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Straight To You

The dirty, sweat stained, formal shirt made a soft thud as it landed on the powdery sand. Boots lay scattered and alone where multicolored shells erupt in the shoreline.

The water's warm... Jim noted unconsciously as he placed his first footstep in the eager surf. Jim relished the feeling of the sand against the bare soles of his feet, and the way the sand sank in between his toes, seeing as this could be the last time he would ever do so.

The tropical Spanish waters now shone clear, transparent to the ocean floor in the early morning light. Jim was almost blinded by the sunrise and how the surface of the water shone like it encased trillions of tiny diamonds. Wading out to waist depth, Jim felt his heart rate and nerves soar. Calming his breathing, Jim watched as Finn resurfaced next to Triton, shaking the water droplets out of his hair. Don't show them you're nervous. You want this more than anything. Almost as if Triton could read his most private of thoughts, Triton called out in a soft voice.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

The king and the aspiring suitor locked gazes before Jim took a deep breath after a moment and nodded.

"Yes...yes, this is what I want."

Triton nodded, lifting his trident. There was no more time for hesitation.

"Young man, are you ready?" He said this slowly, almost as if he was giving Jim one last chance to back out. But Jim refused humanity's last plea. Jaw set, cerulean filled with determination and building excitement, Jim nodded.

"Yes, now more than ever."

Triton cracked a small half smile. The boy reminded him very much of himself at that age.

"So be it."

Jim watched Triton lift the trident and subconsciously he was already bracing himself for the impact. But instead of blasting him directly like he did with Finn, his approach was completely unique.

Jim watch in curiosity how Triton lowered the trident to the surface's edge. The bright glow from the trident's tip seemed to seep from the weapon and into the crystal clear ocean. Jim watched as the current of the magic was carried slowly on the surface of the flow of the water toward him.

The glow grew brighter as it reached and encircled its target. If one were to look down from above, they would see the golden disc that encircled our brave young hero.

Jim knew the exact moment when the light touched him. It felt like a gentle, warm caress against his skin. Strangely enough, there was no immediate physical change. Instead, the water around him churned and started turning faster and faster until the water splayed up as when a child skims the water with their fingertips very quickly while twirling about in place, all the while the golden glow glinting off of the edges of the water.

Meanwhile, Jim gasped and his eyes slipped closed as the ancient magics entered him. It felt as if the magic was searching and filling every inch of his being. And then he felt it reach the center of his being. It was like his heart was some kind of lock, and oh, this power, it, it was the key, unlocking him and then somehow the walls of his being no longer existed. It was like he had an infinite amount of depth, like he had no limit.

Jim felt as his body was lifted by the magical current. He couldn't see or feel as the physical changes occurred. The human clothes he wore dissipated and now revealed the transparent light blue fin that encircled his hips, and then lower giving way to darker blue scales. These shiny new scales covered the strong muscular tail, needed for unfathomable depths and fierce currents. Finally, the signature anatomy of the merpeople ended in long matching blue tinted transparent fins.

Triton, Finn, and an awed Sebastian gazed now at one of their own. Having finished its work, the mystical glow faded and the currents slowed gently bring Jim down into the waters which were now his home. Both Triton and Finn chuckled as Jim suddenly snapped out of his trance and flailed about in the water obviously not accustomed to his new form.

As Jim floundered about, he accidentally inhaled the salty waters and was reminded that it didn't burn or choke him. A curious thought entered his mind as he struggled. Why am I fighting it? I've been a merman before. This, This is my home now. It's not like I can drown anymore. Just..embrace it.

Instantly, he stilled and let the caress of the waters envelop him. Sinking beneath the surface, he kept his eyes open and gazed at his own body, at the tail that he had grown to love. It was strange. Instead of feeling as though his legs were bound together in some kind of mystical knot, it felt as though this was his most natural form and legs had been the cumbersome limbs.

