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Summary: Harry's uncanny survival was due to more than just good luck and protective spells. Mary knew what she was talking about when she said angels were watching over Dean. Castiel just had to receive the two most accident prone charges in history.

A/N: This is a response to Black Raven(a.k.a. Black-Raven3)'s Guardian Angel challenge. Hope you enjoy it. See the end authors note for update info.

January 24th, 1979

John Winchester drops as another glass hits the wall just beside his head. He quickly ducked out the door before collapsing against the wall.

"I'm never doing this again."

"That's what they all say, and in a few years I know you'll be back."

John turned his head and just glared at the doctor standing beside him.

"Do you have any children Dr. Watsky?"

Dr. Watsky just laughs before walking into the room John so desperately fled from.

"Call me Bev. How are you doing Mrs. Winchester?"

Mary stops glaring at John, who is meekly hovering in the doorway, to look up at Dr. Watsky.

"I would be doing better Dr. Watsky if you would get my kid out of me. He seems to enjoy using my bladder as punching bag and appears to be very eager to get out."

"Please Mrs. Winchester, call me Bev. You are only in today for a check-up, your boy isn't due for another week and a half. I can give you some pain killers for the apparent labor pains, but as for the punching bag, you will have to try and talk him out of it."

The doctor chuckles as she moves over to bed. Mary Winchester had come into the hospital complaining of pains similar to labor pains, but her water had not broken so the doctor wasn't very worried. It appeared to be a simple false labor, and would pass within an hour or two.

"Alright, but I insist you call me Mary then. John! Stop hovering and get your scrawny ass in here. I am not going through this alone."

John quickly makes his way over to Mary's bedside and offers her his hand.

"Sorry love. You're just frightening when you're in pain."

Mary's scowl disappears and she smiles lovingly at John gripping his hand gently.

Dr. Watsky quickly checks Mary over, making sure everything is in order and that the baby is growing properly.

"Your baby seems to be doing well. I will just go get your pain killers and you should be good to go home."

Mary smiles in thanks, gently rubbing her belly. Before she leaves the room Bev turns around and looks at Mary, before glancing at John and then returning her gaze to Mary.

"Mary, are you sure you want to go home? It would be better for you to give birth here in the hospital. I can respect your reasons for wanting a home birth, but I really would be more comfortable if you were here. Especially since this is your first child, and you have no idea what may happen."

Mary glances at John before sighing and adopting a very serious look.

"Dr. Watsky, Bev… I appreciate your concern, but John and I have discussed it, and we would simply feel more comfortable in our own home. It was how my parents did it, and I was delivered just fine. We already have the mid-wife you recommended on standby, we have your number on speed dial, the car is totally fueled, and we are only 5 minutes away from the hospital should anything go wrong. I'm confident it will be alright. If it makes you more comfortable we can call you when my water breaks and you can come over see the pregnancy if you'd like."

Bev just shakes her head slightly and gives Mary a small smile. "I will just keep my phone on and you can give me a call if anything goes wrong. I will be right back with your pain killers."

With that said she quickly leaves the room, the sound of her foot steps echoing down the corridor as the Winchesters sit in silence. The silence continues to stretch for a few minutes, both soon-to-be parents lost in their own thoughts.

The silence is abruptly broken however when Mary suddenly whimpers and grips her belly. John is standing in an instant, a panicked and concerned look on his face.

"What's wrong? Is it more cramps? What can I do??"

Mary just whimpers again before rasping out "Get Bev… My water just broke…"

John just stands there dumbfounded for a moment before Mary whimpers again, and then gasps loudly. He quickly jumps into action and runs out into the hall yells for a nurse. As soon as one appears he yells for her to get Dr. Watsky.

He quickly returns to Mary's bedside, and grips her hand again.

"It's alright love, I'm here."

Mary just grips his hand tightly in response, focusing on breathing the way she was shown. Moments later Dr. Watsky runs into the room, and quickly look Mary over.

"Aside from being early, everything is in order. Would you like the pain killers shortly, or would you rather wait? If you take them now the birthing process will take longer, but if you wait it will be quicker although more painful."


Dr. Watsky nods, before laying her hand on Mary's forehead. "Alright. Now I know you were set on giving birth in your own home, and as your water just broke you likely have several hours before your son will be born. If you would like I can arrange to have you taken home."

Mary looks over at John before grimacing as another cramp ran through her body. They communicate silently for a few seconds and then reluctantly nods her head. She then lays her head back onto the pillow and just focuses on breathing.

