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Neji put a mouth to her breast, and it was like fire beneath her pores.

She sucked in a sharp lungful of breath, body going rigid, then melting as his lips traced patterns under the curve of her breast, and then up, skimming along the sides, moving close to the centre but never getting there. Tenten let out a moan, and hot tremors raced all over her body.

His chest was pressed to her stomach, and she could feel his heart beating, steady and calm. His silken hair dripped in pools near her chest, tickling and teasing her every time he moved. Warm breath fanned over her skin, and she arched her back and twisted her toes. She felt so hot.

It was a shock when his lips finally closed over her nipple; she had been waiting for it, yet dreading it, yet anticipating it with every bone in her body, and now the pleasure was making it hard for her to even think. She keened softly, and dug her fingers into his hair. His mouth was so very warm, and his tongue made slow, wet laps around her aureole, driving her crazy.

"Neji," she breathed, barely able to say his name.

His only answer was a slight smirk as one of his hands slipped down her chest, past her waist, to the centre of her heat.