Drifting to sit on the soft peach hued sand, it felt no different, whether it was against fin, scale , or skin. Experimentally, he curled his fins and was amazed as they actually did so. Reaching down, he ran roughened fingertips along strong blue scales. He found them to be sensitive, but they were sturdy, slick but not slimy, smooth, almost comparable to a snake's skin. The color was even preferable.

"I'm gonna start think'in you're weird if you keep touchin' yourself like that."

Finn's lighthearted teasing was heard crystal clear in the aquatic expanse. His hand recoiled and his head snapped toward his friend's voice, clearly embarrassed that he had been caught exploring his new lower half. Sure enough, the trio of two mermen and a little red crab came swimming into view.

Triton rolled his eyes.

"Pay him no mind, young man, I'm sure this must be all very new to you."

Jim continued to look at himself, his hands roaming aimlessly over his bare chest, not quite able to name what it was that was making him feel so different than he did when he became a merman before.

"Yeah, I just...feel open now. I can't really describe it." Triton smiled knowingly and exchanged looks with Finn.

" seems my daughter didn't tell you then."

Finn was quick to chime in, shaking his head in disagreement.

"It's probably more like Sparky isn't aware of a mortal's...ah... lifespan."

Jim looked warily from one merman to the other. What exactly was going on here?

"What do you mean, lifespan?"

Finn gave him a hard look and crossed his arms over his chest making sure he would understand the severity of the situation.

"It means, Hawkins, that merfolk are immortal."

King Triton nor Finn uttered a word at this point in order to let the content sink in.

"Immortal..?" Jim looked up at them with wide eyes, waiting for one of them to tell him that this was some sort of joke, but when a full minute passed, Jim knew they were speaking the truth. It would explain why he felt so different now.

"Ariel is..." As realization sank in, Jim looked down at himself in shock before returning their gazes.

"Sir...did...did you..." Triton nodded and a small smile emerged.

"Yes, Jim, you are now immortal as well."

The word "Immortal," kept ringing through Jim's mind. Scenarios of years later, if he had finally found a way for them to be together, he would be covered in wrinkles and gray hair while she would not have aged a day. Finn cracked a smirk.

"Besides, how else would you explain having seven daughters that all look the same age. I mean, I know the king's awesome and all but..."

"Finn, that's quite enough." Triton interjected sternly. However, the reprimand couldn't wipe the smirk off of Finn's face or the wink that he shot to Jim. For someone who was probably very old, Finn still had quite the immature streak in him. However, it did explain why on all of his visits to Atlantica , he never saw any elderly merpeople.

"Dah mur-folk ave da abulidy to contro dah agin'." It sounded as though Sebastian was reciting

some most valued ancient knowledge, or some sacred oath. Still, one question was continuing to puzzle him.

"But what about population control?"

Taking the lead, Triton responded.

"Young man, life in the underwater world, is not without its trouble and dangers. We are not without wars from other lands or famines." Triton now looked a little unwilling to share the next part.

"In is uh, very difficult to conceive." Jim nodded trying to control his blush and he didn't have to look at Finn to know what he was thinking.

"Needless to say, for our own safety and well being, it is preferred that there be no contact with humans. It is apparent that my daughter doesn't seem to share my vision." At the very mention of Ariel, Jim had decided that he had tarried here long enough.

"Sir, I mean no disrespect toward you but I owe her my life for that disregard."

Pushing off the sand with his hands and one swift stroke of his tail, Jim was floating upright once more, chestnut bangs floating into place. Swimming up to him, Jim locked gazes with Triton.

"Sir, I will never be able to repay you for your kindness. To be able to be near your daughter , is the greatest gift, I will ever receive." His cerulean blues shone with the utmost sincerity. Finn rolled his eyes.

"Ah Hawkins, stop sucking up, we know you're anxious to make waves and go see Sparky."

Jim looked back to Triton, who only nodded knowingly, gesturing over his massive shoulder. Looking back at Finn, Jim gave a small smile which turned into an adventurous smirk.


And with a few powerful strokes of his tail, he was rocketing toward his most sought after and precious treasure.

"Wait for me Ariel...I'm coming."

