Me again…

I must say that this fic isn't only a blossom of my imagination (wtf, I know…), but it also makes references to how much harm the wrong entourage can do to teenagers, especially highschool students. And since I'm going to highschool this year, I hope I won't screw anything up. xD

Apropo, the title of the story means "End of the road" in my language.

I've said it before and I'm beginning to get tired of saying this, but please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes since, as you have already figured out, English is not my first language.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pokemon. If I did, Comashipping would have been canon (in your face!) xD

A small breeze filled with the smell of lilies ruffled through his hair, sticking out in random directions out of his red baseball. Buses were coming and leaving the station in an endless mess and sound of purring engines and brakes. The students were running around with their bags hanging on their arms, dangling dangerously at every rushed step. Stubs of conversations could be heard all over the bus station.

"Put your jacket on, dammit! You're gonna get a cold…"

"Send me some money!!!...."

"Your flowers, miss. You dropped them…"

"I'm gonna miss you sweetheart…

"Meeee?! It wasn't meeee…."

The uproar inside the station brought back some pleasant memories to the jet-black haired teenager, standing in front of a greenish-yellow school bus with a large bag in his left hand and a jacket in the other one. The first day of high-school was just like any other "first day" in any other grade in elementary school. The same indescribable fuss perfumed with flower scents. He smoothed the black fabric of his pants, a part of his new uniform, along with a white shirt and the red jacket hanging on his arm.

"Yo, Ash! I thought I lost you in the crowd" a feminine familiar voice said and in front of him appeared a red-haired girl, slightly shorter than him. Her hair, once kept short, was now long and cascading over her shoulder. Ash vaguely wondered how much his childhood friend, Misty Waterflower changed over time. She was no longer that tomboy; she had become more…appetizing. However, he doubted that her thunder punch hurt less now. Another thing that never changed at Misty was her big blue eyes, which shone with determination.

Dressed in a black skirt and white shirt, with her red jacket also hanging on her arm, she tapped her foot impatiently into the asphalt. She, just like him, was eager to start their first day in highschool. It was a new experience, and both of them couldn't wait for the chance to have a taste of it.

"Have you seen May?" Misty shook her head emphatically, her hair bouncing softly. No sight of any students they knew.

"Ahhh, I think I just saw Dawn!" before Ash could say something, the red head disappeared in the crowd, leading towards a cascade on well-combed, sparkling blue hair, held in place by two golden hairpin.

"Wait, Misty!!" Ash shouted after her and tried to follow, but student were pushing and shoving from everywhere and he quickly lost her. A new bus arrived in the station, catching Ash's attention when it braked suddenly, tires creaking agonizingly against heated asphalt. He couldn't see the plate of the bus, but he knew that the students that were now literally flowing from the inside of it weren't from around his town. Maybe from somewhere in other part of the region.

The new wave of students clashed with the other one in a sea of laughter, handshakes, shoulder tapping and welcome kisses. Looking around for Misty, Ash spotted a person sitting by himself near the bus, seemingly looking disdainfully at the students chatting happily. Ash took in appearance. He was quite skinny and pale-looking with a curtain of dark purple hair framing his face elegantly.

"Ash!" somebody shouted in his ear and he startled slightly. A boy with short green hair was gripping his elbowed quite tightly.

"Man, I shouted after you twice." The boy jerked him softly.

"Too much noise…" Ash justified, and he had a point. His eyes wandered again in the direction of the boy, but he was no longer there.

"Ketchum, Ketchum…yeah, from Pallet Town Elementary School. Mathematics/IT, second class. Come with me." Ash felt like he had been walking around the corridors for ages until the short, chubby woman leading the way stopped in front of door and opened it.

Ash stepped in. The classroom looked almost like their Math cabinet back in elementary school. The walls were covered with formulas, geometric figures and famous citations of Aristotle, Pythagoras and Thales from Millet. Wooden desks in the middle of the classroom, wooden closets along the walls, wooden, dusted floor. Everything was wooden inside the classroom, giving it a nice and neat appearance.

Students were already there, only a few seats were empty. The teacher took a sheet of paper and analyzed it for several minutes, then turned to Ash.

"Your folder is alright, Mister Ketchum." She said with importance. "Please have seat. There, next to Mister Paul." Ash's eyes wandered in the direction that her hand was giving and froze for a second. The empty seat was in the back of the classroom and the other seat was occupied by no other than the purple-haired teenager. Ash swallowed as he walked to his seat and sat down. The boy didn't even flinch, his eyes still focused on the scribbled desk. Ash's eyes fell to his own desk. The top read things like "George", "1877 - Victory at Pleven…" or "FBI"

In front of the class, the teacher was looking through other folders. Ash risked a look at his new deskmate.

"Hi!" he got nothing in reply. The other teenager ignored him completely. "I'm Ash, what's your name?"

"Paul." The answer was blunt, the boy's eyes never leaving the desk top. Ash looked over it and saw a funny-looking drawing labeled "Robert" and other things written across the desk, more exactly stubs of the lessons, a precautionary measure in case the students were examined and they didn't know a thing.

The students in front of him were starting to get bored and they were playing "X and O" or "Rock, scissor and paper". Ash felt a bit awkward, glancing again at Paul. For the first time, he got to see him better. He had onyx eyes and a deep frown always on his forehead. He looked quite sad, or angry, or maybe both. His skin was pale, sickening pale, but in contrast with his dark eyes, it looked quite…

Ash couldn't find a word to describe it, but it disturbed him at the same time. His sharp features were quite handsome, and the fact he was finding another man attractive was scaring him. He turned his head away, but something was dragging it towards the purple-haired boy again.

"Where are you from?"

"Veilstone." Another blunt answer. Veilstone, Ash thought, was quite far, yet students from there were coming here to school.

"I see." He murmured softly. He was hoping that he could get more than one-word answers from Paul during this year. Or else his first year in high-school was going to be really awkward.

"It was completely boring…" Ash heard Misty complain in the back of their bus, while they were going back to Pallet Town. Misty was in Biology/Chemistry, Ash remembered. "They put me up with some annoying Casanova who talks non-stop about himself." She grunted.

'At least your deskmate actually talks…' Ash thought, remembering again about Paul. It was a new experience for Ash, and he couldn't wait to get a taste of it.

Regardless of how bitter the taste would be later.

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