A/N: Well, here we are. The last chapter. So on to chapter nine, which is in Mello's POV.

Warnings: Extreme squishy-ness ahead! Children and pregnant woman should consult with a doctor before reading this chapter. . .

I was woken up by the blindingly bright sun shining through my eyelids. Even with my sore muscles and groggy state of mind, I could deduce that I had slept through most of the morning. I had, no doubt, missed my first two classes. Shit.

From the bathroom, I hear the shower running. Matt. . .

Something happened that I can't explain. I can't even fathom a possible excuse for why I let that get so out of hand. I was thinking clearly. I knew what I was getting into. I wanted it even. It was evident by the look in his eyes that he wanted just as much as I did. I guess I just failed to think about what it meant. What does it mean?

It doesn't exactly feel wrong. It's just bizarre. I'm supposed to hate him. But I don't know if I do. He's just as much a threat to me now as he was yesterday. So why is it that I don't hate him.

Just then, Matt came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and bearing the marks of our adventure the night before. He got a few feet before noticing I was awake, after which, he stopped dead in his tracks and flashed me one of his goofy smiles. I got a very sudden urge to jump him but suppressed it the best I could. Damn him for being so sexy!

He walks over to his bed, where I am currently situated, and sits down beside me, slowly sliding his hand up my arm. He's being cautious. It's obvious he isn't exactly sure how I'm going to react. It's almost cute how closely he's watching me, trying to read every movement of my body, right down to a twitch in my eyebrow. Could it be that he doesn't hate me too? After all the shit I've put him through since he got here, he most certainly should. But, I suppose if he did hate me, he wouldn't have gone as far as he did last night.

"Hey, you alright?" He says, sincerity lingering behind his eyes, which were fully exposed and slightly bloodshot from his shower, making his already pale blue irises even more pale and breathtaking. All I could do in response was nod.

Suddenly, I was wrapped up in Matt's arms, the water in his hair dripping down onto the nape of my neck. He pulled away fairly quickly, but not before giving me a passionate kiss. It was rather unexpected, despite the fact that we had already had sex.

"Good. How'd you sleep?" There was something different about Matt. He seemed less detached than he usually is. This affectionate attitude, it's not typical for him.

"Fine. We overslept though," I respond, pointing at the clock hanging above my desk. He lets out a dorky chuckle.

"Eh, man, we missed breakfast." I can't stifle a scoff.

"Seriously. Is food all you think about? What about classes?" He laughed a little at first but stopped very suddenly and looked directly into my eyes.

"You know I don't give a damn about classes. That's your thing," he says, pausing for at least a minute, choosing his words carefully, "and I'll have you know that food is not the only thing I think about." Right. . . I have my doubts about that.

"Really," I say skeptically, " Oh, right, my mistake. Eating, smoking, and video games. Sorry, how closed minded of me to assume food was the sole meal in your mental diet." He lets out another dorky chuckle.

"No, I think about other things. I didn't really think too much about anything else. . . before I met you." He was serious. What did he mean by that? My face must have asked that question for me. "I mean, you've challenged me from the moment I got here. I normally wouldn't have accepted any challenge, it's just too much work. I'm a lazy guy. But, you've just made me think, I guess."

He turned his eyes to the floor, obviously afraid I might respond badly to that statement. Honestly though, I don't know how to respond to it. I just can't bring myself to tell him that he's changed something in me too.

That being, that I have never exactly felt anything positive towards another human being before. At least, not that I can remember. I hated him. I don't know why I don't anymore. The passion and intensity that ensued last night was unlike anything I've ever experienced. His body was so warm and welcoming. The honesty in his eyes is difficult to ignore.

Without saying a word, he stood up and began walking towards the door. I thought he was going to leave. For the first time, I didn't want him to.

"Matt, wait," I found myself yelling, swiftly standing up and making my way over to my retreating roommate, still quite naked. He turned and stared at me, clearly confused.

"What? I'm just going to get you some chocolate from your dresser," he explains, a huge smile forming. Heh, well, that was embarrassing. "You didn't think I was going to leave without getting dressed first, did you?"

"It was an impulse. Sorry." I can feel heat rising to my face as he continues to snicker. He reaches into my secret (not so secret, I suppose) stash and grabs the first bar he sees. He walks it over to me and then leads me back to his bed. I unwrap the chocolate and sit back down, Matt situating himself beside me again.

"So, either I was wrong about you or you are the most stubborn person alive," he says, my appetite slowly dissipating with every word. Suddenly, I was overcome with guilt. It was my determination to win that drove me to do the things I did. But I did want it. And as much as I'd hate to admit it, if I could do it over again, it would be for different reasons.

"Well, need I remind you that you were the one who challenged me," I add, hoping he doesn't take it the wrong way. He just lets out a nasal laugh and nods.

"Yeah, I know. So, now that you've had your chocolate, you gonna get ready for class?" Oh yeah, we have class right now. I almost forgot. Damn. I let this little game get in the way of my goal.

I still have to worry about Matt passing me. Shit. Why does he have to be so damn smart? We really could have been friends if he wasn't. I did enjoy his company last night. Even more, I am enjoying his company right now. It feels kind of nice to have someone to talk to. I'm so used to making enemies, making friends is foreign territory to me. Unfortunately, I don't think Matt and I could ever be friends.

"Do you want to be L?" I asked before I could stop myself. He narrowed his eyes in bewilderment. I don't know why I asked him that. I didn't mean for it to actually escape my lips.

"Nah. Too much work," he responds casually, "Too much responsibility too. I'm not detective material. My life ambition is to be a hacker. It's what I'm good at." I turn to face him, perhaps too spastically. He jolts a little in surprise.

"Wait. . . so you have no intention of becoming number one here?!" I found it much too difficult to contain the volume of my voice. His eyes dart open due to my sudden outburst.

"Nooo," he says, somewhat reminding me of a teenage girl, "Oh, I get it. You thought I was trying to pass you." He began laughing hardily.

"Of course I did, you are third!" I yelled, feeling the sudden need to defend myself. He just laughed harder.

"It's not my fault I'm third. And just because I'm third doesn't mean I want to be L. It just means I'm smarter than any of the other orphans below me," he said once he finally stopped laughing, "Besides, Mello, I highly doubt I could pass you, even if I wanted to."

I wasn't entirely sure that I should believe him. He could very well be a bluffing, just to get me to lower my guard. Again, I suppose my face must have displayed my distrust.

"Look, I don't know if it helps but I am way too lazy to study nearly as hard as I would have to in order to be able to pass you."

I don't know if it was the honesty in his eyes, that I seem to be so hypnotized by, or just my naivety, but I believe him. For some reason, I trust him. It could just be because I think, for the first time in my life, I've found a friend. Matt clears his throat and stands up again.

"Well, we should seriously get to class now. You might miss something," he says sarcastically. He makes to walk over to his dresser, only to have his wrist captured by my desperate hand.

"No," I mutter.

"No?" He is staring at me with that puzzled expression yet again.

"I want to skip class today," I'm not too sure what possessed me to say that, but I did, and it was true. The last place I wanted to be right now was in class. I'd go back to my painstaking study sessions tomorrow. Today, I just want to stay in bed. My muscles are sore and my head is pounding. The warmth of Matt's chest is very appealing to me at the moment. More so than my annoying teachers and idiotic classmates anyway.

Matt stared stupidly at me for a few minutes, until I pulled him back down onto the bed and wrapped my arm around his abdomen, resting my head on his chest. He buried his hand into my hair and sighed.

I'm not sure what all this means exactly. What I do know is that having Matt as my roommate isn't going to be nearly as bad as I thought.

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