On the outskirts of the great city of Atlantica, there is an outcropping of rocks that act as an entrance to a most secret underwater grotto. No fish frequented through these waters. Sunlight poured through a wrist sized hole in the ocean floor. Various human trinkets covered the natural aquatic shelves.

But amongst all this, in the center of the grotto, slumbering on a body sized stone, weathered by time alone, Ariel lay curled up. As the light poured in, the princess was gently roused from the land of dreams. Bright blue eyes fluttered open but there was no joy to be found in them. She didn't even showcase a yawn or a stretch.

She just lay curled up upon her rock, mourning the loss of ever seeing the boy she had fallen for again.

She had told her father everything that would doom any sort of relationship she had with Jim. She had no doubt of that, not when she saw how angry her father had been. He hadn't even said a word. He just swam off , leaving her alone in the throne room. There was no telling what her father was going to do. Her only solace was that Jim was so far away right now that even her father couldn't set his trident against him. Far enough away, that Jim Hawkins had become some sort of tragic dream that one was supposed to be able to wake up from, the key word being supposed.

Her heart sank and ached terribly. Sitting, she gazed upward, her fiery red hair billowing in a soft cloud around her. No one could see as the tears formed in her eyes only to be instantly absorbed in the water. Pushing off the rock with her tail, she floated upwards reaching toward the hole where the light poured in, as if she was reaching for Jim himself. It was a futile attempt, she knew, because at this point, he could be anywhere in the universe, and she was just a powerless little mermaid.

"Jim, where could you be?" She whispered, wrapping her arms about herself. There was a silent pause and then...

"I'm right here."

Several thoughts passed through Ariel's mind in that split second. First, she questioned her sanity, and whether this whole ordeal had really caused her to lose her mind. Second, she debated whether she should even turn around, and third was a final plea that the impossible was true and that Jim was really here.

Slowly, she turned and looked down to where the voice had come from. Widened eyes took in the beloved form of her mate, who floated very near to the grotto's entrance. Her brain promptly shut down and all coherent thought was lost, but she was able to utter a single word before she launched herself down toward him.


His name was all Jim Hawkins needed to hear as he rushed to meet her, locking her into a desperate embrace. All the deception, and all the heartache had been for her. The sacrifice of his human life and everything had been worth it, now that he was able to hold her in his arms and really know that nothing was ever going to separate them again, not even death.

The couple sank to the sandy floor still embraced as Ariel cried softly against his shoulder.

"It's alright...It's alright...I'm here now." Ariel slowly backed away a couple of inches and she couldn't help staring at the tail that Jim now showcased.

"But...but how? How is this even possible?" Ariel whispered gesturing to his tail. To be honest, Ariel didn't really care how it was possible. She just didn't want Jim to be in any danger. Jim gave a small smile.

"Well, long story short, Finn was able to rescue me and he used the trident to bring us back to the beach."

Jim decided to leave out the part about him visiting his mother and deciding that in order to stay with her, there could be a good chance that he would never see his mother again. If Ariel knew that little piece of information, she would probably always feel like she was keeping him away from his mother, regardless of how many times he reassured her that she wasn't. But the truth was, he chose this life willingly. It was what he wanted, and given the chance, he would make the same decision everytime.

"And then your dad showed up..." The spacer wanted to laugh at the grimace Ariel made.

"No, no, he really wasn't bad at all." Jim looked down at his tail and Ariel could tell he was reliving the fresh memory. She searched his eyes imploringly, silently begging him to continue on with his story. She wished she could see what he was seeing in that moment.

"He...he knew I was human, but still, he offered me a chance to live under the sea, no questions asked. I didn't think twice and...and here I am." Jim said softly, gesturing to his tail. Ariel's bright blue eyes shone with hope and astonishment. Her father...of all the merpeople, her father really did all that?

"'re really here to stay?" She still had to ask. She didn't want to get her hopes up if this was some kind of sick joke. She grasped her hands with his and waited on edge for his answer. Every part of her body was still as if a single movement could change his mind. If she only knew how happy he was to finally be able to answer her. In the end, it had been a totally unexpected twist of fate that had brought them together.