"We will stay here." John says softly.

Dr. Watsky smiles lightly and walks over to lay a hand on John's shoulder. "She will be fine John. The pain will come and go, but what is important is that you don't leave her side, alright?"

John looks away from Mary's pained face up at Dr. Watsky. "I won't. I never will."

Dr. Watsky pats his shoulder reassuringly and then turns to leave. Halfway to the door she pauses and turns back to him.



"I do."

John once again glances over at the doctor, mild confusion evident on his face.

"I have a boy and a girl. Both are perfectly healthy and everyday they make all the pain worth it."

Something in Bev's voice makes a chill go up John's spine, but before he can focus on it she's gone and Mary is gasping again, redirecting his attention back to her.

Hours pass in relative silence, broken intermittently by Mary's gasps of pain, which slowly escalate into screams. Dr. Watsky comes in every hour or so until Mary starts screaming in pain, then she is there every half and hour. She finally pronounces that it is time to start pushing, roughly twenty minutes after giving her painkillers. After another bought of screaming and cursing from Mary, whimpering from John as his hand is nearly crushed and calming words and instructions from Dr. Watsky, a new Winchester is born into the world.

After giving him a through check-up Dr. Watsky gently hands him over to Mary and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her to give the new family some privacy.

John gazes lovingly at the bundle in his wife's arms, knowing in that moment that he would do anything in his power to keep his family safe.

"What shall we name him?" he asks reverently.

"Dean. His name is Dean." Mary nearly whispers, turning her tear filled gaze from her new baby boy to look up at her husband.

"It's perfect. Your mom would be honored." John leans down to give her a quick kiss, turning to place one on Dean's head next.

"I'm going to run home and get you a change of clothes, and grab some food, and a few of the baby blankets we bought. Try to get some sleep."

"I will. Be safe and hurry back."

They share another quick kiss, and then Mary is left alone with her child, admiring the wonder that she was able to bring into the world.

The only noise in the room is Dean's crying while Mary soothes him and try to get him to sleep. Not to long after John's departure she manages to rock Dean to sleep, and continues cooing nonsense at him before suddenly speaking to the apparently empty room.

"I don't know who or what you are, but you are not going to harm my family."

Saying this she glares at a seemingly empty spot across the room and swiftly grabs the water bottle off the nightstand, the rosary clinking against the aluminum of the bottle.

The lights flicker before suddenly blowing out and suddenly one of the male nurses from earlier strolls into the room.

"Mary Winchester, I mean no harm to you or your family."

Mary simply glares at him, still holding the bottle between the nurse and her son.

"What are you, and why have you possessed that man?"

"I am not a demon, for I know that is what you must be thinking. I am an angel of the lord. As for my reasons for 'possessing' this man, it was necessary to speak with you."

As he's speaking he slowly walks closer to the bed, unknowingly crossing the salt circle that Mary had had John place earlier. Upon seeing this Mary lowers the bottle slightly, still not totally relaxing.

"Why are you here? Why was it necessary to speak with me?"

"I am here to watch over your son. The lord has sent me to protect and watch over him. I did not believe it necessary to inform you of this, but as you could detect me in my true form I did not want to alarm you."

"True form?"

"Yes. I was sent here the moment Dean was born, and was to simply watch over him. Once you spoke to me however, I knew it was necessary to show myself if I am to protect him. I could not appear in my true form however, as mortals are unable to perceive it without severe consequences. I promise you I mean him no harm, and will do everything within my power to keep him safe."

"So you are really an angel?"


"Prove it."

In the next second lights flickered in the room, despite the bulb being blown out, and the shadow of enormous wings were splayed out behind the nurse. Frustration is evident on the nurse's face as he steps closer to the bed.

"I understand your skepticism, but I am what I have said I am. I have simply revealed myself to you as it will make guarding my charge that much simpler."

Mary just stares in awe and unconsciously pulls Dean closer to her, and finally sets down the bottle.

"I apologize. I meant no offence, but I refuse to let my son be hurt. I had to be certain."

The nurse visibly calms and gives her a gentle look. "I understand. I must leave my vessel now, but I will still be here. Call on me should Dean ever be in trouble."

With that said he turns to leave, but is stopped by a hand on his wrist.

"Wait. What is your name?"

The nurse grins slightly responding lightly "I am called Castiel."

With a sudden flash he is gone, and once more Mary is alone in the room. Only, she knows she is not truly again and can still feel his presence in the room.


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