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It was a dreary day in Central. The rain had been pouring for days non-stop and no one was more miserable than Colonel Roy Mustang. Not only was he useless on rainy days but the stacks of paperwork on his desk added to his miserable mood. Suddenly, the doors burst open as a man with greenish-black hair and glasses came walking up to the Colonel with a huge smile on his face.

"Roy!" the man shouted, "How's it going? You're looking really down today. You know what would probably make your day better? A wife. To be able to go home to a loving family, be greeted with a kiss by your lovely wife, and a hug from your son or daughter. Doesn't that thought make you feel better already?"

"Hughes," the Colonel growled, attempting to catch the man's attention.

"I'm telling you Roy, you're not getting any younger! I already gave you a goddaughter so when am I going to get a little godson or daughter for my Elysia to play with?"

"Hughes!" the Colonel interjected but it was no use. Maes Hughes was well known throughout Central Headquarters to ramble forever about specific topics. Normally, the bespectacled man would shove photos of his daughter in front of everyones faces and go on and on about her. Today, however, the topic seemed to be about Roy's marital status.

"Speaking of Elysia," Hughes continued, "I have new pictures of her." Hughes reached into his pocket, pulled out about a dozen photos, and started to shove them into Roy's face. "Isn't she adorable? Look! Here's one with her in her cute bathing suit, here's another with her next to Gracia, and…"

By now Roy was itching to reach into his pocket, pull out his gloves, slip them on, and snap his fingers to burn the multiple photos being shoved in his face. Unfortunately, doing so would cause Hughes to get burned in the process. As much as he disliked having photos of his goddaughter being shoved in his face one after another, he couldn't risk sending his best friend to the hospital with burn marks. Gracia would kill him for doing that to her husband.

"You know Roy; you can have a great kid like me too. All you have to do is settle down. After that you'll be popping out babies from your wife like a machine gun and-"

"HUGHES!" Roy shouted with a red face. Whether his face was burning from embarrassment or anger Hughes couldn't tell. "Don't you have work to do? If you don't have anything important to tell me then I suggest you leave. I have a lot of work to do and the last thing I want is for Hawkeye to kill me for not finishing my paperwork."

"Aw, come on Roy. You know as well as I do that Lieutenant Hawkeye would never shoot you. Besides, aren't you supposed to be the one with the higher rank?"

"I'd like to see you try to pull rank over her when she's pointing a gun at you," Roy shot back.

At that moment a lady with blonde hair and amber eyes came walking into the room. Upon seeing Hughes she immediately stiffened and went to salute him.

"Lt. Colonel Hughes, sir! I wasn't expecting you to be here. I'm sorry if I interrupted anything."

"At ease Lieutenant, I'm just here for a friendly chat with Roy. In fact, we were just talking about you." At this, Roy shot a glare at his best friend while Hawkeye raised an eyebrow. "We were talking about-"

"About how you should really take a break Lieutenant!" Roy interrupted, "You've been working so hard lately. In fact, why don't you take the day off? You need it much more than the rest of us."

Hoping that Hawkeye would take his bait, he glanced back to see her giving her trademark Hawkeye stare. If there was one thing anyone knew about Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, it was that you don't mess around with her. Ever. Just as her name shows, she was known throughout the Ishbal war for having a 99.7% accuracy rate when wielding a gun. Even now, no one has yet to beat her record for sharpshooting.

"Sorry Colonel," Riza started, "but I don't intend to take a break any time soon so you can get rid of that idea. The moment I take a break you'll just neglect your work."

"I would not!" Roy countered, "I'll have you know that I would have all my work finished. I'm heartbroken that you would think so lowly of your superior Hawkeye."

"With all due respect, sir, the paperwork I have given to you from two weeks ago has yet to be completed. I highly doubt that if I did take a day off, it would make a difference to your working habits."

While the two continued to argue back and forth about Roy's working habits, Hughes looked on amusedly at the two's bickering.