"Yes, for as long as you'll have me." Jim watched as instead of a giddy excitement, a true quiet happiness spread over her like a glow.

"Well then, would it be too much to ask for forever?" Jim smiled at the irony of their situation and now instead of sweet metaphors, he could quite literally offer her forever. Leaning down to seal the vow with a kiss, he whispered.

"No, I think that sounds just about perfect to me."


It was a humid summer night on Montressor. Twilight was swiftly covering the expanse of the land like a mother tucks her child into bed at night. Twilight was the safest of all times. No one notices any misplaced flashes or twinkles when they are exhausted from a long day's work.

Likewise, no one was privy to the brief flash of light down by the docks of the old but always popular, Benbow Inn. Through the years, slight renovations had been made to keep the inn up to date and current for the needs of its customers. However, it still retained all of the quaint charm from when it was originally built. It was no doubt, that the current owner of the Benbow wished to keep it that way.

No one took heed of the cloaked hooded stranger as they walked silently up and along the old worn dirt path, from the deserted docks toward the bustling inn. A recently departing alien family anxiously bid their two children not to stare at the silent, mysterious and potentially dangerous being.

Within minutes, the stranger paused at the front door. No one could see the way fingertips rested and moved reverently across the door, as if each touch was charged with a memory from long ago. But then, the moment had passed like it had never taken place, and he entered.

Jovial music, enticing scents, and warm light prepared the way for a relaxing, carefree environment. The dinner rush was in full swing, the various alien waiters bustling about with their orders. Keeping to the outskirts of the dining area, the hooded man of mystery was able to bypass the whirlwind of dining, and made his way back towards the kitchen. Pushing the swiveling door, the figure stepped inside.

The kitchen, which in its earlier years, had only required the use of one stove due to its lacking in customers, now boasted three state of the art cooking stations, filled with the highest quality cookware.

The chef, lost in his own world, was humming an old pirate's tune, which was odd because everyone knows piracy was obviously illegal. It would take nerves of steel to be humming a melody like that when it was common knowledge that the law enforcement frequented this inn.

Well then, it was quite convenient then that this particular chef was a cyborg who did indeed possess nerves or rather wiring of steel. Through the years, time had touched him. All of his hair had turned gray and with each passing year, with it brought new wrinkles. But the legendary space pirate who was infamous for being the only pirate to ever escape the clutches of Trog, seemed very happy here, retired and juggling tasty home-style cooking.

"And who might you be? Cus' ya surely ain't one of me employees." The hooded figure remained silent, a moment before answering.

"Just an old cabin boy, just checking to see how the Benbow was doing. I had to make sure my mother made the right choice making you the new owner."

John Silver stopped dead and stared down the figure standing before him. Slowly, the hood was lifted and Silver found himself reunited with James Pliedies Hawkins once more.

"Well bless my stars, it's Jimbo." Unlike his lifelong friend, time had not even ghosted over Jim Hawkins. Perhaps, he looked more like he was seventeen or eighteen rather than sixteen, or even his real age of 48.

"It's good to see you too, Silver." Immediately, Jim crossed the room and was enveloped in one of the cyborg's bear hugs.

"So how's that mother of yours doin'? How's she likin life in da big ol' blue?" Jim smiled and scratched the back of his neck as they separated.

"Well, it took some getting used to, but I think she really likes it now. She likes being able to spend as much time with Silver as she wants. I really think she likes spoiling him especially when I'm not looking." The old cyborg patted him on the shoulder.

"How is that little tyke of yours doing?" Jim's smile and countenance grew at the mention of his son.

"He's doing great. You know you're practically his hero." Silver outright laughed, obviously pleased.

"Well the pup's got good taste if I do say so myself." Jim rolled his eyes and shook his head at the old sailor's antics,

"So when are ye going to bring the wee lad here so I can meet him? Some of us aren't going to live forever ya know." Jim gazed at the black and white tiled floor and then up at Silver.

