No idea where this came from - it's a kind of weird story, and I'm not sure I like it, but here it is anyway.



She regrets the words the moment they leave her mouth, but it doesn't matter. No is no.

"Why not?" Tony asks, and it is obvious he is confused, and really doesn't know why she's saying no, so she takes pity on him and explains.

"If I go with you to the cinema, I will only be a way for you to forget what happened here yesterday."

She sees the realization in his eyes that he's caught, and the surprise – surprise she feels herself, too – that she can figure him out like that. Read him like that.

"Maybe I want to forget."

"Well, maybe I do not want you to," she replies curtly, wishing this conversation to be over. Sooner or later, she'd cave, and it would be best if it was not in his presence.

"Why not?" he asks again, frustrated. "What has got you so interested in this? Why do you even care?"

She hisses through her teeth and stands up, facing him with barely a few inches between them.

"Because this woman got to you, Tony, she affected you and now she's dead. You are trying too hard to move on."

"What's there to move on from?" he almost yells. "Yes, she caught my interest. But that interest is over now. All I'm asking for is a movie with a friend!"

And there it was; the moment. She caved. She said yes.

"The cinema is closed tonight," he informs her over the phone half an hour later. "They're redecorating or something. Opens again in July."

She closes her eyes briefly – of course, it's fate.

"OK, what now?" she finally asks steadily.

"Movie at my place?" There's a pleading tone in his voice that she just cannot resist, and so she agrees.

She shows up on his doorstep ten minutes late, having applied just a bit more make-up than usual, wearing clothes that are just a tad more flattering than her usual outfits.

She doesn't even attempt to follow the story line of the movie, knowing that soon, it will not be about the movie anymore.

"At least she died peacefully."

And there it is, the beginning of this night, the beginning of the reason why she's here in the first place. Why they're here.

"I don't – I don't even know why she fascinates me. I mean, she's hot, but that just had nothing to do with it – not this time. I don't know-"

He's broken, and his eyes are pleading for comfort, and so she puts her hand lightly on his arm.

"I guess something in her appealed to me, her eyes or – or her story, or her interviews."

She notices his change in tenses, but doesn't call him on it. After all, she has died just yesterday.

"She was trying to tell a story – why does nobody see that?"

"I see," she tells him quietly. His eyes focus on her slowly, and she smiles encouragingly.

"Tony, I do not know why she holds your attention, but I know her type of women, her personality. Some people are like that, they captivate you, fascinate you, and you cannot say how or when it happened, but it's there. I know."

There's something in her words that she's sure he will pick up on, a hint of regret and sadness, but she's also sure he will not mention it. Not tonight.

Tony focuses on the movie again, but she doesn't. She thinks about him, and her, and them, and there's a warm feeling inside of her.

They'll be alright.