'Hmmm. If I didn't know any better I would almost think these two were a bickering, married couple,' Hughes thought to himself, 'HA! In fact, Riza is just who Roy needs. Those two have already known each other for a long time. But, Riza would never admit that she likes Roy. I'll just have to convince Roy to make the first move. Now, how should I convince him…'

"Lt. Colonel Hughes, sir," Hughes was suddenly brought out of his plotting by Riza's voice, "I understand that you may have more pressing matters to discuss with the Colonel but please try to hurry on with it. His paperwork is due in 2 hours and I would like for it to be done by then." A groan could be heard as Roy's head slammed into his desk while muttering obscenities.

"Oh..um.. alright Hawkeye. I promise I won't take long. I just have one more thing to discuss with him then I'm done. Scouts honor!" Hughes smiled while raising his right hand and putting his left over his heart. Somehow, Riza doubted that he was ever really a boy scout.

"Alright, in that case I hope you have a nice day Lt. Colonel." With that, she saluted once more and walked towards the door, closing it on the way out.

"Well, you heard her Hughes. Hurry up and tell me what else you've got to say so I can get back to my miserable paperwork," Roy muttered while glaring at the stacks of paper piled at the corner of his desk. Turning his attention to Hughes he saw a sly smile make its way across his friends face. "What? What's with that smile?"

"Oh nothing, I just realized something today. Do you realize how couple-like you and Hawkeye act? If I didn't know any better I would almost think you two were one."

"What? I know you want me to settle down and all but now you're grouping Hawkeye and me together? I think you've finally lost it!"

"Nope, I'm perfectly sane. Come on, think about it. Everywhere you go Hawkeye is constantly there with you. She's always watching over you, she takes care of, you two have known each other the longest, you know each others strengths and weaknesses, and you two even fight like a married couple!"

"You're being ridiculous Hughes. Everything between Hawkeye and me is strictly professional. Besides, even if I did want to date her, which I don't, the anti-fraternization laws would prohibit any relationship we could possibly share." Well, that wasn't entirely true. While the anti-fraternization laws did prohibit relationships at work, it was only if officers were seen to be acting anything less than professionals. As long as the couple could act professionally at work they could keep their relationship. However, if they didn't then both would have to face court martial. Roy was hoping that Hughes wouldn't know that detail though.

"Darn. Still, you can't tell me you haven't once thought about at least asking Hawkeye out." Roy turned red at the thought. Of course he had, what man with two working eyes hadn't thought of it? Of course, Roy would never admit to Hughes that he even daydreamed at times about what it would be like to have mini Mustangs with black hair and amber eyes run around while he was greeted by Riza after a long day of work.

"HA!" Hughes shouted, scaring Roy out of his short daydream. "You're turning red at the thought! You do like her! Now you just need to tell her Roy. Forget the anti-fraternization rules for now. You two could always just hide your relationship until you reach Fuhrer."

"Forget it Maes. It won't ever happen. Now, I suggest you leave so I can finish this paperwork. You did promise Hawkeye that you would keep this short."

"Fine, fine. But I'm telling you Roy, she's the one."

After seeing Hughes exit the room Roy began his paperwork. Before he could even sign his signature on the first paper the door opened again and Hughes' head popped back in. "Don't think I'll forget this conversation Roy. We'll pick it back up next time." With that, Hughes ducked out of the room just in time before the stapler, which Roy threw, hit him in the face.

"Hmm, maybe getting him to admit his feelings to Hawkeye will be a little harder than I thought." Hughes scrunched up his face as he tried to think of more ways to convince Roy to admit his feelings to Riza.

"Is something the matter Lt. Colonel Hughes?" Turning around, Hughes was greeted by Havoc. Surprisingly, Havoc didn't have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth today. Experiencing an epiphany, Hughes let another wide grin spread across his face, a grin that made Jean Havoc wish he hadn't asked his question.

"Yes, Havoc, there is something the matter and you're just the man I was looking for." With a yelp, Havoc was dragged down the corridor by Hughes all the while dreading what was to come.

'Perfect, Operation Royai is now in action! Just you wait Roy, I'll make sure you get settled down with so you can finally give my darling Elysia a baby cousin to play with. Even if it's the last thing I do!'

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