"Soon I think. But I need to talk it over with Ariel first. I can't risk having my face seen around here. Not enough time has passed. It's not safe yet." Jim looked determined and full of purpose . He loved Silver like his own father, but he couldn't risk Ariel or his son's safety or run the risk of being separated from his family.

Silver nodded and sighed in agreement.

"True Boy'o. It's hard enough keepin' me own self hidden from the authorities as it is."

"Yeah, but you've done really well." Even as he said that Jim Hawkins pulled the hood up and over his head signaling that his departure was imminent. Silver sighed and shrugged.

"I had to do that mother of yours proud. You know, she's practically made an honest cyborg outta me." Jim smiled and shook his head.

"Well if anyone could do it, it's her." Silver watched as Jim's cloak moved aside and a miniature trident that hung from a chain on Jim's neck was visible.

"Oh so is it that little doozy that gets ya back and forth. I'm sure the Doc would love to get his paws on that." Silver said eying the powerful trinket.

"Yes, and it's also for that very reason my visits are so short. If, somehow, the wrong people got a hold of this... Not saying that Doc is evil or anything but..."

" I see..." Both males very grave in the silence until Jim held out his hand a smile adorning his features.

"I promise next time, my visit will be a lot longer and...I'm pretty sure Silver will be with me." The old Cyborg stroked his chin mock thinking it over.

"Ya drive a hard bargain Jimbo...but it's a deal," he said grasping his hand in a firm handshake.

Jim gave a small smirk and the old space pirate noticed that the trident began to glow ominously. No doubt that trident was in tune with Jim's most intimate thoughts and wishes.

"See ya soon Silver." But before he was able to respond, the sailor surfer had vanished in a brief flash of light, leaving the chef once more alone in his kitchen. Not even a second later, the swivel door burst open and Silver was actually startled when he saw one of his waiters bust in impatiently, obviously ready to serve one of his many orders. Looking about him once, and giving the entire kitchen a glance, almost if Jim was still hiding in one of the perp barrels like he used to, the retired space captain sighed and smiled wistfully before turning back to his bubbling pots.

"Eh, don't just stand there lad, what's the order," Silver called over his shoulder as if the whole thing had never transpired. Only the small crooked smile, gave hint to the fact that there was more that the chef wasn't letting on.


The night air whipped up the sand and blew it against the the sand dunes, dull whistling through the hollow reeds. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and stars decorated it like it was a reflection of the sandy beach below.

Melody, only daughter and heiress to Eric and Giselle, king and queen of Spain, stood at the garden well located on the cliffs overlooking the beach. She couldn't place her finger on it, but the twelve year old girl just knew that something out of the ordinary was about to happen. Was it something in the air, that was just different she didn't know but..

"Melody honey, what are you doing out here? It's late." It was her father, King Eric, come to make sure his little girl was inside the safety of the palace walls for the night. Like Silver, Time had touched him through the years as well. A few wrinkles around the creases of his eyes as well as streaks of gray along his temples gave testament to this fact.

Melody, wishing her dad would just give her a little more personal space, rolled her eyes.

"Dad..." she started in that whiny tone of voice that comes natural to all pre-teen girls.

"Come on, I'm fine. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing ever happens here." Humoring his daughter's naivety, he rested his hand on her shoulder.

"Melody you..."

Eric's umpteenth fatherly lecture was interrupted by a brief flash of light coming from the beach.

"Whoa! Cool! What was that?" Melody exclaimed in wonder leaning as best she could over the rail, straining to see what it was on the beach that caused the flash. Now this was more like it. Even Eric's interest was extremely piqued. Likewise, his concern for his family was on high alert as well.

The fading light revealed a cloaked figure on the beach. Melody's face scrunched up in confusion.

"What, who...who is that? How did he get there? He wasn't there just a second ago." Unable to answer her rapid questions, Eric just watched with anxious anticipation. Neither said a word after that watching as the cloak was removed and the identity of the stranger, even in the dim moonlight, was revealed.

