell Tsuna about the ring battle?"

"Nah, he needs his rest. Let this peaceful moment relax."

Mia smiled down, she bent down and picked the baby up and put her on her head. "I think your growing softer."

"Tsk! Since you're saying that I'm going to train him twice as hard." Amusement was in his voice.

"Ho? If it isn't the baby and the herbivore." Mia stopped and turned around.

"Oh, Kyouya, hi! It's been a while." Mia giggled.

"You're feeling awfully bubbly." Reborn commented.

"That's because I missed my Skylark-kun~!" Her arms spread out with a smile wide across her face. "Give me a hug, Kyouya~!"

Hibari was taken aback, no, really taken aback when Mia just hugged him. His whole body went stiff. He didn't move even after she let go of him. She tilted her head, waving her hand in front of him.

"I think you damaged him." Reborn stated.

Mia stared at the perfect for a while before shrugging. "Eh, I'm pretty sure he will be fine." She walked off, humming a merry tune. "You should probably leave Reborn, I'll see you at lunch." Mia set Reborn down and walked inside the building.

Reborn smirked. "Who knew..."

"OHAIO~!" Mia barged in with a grin.

"Mia!" Tsuna was the first one to greet her. "How are you feeling?"

"Good as new!" She flexed her arm.

"Mia-chan! I heard you weren't feeling well." Kyoko walked over to the two.

"I'm fine now. My mother took good care of me."

'But it was mostly Kimihiro.' Mia thought happily.

"That's great!" Kyoko smiled.

"Oi! Woman! How dare you make the Tenth so worried!" Gokudera joined the group, glaring down at the dark blue haired woman.

Mia shrugged. "Hey, it's part of the job recruitment. I have no saying in this."

"Oh! Mia-chan! You're back. You seem well." Yamamoto grinned down at the girl.

Mia tilted her head backward to look directly up at him. "Hey Yamamoto! How's baseball practice?"

"It's all good." He laughed out loud.

Tsuna was silent this whole time as Mia greeted everyone. He stared at her intently, as if trying to make sure she really was alright. Noticing his stare out of the corner of her eyes, she couldn't help but smile. Giotto and Tsuna are alike. Runs in the family she guessed. Mia patted the boy's head with a gentle smile gracing her lips.

"I'm really fine, sorry to scare you like that back there."

Tsuna smiled in relief.

Class had soon started, it passed by with the same old same old. Nothing has really changed, Tsuna not getting an answer right, Yamamoto guessing the answeres, Gokudera cursing at the teacher for insulting his beloved boss. Mia laughed and giggled during the day, but she seemed to have formed a headache, because by lunch she was heading toward the infirmary.

Tsuna afforded to go with her, but she just smiled and shook her head. All she said was that he should just eat his lunch with the others, she didn't want him to miss out on lunch.

"Nurse? I'm not feeling so-SHAMEL?" Mia looked taken aback by the man before him.

"Ho? So you know who I am? Well I'm flattered, ojou-chan." The 'doctor' gave her a cheesy grin.

"... Shamel, it's me, Ichihara Mia? Daughter of Ichihara Yuuko." Mia smirked.

His eyes widen, and a wild smile broke out. "Mia? Is that really you?" He quickly embraced her. "You've grown so much! How's your mother doing? Wait, how are you doing? What are you doing here?"

Mia laughed. "I'm glad that your glad to see me, Shamel."

"Of course I'm glad to see you! Why wouldn't I be? You're like a little sister to me!" Shamel grinned, ruffling her hair.

Mia frowned and slapped his hand away. "Yes, and I can see you're still a pedophile... you're not going to do anything to me, are you?" Her eyes narrowed with suspension. Shamel made a face.

"God no! Besides, if I did, you're mother, the Ninth, and Reborn won't forgive for touching you." Shamel shivered. "Besides, remember, you're like a sister to me. Ever since you stopped visiting and just left Italy, things haven't really been the same there, and it's been years since I last saw you." He sighed, rubbing his cheek with her's.

"Listen, I'm really glad to see you but I just have this... really bad headache right now." Mia sighed.

"Sure, you can stay here as long as you like." Shamel ushered her toward the bed.

Mia gave him a grateful smile. "Thanks Shamel." Mia went under the cover and lied down on the bed.

"I hate you so much right now, Mukuro." Mia snapped at the man who was embracing from behind.

"Now what on EARTH did I do to you?" He asked, looking innocent.

"Don't you dare play the innocent act! You made sure that I'd go to sleep so you gave me that headache!" Mia tried to squirm her way out of his grip, but to no avail.

"But I missed you~!" He whined in an uncharacteristic voice.

"Mukuro, we talked yesterday."

"Ku fu fu. I can't talk to my dearest person? I also have a present for you." Mukuro said, back to his composed self.

"And that would be?"


"You'll just have to wake up and see for yourself." Mukuro laughed before disappearing.

Hibari was storming down the hallway trying to find Mia. From what the herbivores told him, she wasn't feeling so well so she went to the nurse office.


The door opened with so much force that it developed cracks.

"Where is she?" Hibari asked.

"Where is who?" Shamel asked, confused.

"Ichihara Mia, where is she?" He glared dangerously at him.

"Why do you want her?" Shamel asked, eyes narrowing a bit.

The reason he was going through all this trouble for that one herbivore? It's simple, he wanted answers. The minute she had hugged caught him by surprise that he couldn't move at all, and it took him few minutes to realize that she ws gone. He frowned at this but didn't bother with it, but what did bother was this strange feeling inside of him. This feeling was distracting him for some apparent reason, he couldn't concentrate on his work at all! He knew she had done something him, and he was going to find out no matter what!

A groan caught his attention. One of the bed was occupied, the curtains drawn, but he knew she was in there. He stomped over to the bed.

"O-oi! What are you doing?" Hibari ignored the doctor and drew the curtain aside. He could see her figure under the cover. With one swift motion he pulled back the cover, but he didn't expect to see... this.

There Mia was, drowsily rubbing her eyes with a pout on her face, but what caught his attention was what was on her head. They were cat ears... and underneath her skirt... was a tail.

Ichihara Mia... became a neko.

Shamel just gawked, his mouth refusing to close.

Mia frowned at them.

"Is something on my face?"

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