Title: By Heart
Word Count:
Stories already experienced; tales already told.
31 days, May 3rd: the book of tales you knew by heart. I'll update this with a new drabble every so often.
Naruto is not mine.

Neji has never been one for idling the time away when there are duties to be done and goals to be achieved, but he never refuses when Tenten offers to tell him a story. Even one he already knows.


"Tie them up, and throw them in the cellar!" the leader of the ronin yelled, his face red from exertion and anger. Tenten bowed her head, and tried not to smile. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Neji staring stoically at the ground as a few of the rogue ninja hurried to do their leader's bidding. Harsh bindings went around their wrists and legs, and they were quickly and effectively disarmed.

"Don't count on seeing the light of day ever again!" the leader roared as his subordinates dragged Neji and Tenten off.

It was dank and deathly dark in the cellar; only shadows hung in the musty air. Tenten didn't mind the temporary blindness. They set her down next to Neji, and he could be her eyes whenever it counted.

After the men locked the doors and left, they waited a few minutes, just to be sure.

And then, with a short, muffled sound and a burst of chakra, Neji broke free of the bindings.

"That was surprisingly easy," Tenten said cheerfully as he freed her from hers. He answered with a non-committal grunt, and then activated the Byakugan.

"It's over there," he said, pointing to the far left wall. He took her by the elbow, and started guiding her over. She smiled.

"Who knows? Maybe one day we'll come up against something that can actually restrain you."

A ghost of a smile was his only answer.