Hey this is my first fanfic. Chuck and Blair all the way!

By the way this is set after Blair breaks up with chuck and he is seen with a blonde model. Enjoy!!

Blair's POV

He's just with that blonde to get back at me. Did he not listen to my words when I broke up with him? I think I recall saying 'I love you too much', not 'I don't love you at all, you can go flirt with other girls right In front of me'. My heart broke into a million little pieces when I saw him walk off with her into the elevator. Pieces that could never be found by anyone else but him. But it was too late now; I just clenched my heart and watched the elevator doors close. I stood there for a few more minutes, letting it all sink in. Chuck was gone.

I ran out of the party. It didn't even matter that it was Dorota's wedding. Nothing mattered anymore. I couldn't go back to the Empire even though that was my home now, well not anymore. I could go to the dorms, but I just wanted to be alone. So I went back to my penthouse. I ran up to my old room and ran to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw that my makeup had all run down my face. I was thankful that my mother was in France with Cyrus, I didn't need her to see me like this. I just stood in my bathroom looking at myself in the mirror.

'How did everything get so screwed up?' I thought out loud.

And then I snapped, I crumbled on the cold tiles of my bathroom floor, loud sobs escaping my mouth every now and again. And then I looked at the toilet and then down at my stomach. I knew it would be wrong if I relapsed, especially because my doctor said that the next time I relapse there was a possible chance of dying. But who would care. Sure Serena might be devastated at first, a year tops, but she'll get over it. It'll just be a shock to Nate. My mother has Cyrus. Dorota has Vanya now. And Chuck…well I'm sure Chuck wouldn't give a damn.

So I pulled myself over the toilet bowl and emptied out the contents of tonight's dinner. I started feeling dizzy and I new that this was it. I was slowly fading away. Everything became a blur and the last thing I remember was hitting my head and then everything went black.

Chuck's POV

I got into the elevator knowing that she was looking at me. The blonde started flirting more and more. When the elevator doors opened she followed me to me suite. I looked at her for a few moments before she started to kiss me. I stopped her

'I can't do this, get out' I said harshly

'Excuse me' she said whilst she stood up.

'You heard me, get out' I repeated

With that said she slapped me hard across the face and left. I walked to the bar and did the usual drill. I consumed as much alcohol as I possibly could. I fell asleep on the bar stall. I woke up to my phone ringing loudly in my ear. Who would possibly be ringing at this hour? I checked the caller ID, it was Blair. No way was I going to answer, she broke up with me. I decided to go back to sleep. About an hour later my phone rang again. This time it was Nate.

'Nathaniel, you better have a good reason for calling at this hour' I said half asleep

'Chuck, man you have to get to the hospital and quick' he said and it sounded like he was in a rush for something

'Nathaniel what have you done to yourself this time' I asked


'Nate?' I asked again

'…it's not me that's hurt'

'Well then who is it' I asked, worrying now.


Hey guys. Sorry to end the chapter there, this one was only short but keeps reading if you want to know what happens. Reviews are loved!