It can't's not it? Eric thought baffled as he locked distant gazes with a seemingly long lost Jim Hawkins, who apparently hadn't aged a day from the last time he saw him. A thousand different questions raced through his mind at the sight of Jim's mysterious and most unexpected return.

The answer came soon enough when Jim turned and started walking straight toward the waves. What is he doing? Eric wondered.

Jim's movements were slow, almost as if he wanted them to watch him. Slowly, he removed his cloak, which fell into a heap on the sand. At that point, Eric debated whether or not he should let Melody keep watching. Her twelve year old eyes did not need to see other parts of Jim's anatomy.

Luckily, Jim did not remove any more clothing as he walked directly into the crashing waves, past the rushing surf until he reached still waters at waist depth. Eric gave an inward sigh of relief before finding himself locking gazes with Jim Hawkins once more. Neither said or moved for a whole minute and the raven haired teen wondered how her father of all people knew about anything this remotely cool.

Meanwhile, flashes of memories resurfaced before Eric's mind's eye, particularly various times when he had thought he had seen Him. Him and that girlfriend of his sitting amongst a crowd of faces at his wedding, at the proclamation of his daughter Melody's birth, and then just random times, a mere face in the crowd when he was touring his kingdom. All of those times, he just rationalized that his mind was playing tricks on him. But really, he wasn't, Jim had been there all of those times and...without warning, Jim turned and dove into the sea.

"Whoa! What is he, crazy! He can't go swimming now, it's feeding time for the sharks!" Melody exclaimed. Raised by a seaworthy prince, she knew these random essential facts.

Both royals held their breath until they saw Jim resurface. Again, there was a moment of hesitation. But this time, they were in for quite the shock when Jim dove again, this time for good. Instead of soaking pants, a pale blue tail glimmered in the moonlight before even the fins were beneath the surface once more.

For a full minute, neither father or daughter uttered a word due to their slack jawed state. All mental function had seemed to cease. Finally, it was Melody who broke the silence.

"! He's...he's like...that guy was...That guy was a mermaid! Well, I guess technically it would be merman but..."

Eric was lost to his daughter's ramblings. If he hadn't just seen it with his own two eyes, he would have never believed that his short lived friend was actually a merman of all things. His mind just couldn't register this bizarre fact. Oddly enough, the facts did add up. They first met on the palace's private beach, which was heavily guarded, and nearly impenetrable, his unexplained disappearances at night, and the fact that he wasn't aging.

Eric shook his head and he ran a hand through his hair, a crooked smile making its presence known. Well I'll be Grim's pipe, Jim's a merman, the merfolk exist...phew that's gonna take a while to process. Wonder what Giselle will say? Eric turned and started walking back toward the palace.

"Come on Melody, I think that's enough adventure for the both of us for one night." Suprisingly enough, she made no argument, rambling over and over about how she couldn't wait to tell her friends about this in the morning.


Meanwhile, the cool waters of home felt exquisite against Jim's skin. Who would've thought he would feel most comfortable with a tail and fins instead of the legs he was born with. Better yet, who knew that his life had turned out so well. When he was a teenager he would've told you he didn't even have a chance at a future, and now look at him, happily married, part of the royal family, and a high official in the King's court.

He also couldn't wipe the smirk he currently sported off his face. Eric's expression when he saw him was priceless. But Eric deserved to know the truth even if he couldn't give him a proper verbal explanation. And he looked happy enough, what with his splitting image of a daughter standing next to him. Jim purposed in his heart that he would continue to "check up" on Eric and his family making sure that no unnecessary harm would come to them.

For now, Jim was anxious to get home. He had been traversing worlds, checking up on old friends, all day and now he was eager to see Ariel and Silver again. With a strong, swift flick of his fins he torpedoed onward toward Atlantica.

At night, the ocean was like a totally different world. Everything in the sea slowed down. Sea life retired to their respective homes for the night and there was only the occasional whale call and the soft glow of the plant life.

