Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blossom of Memories

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Prolouge Chapter: A Heroine's Awakening

Where...where am I? What am I...? Oh yeah, I'm human... All I can feel, is this falling sensation...Weird.....Huh? Who's there?

Hello, what's your name?

My name?

Yes silly!

Umm...Zelda, but what's yours?

That's not important right now, but I'm glad you asked. You see I'm a friend of Buranchi's, he wants me to tell you that he'll be looking for you, until then be careful.

Wait....Buranchi? Who's that? Come back!

Lunar Beach

It was a cool spring day when it all began.

A Riolu and Treecko were walking along the beach when they noticed someone in the water.

The Riolu had red eyes and a matching scarf, while his partner had blue eyes and a blue scarf.

They both walked towards the unconscious pokemon to see that it was a female Eevee and waves were crashing over her unconscious body.

She had an odd flower above her right ear.

The flower was star shaped, and it was a pale ivory color, around the edges it had a faint pink coloring.

It seemed to be fragile, yet if one were to tug on the petals, even a bunch of Machamp at full power, they would find it incredibly hard to pluck.

"Hey Isaac, do you know who that Eevee is?" The Treecko asked.

"No, but we better help her out Link!" his friend responded.

The two of them went up to the Eevee and tried to pull her ashore.

They both then looked at her and tried to decide on what to do next.

"Let's take her back to the base, fast!" Isaac suggested.

"Right." Link responded, the two of them then headed away.

Hours later Zelda awoke, at first she wasn't able to see or hear, but eventually she was able to make out voices.

"...And are you sure you don't know this Eevee?"

"Yes Ms. Crobat, we actually just found her this morning."

That's when Zelda completely woke up. Zelda then wobbled into the main room, she was already aware that she was an Eevee, but she was still uncomfortable in her new form.

The Riolu named Isaac then saw her.

"Oh your awake, how are you Ms...?"

"Umm, I'm only eleven and the name's Zelda." Zelda commented, Link's blue eyes then sparkled with interest.

"Reeaally? We're eleven too. I'm Link and this is Isaac" Link said, with a hint of playfulness.

"Nice to meet you!" Zelda responded.

"And this is Ms. Crobat, the elder."

"A pleasure!" The bat pokemon said in a friendly tone.

"Are you hurt?" Isaac asked as he tried to help her stay steady, the gesture was appreciated.

"I'm fine, a bit groggy is all." Zelda said, sitting now. "So, what's going on?"

"Well, I was just telling Isaac and Link that they had been given a mission." Crobat said officially. "A Lopunny has lost her daughter at Tiny woods, we need you two to handle it."

"Don't worry Crobat, Isaac and I got this!" Link stated, just then Isaac looked at Zelda.

"Hey Zelda, do you wanna come with us?" Isaac asked.

Zelda's ears perked up, and she nodded.

Crobat spoke up though.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, by the time we get there she should be okay."

"Besides, the Tiny woods pokemon are wimps".