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Over the years Uriel had stopped the Dursleys from hurting Harry a number of times.

The first time Harry had been 4 years old and Petunia was showing him how to cook. She had left, telling him to finish the meal on his own. He had accidently dropped the pan, ruining the food. Vernon had been furious and started yelling at Harry. Vernon had been about to kick Harry, and before he could register what he was doing, Uriel had grabbed Vernon's foot, hanging his upside down. Harry had taken the opportunity to scramble into his cupboard, Uriel locking it behind him before setting Vernon down.

The second time Harry had been 6 and was weeding Petunia's garden. He had just finished removing all the weeds and was heading towards the trash bin to throw them out. Dudley had come up behind Harry, shoved him, and laughed when the weeds had gone flying all over the lawn.

Petunia had come out to check on the boys at that moment, and yelled at Harry for messing up her perfect lawn. As she continued to yell and Dudley laughed harder, Uriel had watched as Harry became more and more upset. Suddenly, with nothing but Harry's deep scowl as warning, the weeds had shot up from the ground and flung themselves at Dudley. After that there had been much screaming about Harry's 'freakiness' and Petunia had dragged Harry into the house, and shoved him into his cupboard with the promise that Vernon would punish him when he got home.

Once Vernon had gotten home and heard what happened he had stomped over to the cupboard, shouting that Harry was going to be punished severely for letting his freakiness show, especially outside. As soon as he had touched the cupboard however, he had gotten a huge shock that almost made his arm go numb. He had shouted at Harry for a good half hour to stop his freakiness and to let Vernon open the door.

Uriel had realized at this point that Vernon was going to keep yelling until he got into the cupboard, which would be impossible as it was Uriel's magic keeping Harry safe at the moment. So with that in mind, and for no other reason than his own sanity he had made Vernon and Petunia fall asleep, as well as forget why they were even angry at Harry. He had then transported them to their bed and then gave Harry a bit of food, as he had been denied any earlier.

After that there had been a few times where Uriel had to protect Harry from Dudley and his gang, but those times, as well as the times he protected Harry from Vernon and Petunia, became fewer and father apart as Harry's own magic began protecting him.

Uriel considered leaving Harry and going back to heaven a few times, as Harry's magic grew stronger, and began protecting him more, but every time he almost left, something drastic would happen, and he would end up having to save Harry again.

This went on until Harry turned 10, and Castiel was allowed back on earth to take charge of the child again. If Uriel had been a caring angel, he would have maybe been worried for the blank look Castiel now wore, and the distant way he seemed to address Harry. He, however, was not a caring angel, and was simply happy that Castiel's training was done, so that he could go back to doing things that were actually important for heaven.

The only thing Uriel ever did that showed he did in fact have a heart, was his final word to Castiel, before returning to heaven. In years to come Uriel would become so absorbed in his work for heaven, and a small wizard named Harry would fall from his memory, and he would once again consider humans to be nothing more than mud-monkeys, and never understand his father's compassion them. Castiel though, would never forget the threat the higher angel had uttered to him, or the promise Castiel had given him in return, unknowingly starting to wear down the shield Gabriel had put up on his bond with Harry.

-What Uriel Said-

As Uriel prepared to leave he gave Castiel a sharp look, saying "I have begun to understand why you felt he needed the protection. Do NOT fail him Castiel."

Castiel had simply given him a hard look responding sharply "I won't."

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