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Love finds you when you least expect it…

And Jim Hawkins was no different.

Stars dotted the night sky like tiny diamonds amidst a sea of onyx. Wisps of clouds misted about them, giving testament to the mysterious glory of the heavens. The air was cold enough to give chills, if one wasn't wearing some sort of outer garment, but it was the perfect temperature to spur one into movement if just to clear the itch.

Jim Hawkins needed no prodding. Currently, he and Delbert had embarked on a new adventure to see new worlds and explore them for any buried treasures. And this new world, it had him vastly intrigued so far. You see this planet actually had vast expanses of water. Back on Montressor, water was a precious commodity, and so the sight of so much of it in one place was truly a treasure that in itself.

But now, that was one of the last things on Jim's mind, as he continued to skim across the glassy reflection of the ocean's surface at phenomenal speeds. This was freedom. This had to be what it felt like to be free. The wind whipping at his face, and no one around for miles, the freedom to do whatever he wanted, this had to be bliss.

A minor change in his solar surfer's sail, a kick to the gas, and he was propelled skyward. Soaring so high, he could swear that the crescent moon and stars were merely only feet away. When he was self proclaimed high enough, a quick back step was ordered and his sail fell down against the board. It was time for some original moves in free falling. Closing his eyes, and wrapping his arms about himself, he began multiple series of twists and flips, anything the board would allow as he plummeted freely back down towards the ocean. And of course, at the last moment, he opened the sail, and cranked the gas, skimming the water's edge as he rode parallel to the ocean.

He had conquered the ocean of this world, and let out a cry of victory letting anyone within earshot know of his accomplishments. This little stunt of bravery was something he always performed in every new world, they visited. It was his personal way, of leaving his mark, or rather maybe it was the world leaving is mark on him, because of each new memory he would gain from that world. Whatever the consequence, it was exhilarating, and allowed him to unwind from the daily stresses of ship life.

Speaking of which, his little spurt of fun was about due to be up. Delbert would flip a lid, if he was gone too long. You'd think that after their first adventure to treasure planet, then he would learn to trust in his skills a little more. Yeah, that was a big nope. Parenthood only seemed to stress the poor dog out. Luckily, he had the mischievous morph to cover for him sometimes, so that he could get some time to himself.

Jim Hawkins found that even alone time and stunt-like thrills had begun to lose their spark though. Though each planet was different and was magnificent in its own unique way. There was still something missing. He just couldn't seem to find what it was that he was searching for despite all of the planets that he had visited. There just seemed to be a void, a longing for something…A sigh escaped his lips as he turned his solar surfer back towards the ship. Besides the ocean, this world didn't seem too much different than the others. Chances were that this world would be no different and he wouldn't be able to find that which his heart was longing for. If he only knew…

Staring up at the now, cloud covered sky, as he sat on one of the railings, he pondered how the sky could change from clear to overcast in such a short amount of time. Delbert was entranced, of course, muttering on and on about some nonsense. But that was Delbert, and Jim really had no interest in this planet's weather cycles, so he resigned himself to staring out over the vast horizon, little morph always hovering about him chirping away, while the crew went about with talking of legends and old wives tales while they relaxed.

Running his fingers through chestnut brown bangs, Jim released another sigh.

"I don't know what it is morph, but, it feels like I'm missing something. Like, I keep searching, but in truth I have absolutely no idea what it is. Know what I mean?" The poor little morph's huge eyes gave one big quizzical look before morphing its body into a bright pink question mark. A soft smile graced his lips.

"Guess not huh. But…I have a feeling I'm getting close. It's like I can feel it, like I'm skimming the surface. It's almost like I'm not supposed to find it, like, it will find me, no strike me…like…like…"

"Lightning!" Delbert's cry of terror was accompanied by a bright flash, and a loud crack, as the great surgical burst impacted with the ship. The electrical burst not only created a fire, that was consuming the sails like wildfire, but it caused a massive outage, that short-circuited the entire ship, which then began to sink.

Cries of, "We've got no power!" and "She's sinking!" created an atmosphere of panic for all of those gathered on the ship. The crew members worked in unison to ready all of the lifeboats, when Jim got an idea.

The generators! We have to get them operational. I have to save the ship! In a burst of speed, Jim sprinted across the deck, and then downwards into the heart of the ship, morph wildly swirling about him. He would only have short minutes before the fires above deck would reach where he was. A mechanical genius he was. But due to the fact that the ship was now located on water, the ship could not hold a spark for the battery of the generator to spark. This ship was going to sink, and he had to get off of it…fast! But now as he raced back up on deck , he found himself surrounded by vicious fires that desperately wanted to lick at his skin.

In the distance, he could hear Delbert's frantic cries of his name from a lifeboat. Jim's heart was racing as the heat grew increasingly intense causing him to sweat. He needed to make a move and soon. If not, the smoke would cause him to pass out, and then the flames would surely eat him alive. Determined to run and jump off one of the railings, Jim prepared himself to run through the flames.

"One. Two. Three!" With that, he took off, but halfway through his sprint, one of the fires caused a massive explosion, causing Jim to be thrown overboard from the impact, rendering the teen unconscious allowing him to sink beneath the waves. Desperate cries rang through the night air for our beloved cabin boy, but alas he could not answer. All hope seemed to be lost, and that our favorite hero of a cabin boy would be lost to the dark abyss.

But unknown to everyone else, someone had been watching Jim Hawkins from afar….

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