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Summary: AU post OotP: When Vernon takes the abuse of his nephew too far, Harry snaps. When Dumbledore and his meddling get involved, it just makes everything worse.

Warnings: Slash (male-male sex), abuse, character death, bad language, rape, pedophilia, non-con, incest, attempted suicide, bashing of most of the wizarding world. Ignores just about everything from the 6th and 7th books. I'll add more warnings should they be needed.

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Chapter 17 – I Will Always Love You

Harry heaved a sigh as he watched the scene below from his vantage point at a seventh floor window. Thestrals were pulling carriages full of students towards Hogsmeade to catch the train home for the summer.

'This year went much easier than last,' Harry thought. 'Seems that better classes and no more Professor Binns can go a long way to make the students happy.' Harry had just finished his second full year as Headmaster and things finally appeared to be settling down on all fronts.

The biggest uproar had been the new muggle-born legislation requiring muggle-born students to have to choose whether they would live solely in the Wizarding World and cut their muggle ties, or would have their magic bound and memories of the magical community wiped. The same law required the use of the Book of Names to find new muggle-borns so that the Ministry could take these magical newborns from their muggle parents to be raised by approved Wizarding families. Though the law passed two years ago, the commotion over it only settled down this past November after some research had shown exactly how many times information was leaked from a muggle-born who had chosen to live in the muggle world after they had finished their magical schooling. The almost fifty-percent of newly-attending muggle-born students who showed signs of abuse silenced most of the crowd who had been against the second half of the law.

Following by only a slim margin in terms of the turbulence it caused was the revelation of who exactly was Harry's advisor and lover. Luckily, the uproar was quick to diminish for most people as Sal and Harry had let copies of the founders' journals be "found" by some of the more reliable Wizarding papers. After his identity was revealed, Salazar had given an interview to Owl Oracle, helping to clear up some of the misunderstandings not covered in the journals. Finding out that the most recent Dark Lord was, in fact, descended from his sister and not Salazar himself made many people relax their prejudices about him. There were still a few people who refused to look at the evidence and saw him as some kind of evil monster, but said idiots were becoming few in number. Harry had even witnessed a witch hushing a heckler by saying that Sal and Harry being together was "so romantic". Well, whatever worked in their favor.

Another factor preventing peace in the last few years had been those he had gone to school with not taking him seriously as Headmaster and testing his boundaries. In his first year, several detentions with Filch stopped most of this. Still, this year had been easier – both because he had more experience and because there were fewer students who he had attended with.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts when he felt hands wrap around his shoulders. He relaxed his back into his love's chest.

"Don't sneak up on me, Sal."

Sal chuckled and kissed the top of Harry's messy black nest of hair. "No sneaking was involved. You were just lost in your thoughts again."

Harry huffed but didn't argue, given that it was the truth.

Sal rested his chin on the other's shoulder and glanced out the window to see what had caught Harry's attention. "Hmm. Looking forward to a break from the students?"

Harry laughed quietly. "They weren't so bad this year, but yes. What I most look forward to is getting away from Hogwarts for a few weeks after things are settled. Speaking of the castle, have you finished reversing and repairing all the changes your father did in the Chamber?"

Sal groaned at the reminder. "Almost. It should be done by the time you finish your headmaster duties for the year. Unfortunately my father was very talented at making his magic hard to negate. Over two years I've been cleaning up his mess! Two-"

Harry cut off his lover's familiar rant with a gentle kiss. "At least it's almost done. I'll let Professor Dimonium know that he can use the main chamber there for next year's Dueling practical lessons."

"That's fine. Oh! I forgot to mention this last night, but Lucius has been told to focus his pro-magical being laws this summer on vampires. It seems the veela and werewolf laws put into effect the past two years are starting to gain widespread acceptance."

"Hmm. Hopefully that acceptance will translate into love matches soon. I don't want to have any more squibs from inbreeding than necessary."

Sal hummed thoughtfully before pulling back from Harry. He clasped his lover's hand and tugged him towards the headmaster's office. His thumb rubbed over the ring on Harry's hand and he couldn't stop the smile that formed.

"No need to smile like the cat that got the canary. Like there was any doubt I would say yes to you when you asked last night."

Sal's smile widened and he leaned down to give Harry a quick peck on the lips, deciding not to mention that Harry's own smile was beaming. They hadn't told anyone else of their impending bonding yet but if they kept grinning like loons, McGonagall at the very least would figure it out.

As Harry said the password to the gargoyle guarding his rooms, Sal admired his intended. They could possibly be bonded this Yule – Harry would look marvelous adorned with snow. Then in a few years, they could talk about having children.

That thought woke up a certain primal part of Sal and the view of Harry's ass in front of him as they ascended the winding stairs only intensified the feeling. Well, even if they weren't ready for children quite yet, there wasn't anything wrong with practicing.

Salazar growled playfully and swept Harry up in his arms as they reached the top of the staircase. Harry squeaked in surprise before blushing and laughing as the blonde carried him towards the bedroom.

"I love you, Harry."

"I love you too, Sal."

The End


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