Upon reaching the city gates, Jim gave a brief nod to the guards before swimming upwards toward the palace. As expected, the city streets were devoid of all life, the stands and marketplace packed up and away for the evening.

Swimming up to the palace entrance, the guards bowed and nodded before moving aside. Jim still couldn't get used to that even after all these years. It was hard to believe that he was royal and that given the right circumstances, he could be king of this ocean. Jim shook his head and kept moving. He had no desire to be king, and being the youngest of the mates, he really didn't have any worries of that ever coming to fruition.

The palace hallways were empty and it was a quick trip to the throne room. Swimming up to the empty pedestal, Jim looked about him, making sure that no one was present. Removing the miniature trident necklace from his neck, the trident glowed and transformed back into its original size in Jim's hand. With care, Jim placed the awesome weapon of power and authority in its proper resting place. That completed, there was one last stop he had to make.


"But Grandma, I don't wanna go to bed," three year old Silver whined. Sarah Hawkins smiled as she sat on the edge of her grandson's giant clam of a bed. Silver was like a little clone of his father when he was that age, the hair, the eyes, the missing tooth you name it. The only exception was the small bright green tail that he inherited from his mother.

She ran her fingers through her shoulder length chocolate brown longs, gazing at her own newly acquired coral colored tail, complete with a lighter hued matching fins. When Jim had come to her that night so long ago and told her the truth about how he met and fell in love with Ariel, and his choice to live with her under the sea, she could hardly believe her ears. And then, for a few months she worried herself sick when she heard nothing from him. She had thought something terrible happened to him. But then, one night he showed up on her doorstep once again, stealing her breath like he always did. He told her about his life in Atlantica, about how he was going to ask Ariel to marry him, the immortality of the merpeople and how he wanted nothing more in all of the galaxy if she would choose to come and live with them. Overjoyed but anxious, she accepted.

Now she wouldn't change her decision for all the worlds combined, she thought as she watched her grandson flit about. It also helped that instead of looking middle aged, now she was wrinkle free and looked to be in her late twenties. With that energy she was actually able to keep up and properly watch over her only grandchild. Sarah reached up and caught her grandson.

"But don't you want to go to bed, you've had such a long day?" she cooed softly bringing him onto her lap. Silver looked up at her with earnest, big, blue, irresistible eyes.

"But Grandma, I can't go to sleep! I'm waiting for Daddy to tell me a bedtime story."

"Oh...I see..." she acknowledged playing along with the severity.

"But sweetheart, we don't know when your Daddy's getting back. You can't stay up all night. Why don't you let Grandma read you a story."

Silver seemed to ponder that thought over a moment before shaking his head.

"It's not the same. Daddy has to do it."

Sarah sighed in response. She wasn't hurt at all by his refusal to her offer. Jim used to do the same thing when he was that age. The question was, what was she going to tell Silver now? Luckily, he didn't have to worry about it long. There was a hasty knock on the newly installed, giant clam door, before Jim swam in a rush.

"Daddy! Silver exclaimed launching himself off his grandma's lap and flew like a bullet into Jim's strong arms.

"Hey there, kiddo. Watcha doin', hopefully not giving Grandma too much trouble?" Jim asked eying Silver.

Feeling guilty about not obeying and going to bed, and on top of that not accepting to hear a bedtime story from his Grandma, Silver looked anxiously between the the two adults. Sara shook her head and giggled.

"He was a perfect angelfish."

Jim smirked when Silver gave a sigh of relief. Really, the kid was too cute.

"Alright, well I think its time that this little guppy goes to bed." Jim announced swimming toward Silver's giant clam shell bed, with Silver hanging and floating about his shoulders.

"But Dad, you still haven't told me a bedtime story! I can't go to sleep unless I have a bedtime story!"

Jim rolled his eyes. The boy in question looked up and was so earnest in his devotion, Jim couldn't help but smile.

"Alright, but you gotta promise you'll go to sleep, 'kay?" Jim proposed tucking silver into bed. Silver shook his head vigorously.

"Oh okay, I promise ." Sarah smirked and just shook her head, like father like son.

"Alright little man,"Jim said sitting down on the edge of the bed. "What bedtime story do you want to hear?"

Obviously pleased, little Silver snuggled down into the bed, pulling the covers up to his chin and grinning .

"I wanna hear the one about Treasure Planet!"

Sarah looked to Jim in surprise. What exactly had he told her grandson? Jim just shook his head and smiled, telling her without words, that other worlds, space, and his father's heritage was still just a fairytale. Sarah sighed in relief. She didn't need her grandson swimming off to who knows where. Playing it off as if the the interchange never happened, Jim continued the conversation with his son.

"Treasure Planet? But you've already heard that one."

"I know, but it's my favorite story. I wanna be just like captain Silver. He's not afraid of anything."

"Hopefully not too much like Silver," Sarah ,muttered under her breath. Jim heard it and smirked.

"But...that cabin boy seems really neat too."

A small genuine smile graced Jim's features. There really was no greater honor than to be looked up to by your only son. From her seat beside him, Sarah was beaming.

"Well okay, how's this... Jim began, 'On the clearest of nights, when the when the winds of the etherium...'


Bedtime story completed, Silver fast asleep, a hug from his mother, Jim was ready to retire to his room for the night. A minute's swim brought Jim Hawkins in front of a huge clam shell door. It was late and he didn't want to wake Ariel if she had already fallen asleep.

With a slight push, the door slid open., bubbles rising up from the movement. Their bedroom was large and luxurious, truly fitting for a prince and princess. That was another interesting detail. Upon marrying Ariel, he had officially become a prince of Atlantica. The position did give him an important position in the high court. He had become an ambassador to the oceans. He would also become head of defense when Finn took over as king. Triton had been discussing retiring so he could devote the majority of his time to his many grandchildren.

Jim looked about the room. Dimly lit glowing plants were scattered about the chamber. They had a huge opening in the rock that acted as a window overlooking the entire kingdom. And there, in the center of the room, was a specially crafted stone bed that was hollowed out and filled with the softest of sponges for a mattress. There, under her blanket, lay curled up was his wife.

"You coming to bed?" Ariel's soft voice surprised Jim.

"Yeah, I'm coming," he replied swimming over and settling in to bed beside

her spooning her. Instead, she rolled over and smiled up at him, effectively stealing his breath for the countless time. She hadn't aged a day, only becoming more and more beautiful in his sight. Tucking a stray lock of flaming red hair from her face, Jim only whispered.

"How was your day?" Ariel leaned into his gentle touch, savoring every moment of it.

"Good, but I was worrying about you all day. Silver and I missed you. How was your day?" She asked openly admiring his body as he leaned on his elbow.

"It was good. Oh and Delbert's a grandpa now and Silver wanted to know when he could meet our Silver." He didn't tell her that he revealed his identity to Eric and Melody. He didn't want to worry her right before bed. Besides, Eric was trustworthy. Not to mention that nobody would believe him, there wasn't anything to worry about.

"Oh. That would be nice," Ariel replied agreeing. She watched as Jim stroked her arm softly with his fingertips. A very familiar and exciting glint was creeping into Jim's bright blue eyes now that important conversation was finished.

"I missed you," he whispered huskily as he slowly started to wrap his tail about hers, further lighting the fire within his veins.

"Oh you did, did you..." the princess of the sea couldn't help the girlish giggle that escaped as Jim moved to lean over her.

"Yes...I did...because I have wanted to do this all day," he continued his voice rough with desire as he leaned down and placed a heated kiss on her parted lips. Pulling back, he looked down at his treasure below him.

"I love you so much Ariel."

A soft smile reserved only for him was his gift.

"And I love you Jim, forever."

"Yes," he nodded, "forever."

Ariel couldn't help but think before she was lost to passion's oblivion how grateful she was to find such a treasure and soul mate in Jim Hawkins that night in the storm and despite all of the hurdles that had separated them, she really wouldn't have had it any other way...

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